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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps--EPISODE 6: "Lace to the Finish" Lingerie Challenge

Bra Party: Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6

On this week's Season 14 "Project Runway" on Lifetime...the designer's challenge was to create a bra-and-panties look for Heidi Klum's Heidi Klum Intimates line. The winner also received the "prize" of having their look put into production and be sold on The prize being bragging rights, since I am sure the winner will make no profit from the sales. But, as they say, that's the name of the game when you "sign on the dotted line". Now, let's get to the episode and RECAP highlights via photos...

Lingerie Challenge: Heidi Klum introduces the Design-a-Bra-&-Panties-for-her-Heidi-Klum-Intimates line Challenge--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6
Sexy Hot: Heidi Klum Intimates line ads

No Mood Trip...Again: Designers rummaged through a table of lace, Lycra, stretch satin and lingerie notions in their workroom, for their challenge--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6

Strappy: During the Heidi/Tim Workroom Visits, Swapnil was having issues with the fact that he had run out of the white straps to complete his bra design...

Say What?: And this was Heidi and Tim's reaction to well as the look he was creating--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6

"Project Runway" Slumber Party: Heidi Klum gave the designers an added "twist"--to design a robe or additional garment to go with the bra and panties. Plus, she arranged for the set designers to turn the "Runway" stage into a slumber party room replete with pseudo beds, pillows, pajamas, slippers and mosquito netting (Why the netting? They're not at a Bali Beach Resort!!)

Ebenezer Scrooge Tim: Tim Gunn--doing his best impression of a Fashion Ebenezer Scrooge--as he woke the designers up from their supposed "Slumber Party" at the "Project Runway" Runway Stage--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6

Runway Time: (L to R) Judges actress Bella Thorne, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6

My Faves:
(L to R) Designers Ashley Nell Tipton and Kelly Dempsey: Loved both of their designs. They were cute, sexy and in a non-Hoochie way, and I especially liked Kelly's hooded robe. At least she made a full-on robe...with a hood no less!--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6
(L to R) Joseph Charles Poli and Swapnil Shinde: Joseph did a great job in his designs. This wasn't "Matronly" at all. And I must give him props for actually finishing his robe and trimming it with lace (I know, I am using a very low bar, but, that's what these designers are giving me!)--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 6

The Winner:
Merline Labissiere: I wasn't a fan of Merline's design and frankly, I was very frustrated that she didn't use any kind of boning/foundation. I also thought the "V" seaming in the panties were...a bit redundant. #JustSaying. But Congrats to her for winning.

The Bottom:
Blake Patterson: To me, there was only one really, really BAD creation/design, and that was Blake's. The saggy pink lace boobies, the 1984 thigh-high panties design, the I-Had-No-Time-To-Create-a-Robe wrap....There was Blake and Who? It was just Blake as the worst...

I mean, SERIOUSLY...take a look at this:

Even Nina and Zac had this reaction to Blake's look:
Ayyy Dios Mio and GUURRLLL!!!!???--No Bueno Blake

Bye Princess Blake

Now, I must say that designing Lingerie isn't easy, and if any of you reading this were old enough to have seen me in 2005/2006; almost TEN YEARS ago on Season 2 "Project Runway", you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Here's a Photo Refresher of what I felt like creating Lingerie back in Season 2:
Ay Dios Mio! Nick Verreos--Season 2 "Project Runway" Lingerie Challenge

With that off my chest, it's time for my RECAP of this week's "Project Runway" episode:

Season 14, Episode 6: Panty Raid

Some people think that designing and creating lingerie is so easy. "What’s so difficult? It’s just a bra and panties," they say. I learned a long time ago, the simplest things in fashion are usually the most difficult to design and/or create. It was way back in Season 2 when the producers last decided to have a lingerie challenge and unfortunately, I, along with my fellow cast mates were the victims. So yes, I was feeling the pain of the contestants in last night’s episode. But one thing I wasn’t feeling was sympathy for some of the tacky-licious things that came down that runway. Time to begin the panty raid…

The episode begins with Heidi greeting the designers on the runway stage accompanied by mannequins in bras and panties as well as posters of Ms. Klum in her lace skivvies. I think to myself, “Hmm, will this have anything to do with Heidi’s lingerie line?” And before I finished my thought, she announces that the challenge is to design a lingerie set inspired by her Heidi Klum Intimates line with a big incentive: the winning look will be reproduced as part of the collection and sold on

After an up close and personal inspection of the lingerie, the designers head to the workroom where they find the tables covered in lace, stretch fabric and notions. No trip to Mood, again. In case anyone is counting, we’re in the sixth episode and only one Mood visit so far. I’m beginning to think Mood might feel like a jilted ex-girlfriend...

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