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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps--Episode 8 "Finding Neverland" Challenge

Finding Fashionland: "Project Runway" goes to Broadway...for inspiration--Season 14 "Project Runway" Episode 8 Lifetime Network

The magic and glamour of Broadway served as the inspiration of this week's Lifetime Season 14 "Project Runway" challenge: to create a fashionable look inspired by the Broadway musical "Finding Neverland" (which just happens to be produced by The Weinstein Company). The designers were off to Broadway to meet up with Tim Gunn and "Finding Neverland" star, actor Matthew Morrison--who were waiting for remaining designers at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater who announced the challenge...

Tim Gunn and Matthew Morrison--Episode 8 Season 14 "Project Runway" Lifetime Network

"Finding Neverland" The Musical--The designers got a chance to see the musical the night before they began working on their challenge. This must have been a nice respite from the madness of being on the show.

Trip to Mood!--The day after seeing "Finding Neverland", the contestants got to go fabric-and-notions shopping at Mood! If anyone is counting, this is only the second time in EIGHT episodes this season. You'll have to read my RECAP at the end of this post to know my thoughts on why that is...

During the workroom time/model fittings/right before Runway...
PASTIES & HOOCHIE MINI: Designer Laurie Underwood got attacked by this season's virus: PASTIES and TOO-SHORT Mini's. I have no idea why we have seen so many models with pasties and waaaay too HOOCHIE short designs. I chalk it up to tacky taste level and amateur hour sickness with not thinking of creating a lining/base for the tops. For a simple top like Laurie's, this should have taken maybe ten minutes to make--in a hurry and not so well...but at least, her model would have been covered Thank You Very Much!

Runway Time:
Guest judge model Coco Rocha (far left) , and judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Episode 8 Season 14 "Project Runway" Lifetime Network

My Favorites were:
Swapnil Shinde: In my eyes, his Glen plaid and light peach chiffon design should have been the winner. It was romantic, so editorial, and most of all, it Fashion-moved me! But what do I know? He was safe, to the judges...not even on top!

Merline Labissiere: Speaking of also being safe, Merline's WONDERFUL "Game of Thrones" Couture-like design was also safe. It was my second favorite. By now, I am wondering what the judges are DRINKING!!!???

Candice Cuoco: Lover of the Dark Side, designer Candice Cuoco, ended up being the eventual winner of this challenge with her "Captain Hook-ina" leather-and-taffeta look with stretch capri pants. I liked this look but, Swapnil and Merline's designs were better. Also, her design was a little referential (on a very dumbed-down way) to John Galliano's fabulous...

Not a Fan:
(L to R) Edmond Newton and Kelly Dempsey: Edmond's top and pants were great but that purple puffy clouds vest was a Loofah Mess. And Kelly's look was a bit PBS Masterpiece Theater--the low-budget costume version--for me

The Oh Dear:
Ashley Nell Tipton: I've been a fan of Ashley's since the first episode, but...this gathered "Bride of Frankenstein" ombre look was something a first semester fashion student would have done. I get what she was going for but she went above-and-beyond what she can actually do. I think that her look was probably the worst of the bunch but because she has had some good weeks and I have a feeling the judges like her and would like to  keep her to the finals (I took a peek at the Finale Collections on Blogging Project Runway and this looks like it's Ashley!), she was in.

Laurie Underwood: Laurie's "Captain Hook Pasties & Too-Short" ensemble got the bottom two votes from the judges. This wasn't cute. But most of all, it was poorly executed.

Lindsey Creel: Lindsey, who had been on the bottom THREE times already, found this fourth time the one that finally made the judges decide to give her the "Bye-Bye". It was crooked and not flattering (high-waisted/smooshed boobies). But I still feel that if the judges were really voting for the worst, Ashley (as much as I hate saying it) should have gone home.

And's my RECAP of this week's "Project Runway" Episode:

Season 14, Episode 8: Finding Fashionland

With Season 14 of “Project Runway” at its halfway mark and only eight designers left, it’s time for them to take center stage and shine. Quite appropriately, this week’s challenge involved Broadway. That analogy of stepping into the limelight was repeated over and over in this week’s episode culminating in some wonderful “leading designs,” and some recurrent “fashion understudies.” But enough of the theatrical metaphors, time for my recap.
The episode begins with an announcement from Heidi Klum. According to Heidi, she recently took her children to see the Broadway musical “Finding Neverland” and lo and behold, she LOVED IT…and thought it would be a good source of inspiration for a challenge. Cut to Tim Gunn with actor Matthew Morrison, star of “Finding Neverland” (and "Glee" of course), at the historic Lunt-Fontanne Theater. After explaining to the designers that the musical is about “what happens when you believe in yourself and you make your dreams come true,” Morrison introduces the challenge: to create a look inspired by the musical.
Tim explains to the designers that they can do ANYTHING. Yes, anything. As long as it’s still fashion and not costumes for the musical. Oh, and they get a $250 budget and (wait for it) get to go to Mood! But before all that, they get to see the musical.  I love Broadway shows so I know that if I was one of those designers, I would have been very pleased by the two and a half hour “brain cleansing” time spent seeing the musical. It makes for a nice relaxing break from the surreal and very stress-filled atmosphere of being on “Project Runway.”
The following morning they are at Mood...
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