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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps--EPISODE 5: "Girls vs. Girls"

Clockwise L to R): Last-One-Sitting Ashley; No-Paint-Splatter Blake; Heidi and Tim Paintball; and Lobster Red Tim--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5 "Gunn and Heid"

This week on Lifetime's Season 14 "Project Runway", it was time for another dreaded Team Challenge involving Paintball. The episode was called "Gunn and Heid"...get it?? A play on "gun" and "hide"...Yeah, it took me a while to figure that out (silly me!). Heidi and Tim sauntered onto the runway stage wearing white jumpsuits and paintball guns.

Paintball Busters: Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn--Season 14 "project Runway" Episode 5

Each "customized" their jumpsuits; Heidi popped the collar and rolled up her sleeves, while Tim donned a red tie and color-matching pocket hankie. During the team choosing process, it became a High School P.E. Class all over again when the boys (mostly) picked the boys and the "Cool" girls picked their "Cool Girl" friends--if you can call someone your friend that you've only known for like 10 days (that's how long in real time the season had been filming).

Really Bi*ches?: Season 14 contestant/designer Ashley Nell Tipton--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

Anyhow, both the Boys and the Girls left poor Ashley Nell Tipton last to be picked on either of their teams, leaving even La Heidi a little annoyed at how and why NO ONE picked her, especially since Ashley had won TWO challenges already. When the camera panned to Ashley, you could almost see most of her life roll by in front of her eyes.

Really B*tches Part Two: This overhead jib camera shot in the above photo says it all. I'm sure she probably wanted to backslap each and everyone standing up there (I would!)--except Heidi and Tim, of course. 

Moving on...time for the Paintball Game:
Tim Gunn and the designers get ready for a paintball game--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

Princess White: During the game--and after--Tim Gunn made a point of signaling "Princess" Blake Patterson out for having a perfectly Clorox Bleach-like White Jumpsuit, while the other designers were paint-splattered. Oh Miss Blake.

Time for SPF protection: After the game and back in the workroom, I couldn't help but notice poor Tim Gunn and how sunburnt he was as result of being out MC'ing that darn "Project Runway" paintball game. Benefit should send him some of their "Flawless" SPF 15 Powder!

Girls vs. Girls: During the workroom, the boys totally got along and worked well, while it was the girls, who did not. Candice was the Team General and her "Cool Girls" brigade followed along. Meanwhile Ashley and Laurie were not really buying any of it.

Runway Time--Of course, the runway collections reflected the harmony that happened in the Boys + Merline Team (Team Blue) . The Boys' collection was the better leaps and bounds:
Blue/White Cute: (L to R) Designs from Blake Patterson, Merline Labissiere, Joseph Charles Poli--My favorite here is Merline's asymmetrical kimono-like sleeved coat with fitted skirt (middle)--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

My Top Three: (L to R) Designs from Jake Wall, Edmond Newton and Swapnil Shinde. It was a tough choice, but I liked Edmond's the best (middle). It was polished, elegant, and Fashion Week Runway Ready!--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

Happy Dance: Team Blue--The Boys + Merline--Won! And Edmond (far left) was chosen as the Top Winning Look. They were all very happy and it was well deserved--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

And then there were The Girls:
Team PURPLE: (L to R) Designs from Laurie Underwood, Candice Cuoco and Lindsey Creel--Of the three above, my least favorites were Laurie's and Lindsey. Both looks lacked creativity and that special fashion "It" factor--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

But there was WORSE: (L to R) Designs from Ashley Nell Tipton, Amanda Perna and Kelly Depsey. Not a fan of all three. Ashley's (far left) was "Missy" and Fashion School Student-like and Kelly (far right) was a harness-Mermaid Lite skirt mess. Amanda's hi-lo tie-dye tent was Patternmaking 101--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

No BUENO Mija: Nina Garcia and Zac Posen show their disgust with the Girl's designs while they were on the runway. BTW: Next season, we should put "pop up bubbles" over the judges heads. Pretty Please??!!--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

Bye: It was Amanda's time to go since she had been at the bottom so many times already and also for that hi-lo, tie-dye tent dress. You cannot design that while Swapnil is doing THIS. Case closed sister!--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 5

And now, time for my Full Recap of this week's Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode...And as always--don't forget to leave me a comment on the "Project Runway" Blog on ! I read them and will comment back--whenever I can :)


It's the fifth Episode of "Project Runway" Season 14, and just as the designers are starting to find their groove. Boom! It's time for another team challenge. This week’s episode involved a game of paintball, Tim in a white jumpsuit and sunburnt, a team full of mean girls, plus one of the best collections I have seen in a long time on “Project Runway.” Let's get started.

As the episode begins, Tim and Heidi saunter onto the runway wearing white jumpsuits and holding paint ball guns. Gee, I wonder where this is going? Before any announcement of a "Project Runway" paintball game, first things first: picking teams. Blake begins the process since he won last week's challenge. He chooses Swapnil. I give Blake points for that pick. These two have had their disagreements. I'm glad that Blake put that aside and realized that having Swapnil in a team would be good, since he is arguably one of the best designers this season. Blake may not know how to tell time, but at least he knows that much. 

Next, Candice is first named for the second team and she chooses....Amanda?! This goes back and forth between the guys and the girls in a high school P.E. class manner. It quickly becomes boys vs. girls. And most surprisingly, one of the most talented contestants so far, two-time winner Ashley, is left last. Candice and her "cool girls" brigade do their best to...

TO CONTINUE READING my RECAP, click HERE on the "Project Runway" Blog!

5 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps--EPISODE 5: "Girls vs. Girls""

Trudy Donnelly said...

Hi Nick.

There was not 1 garment from the boys + Merlines team, that I would not have worn. All Beautiful.

And fully agree, the girls were high school bitch team central. Ugh. I hate how they do that. Grow up children.

Also Love the speech bubble idea. hehe.


inkyej said...

All I could see was Grace Kelly in that halter dress...lovely and so 50's. I have nothing good to say about the girl's actions so I will say nothing. My heart went out to Ashley during this show. She is a winner and a good designer. I think the other girls were just jealous of her ability and wanted to knock her down a peg or two. Shame on them. Please let her know that we are behind her and not to give up.

laila seprado said...

Swapnil is really good. I'm not crazy about Ashley's design but she should have been picked earlier. I used to like Candice, what happened? She just turned into Queen B. Bad. tsk tsk tsk...mumsy designer and hong kong designer should go soon.

Douglas McAllister said...

First time reading your recap. I love it! Thanks for sharing.

Ibrahim said...

I get that Ashley can feel bad about many things, but being picked last? Come on! Someone's got to. And with 2 wins on her pocket, it should be like "Whatever, girls (AND BOYS BTW)you can be friends and I can kick your asses". Maybe she's too young. I don't remember her age. But I was like "Ughh...really? That's what brings you down???"