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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps--Episode 7: Unconventional Technology Challenge

 Haute Tech Couture: Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 7--Unconventional Challenge: Revamp outdated technology into stylish fashion

This week on Lifetime's Season 14 "Project Runway", it was time for the SECOND Unconventional Challenge: Use outdated technology to create a fashionable and modern look. The remaining designers got a "taste" of what the challenge might be via...

An 80's Boom Box and cassette ape that was labeled "Play Me"--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"
The designers then went to a dilapidated-and-graffiti'ed warehouse where they had to "dumpster dive" for the outdated tech stuff--after Tim Gunn and Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider (above photo) gave them the Challenge--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway" 

Techno Trash: Outdated tech material used for the challenge--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Dragging: The designers--allegedly--had to push their carts filled with all their gathered tech stuff, to their workroom. Not sure that really happened. Maybe some of it (for the cameras). The rest, was hauled by the poor P.A.'s I am sure--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Designer Jake Wall found out that his beloved dog was being put to sleep and he was so distraught (understandably) that he bowed out of the Season 14 "Project Runway" race--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

 Swapnil Smoke Break: During the episode, designer Swapnil Shinde was seen procrastinating and taking smoke breaks--which we all knew would be a topic during runway judging (and it kind of was)--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Runway Day:
 Guest Judges Actress Paula Patton and Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

My Faves:
Edmond Newton (left) and Candice Cuoco (right): These two were some of my favorites this week. Loved the Toreador-like fringe and computer keyboard sequin-like details of Edmond's dress and Candice's UBER sexy number was very Alexander McQueen--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

 Ashley Nell Tipton: Polaroid Couture! Ashley made a dress of muslin and Polaroid photos glued to it. I. Love. It. It should have won. #JustSaying --Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

 Kelly Dempsey: But the actual winner was Kelly's silver duct tubing design. I liked this one as well. But those shoes...Nope!--Episode 7 Season 14 "Project Runway"

The Oh Dear:
Ratched and Micro-Hoochie: Merline Labissiere (left) and Swapnil Shinde (right): These two were Computer Wire Messes. Take a look at the back of Merline's creation (left)...yeah, that's the model's panties and about a 3/4" of a center back space. And then, Swapnil's HOOCHIE micro-mini painted muslin skirt. What is his obsession with micro-mini's??? Where is Nina Garcia and her "taste level" critiques when you need them??

 Joseph Charles Poli (left) and Lindsey Creel (rihght) were the bottom two. If it was up to me, I would have said "Bye Bye" to Lindsey. But the judges--somehow, inexplicably--sent Joseph home. #GoFigure

Here is my "Project Runway" Blog Recap and my thoughts on this episode:

Season 14, Episode 7: A Computer Geek's Trash is a Designer's Treasure

Dumpster diving meets vintage technology. Who knew that could create some great fashion? I would have never guessed it. But then, that’s why we have “Project Runway.” This week's episode was the second Unconventional Challenge this season. A lot of the creations were transformative, forward-thinking and yes, fashionable. And, as usual, some not so much. Allow me to dive right in...

The remaining ten designers wake up, get ready and "find" an 80's boom box on their kitchen tables. There's a cassette tape (Gosh I miss those!) with a note to "Play Me." Heidi's voice comes on, telling the designers that Tim and a guest will meet them in a location where they will get to "dive into" their next challenge. Wonder what that's all about? Are they designing 80's hip-hop style for 2015...with a swimsuit twist? As they arrive at their challenge destination, they find a dilapidated outdoor junkyard with graffiti on the walls and loads of 80's/90's technology such as floppy discs, VHS tapes, CDs, Polaroid's, vinyl records, etc...
Tim is there with Marie Claire Editor-in-Chief Anne Fulenwider. She announces, "We love fashion [and] the people that are moving it forward," adding that "we also love smart innovative people moving the tech world forward." The challenge this week is to...
CLICK HERE to CONTINUE READING my RECAP on the "Project Runway" Blog!

3 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps--Episode 7: Unconventional Technology Challenge"

debrarae said...
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Asoge Olukemi said...

I love polaride couture. It defines the theme better

FTHM said...

I am also stunned that Lindsey is still in the competition. The girl is more dull than a doorknob and I have seen doorknobs that were a whole lot more interesting than her or any of the designs she has sent down the runway.
The look she gave when Edmund said he was using keyboard keys during Tim's critique was awfully petty. She was not one of my favourites to begin with, but during the team challenge when they all decided to "throw Ashley under the bus", she become personae non grata. It is high time she was sent packing!
That rant over with - when will we see Mood and Swatch again?! I swear there is a feud between the PR and Mood Fashions going on that we do not know about.
Candice's look was pretty much the same thing she always does, which is ironic given her harsh critique of other designers. I laughed when Merlene said she was sending a bird down the runway. I only wish it had been a better executed bird. I am hoping she will surprise me and really knock it out of the park on the next challenge. She always gets such a terrible edit reel.
Laurie played it safe and was safe - yawn. Her rhyme when she picked up the boombox and walked out of the room was pure gold; “I’m taking it back to the old school, cuz I’m an old fool who’s real cool.”
Lovely post, Nick :)