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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Venezuela 2015 Finals: Evening Gown Recap

Beauties and Gowns: Miss Venezuela 2015 Mariam Habach (cneter) and gowns from the "Miss Venezuela 2015" beauty pageant

This past Thursday night was the 63rd Annual Miss Venezuela Pageant. Twenty five beauties represented their nation to get the ultimate crown in the South American nation. If you know beauty pageants, you may know that the Miss Venezuela is THE Granddaddy of them all, when it comes to national beauty contests. Between 1983 and 2003, Miss Venezuela placed into the Miss Universe semi-finals each consecutive year, and placed in the top six or higher every year from 1991 to 2003. It has also held the titles of Miss Universe and Miss World simultaneously in the same year (1981). Venezuela has also been "Miss World" more than any other nation and is second to U.S.A. in Miss Universe titles. Enough about that, let's get to who won this past Thursday night:

The winner was....

"Miss Lara 2015" gets crowned as "Miss Venezuela 2015" by her predecessor, Mariana Jimenez "Miss Venezuela 2014" who will represent her nation at this year's "Miss Universe" (whenever/wherever that will be)

Miss Lara 2015, 19-year-old Mariam Habach Santucci. She's 1.80 m (5' 11") tall and studies dentistry. She now will devote her time being Venezuela's most beautiful woman, as well as preparing for the "Miss Universe 2016" pageant, whenever and wherever that will be. She's got over a year to do this so. Mariam is half Arab (father) and half Italian (mother), has green yes, and dirty blond hair, and says she is neither both, but instead "totally Venezuelan".

La Crown: Mariam Habach "Miss Venezuela 2015"

Gown and Swimsuit Mariam: Mariam was not one of the top favorites to get the crown so it came as a big surprise to a lot of pageant followers (Missosologists). She was not on any one's Top Ten Faves List. But good for her for proving them wrong.

Top Three: (L to R) "Miss Trujillo" Jessica Duarte (the favorite to win), "Miss Lara" Mariam Habach (the winner) and Miss Amazonas Andrea Rosales--Miss Venezuela 2015 Finals

And The Winner Is: (L to R) Miss Trujillo Jessica Duarte and Miss Lara Mariam Habach await the final decision--Miss Venezuela 2015
Photos courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Mariam Transformation:
Pre-Miss Venezuela: "Miss Venezuela 2015" Mariam Habach won the "Senorita Centroccidental" title (a national pageant that chooses who will end up as some of the 25 beauties in the final "Miss Venezuela" roster) earlier in the year. Mariam won the "Best Hair" (Cabello) in that local pageant. As you can see, she looked a little different. Her hair was light brown and she didn't look as "refined" as when she received some of that infamous "Miss Venezuela" pageant training and other things (an on-site dentist, plastic surgeon, runway coach + much more).

Mariam Habach "Miss Venezuela 2015"

Time for the Evening Gown Recap:
Pastels, Sheer, and Mermaids: Miss Venezuela 2015 Final Evening Gown Presentation

The "Miss Venezuela" Evening Gown Presentation is always the highlight of the telecast. And this year, it was no exception. There were plenty of fabulous pageant gowns created by talented Venezuelan fashion designers (I really hope the Miss Venezuela Organization pays them A LOT for these gowns even though something tells me that...not so much!)--some of the designs were great, some "Too Mucheey" and some "Ayyy Mija!"-stuck-in-1987...Let's begin with the winner, "Miss Lara" Mariam Habach...

Miss Lara Mariam Habach: Mariam's ivory gown was designed by Gionni Straccia. The gown featured a cropped top with nude organza midriff inset attached, a pleated back and ball-gown skirt shape. The style was nice but I was a bit un-nerved by the "Is it a Crop Top and a Skirt?" style. I did like the silver geometric paillette sequins. But, I'm guessing she isn't wearing this when she competes at "Miss Universe 2016" whenever that will be.
Score: 9.1

The Good:
Miss Cojedes Arriany Barrios: Arriany wore this very elegant and red carpet-ready gown from designer Valentina Cedeño. The one shoulder gown featured a nude-colored gazar section and black and silver sequined detail. One of my favorites!
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Trujillo Jessica Duarte: The favorite to win the entire thing, Jessica Duarte, wore this creation by Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina. The look was BEYOND impacting. She began with the purple taffeta coat which then she took off tom reveal the blush colored pearl/caviar beaded gown with side nude illusion insets. Trust me, the impact of her taking off the coat was EVERYTHING! I liked the gown and all that pearl/caviar beading but I wasn't such a fan of the deep side "nude"/illusion insets; it didn't have to go soooo down on the hip.But, to me, it was one of the best overall evening gown looks of the pageant.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Zulia Yennifer Gonzalez: I liked this dusty pink mermaid-shaped silk zibeline gown designed by Venezuelan designer Douglas Tapia worn by Miss Zulia. The silhouette worked for her very statuesque figure, and the jeweled sequin work was exquisite and properly placed up top.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Yaracuy Gessica Fiume: Jessica wore this one shoulder ivory with silver sequins creation from Venezuelan designer Hugo Espina. The gown was very impacting. But, I argue, it should have been on a different contestant--in another year--maybe a darker skinned girl with a chignon hairstyle. This gown was not for this contestant.But, it was still one of my Top Favorites.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Bolivar Alvany Concalves: This rose pink-and-nude sequined gown was created/designed by Hugo Espina. I liked the style--very much on the Elie Saab/Zuhair Murad tip. Maybe Venezuela is the new Lebanon. Anyhow, I liked it but I only argue that it didn't have to be soooo overly sequined; it verged on being over-worked. Her 1990's hairstyle didn't help.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Monagas Valeria Vespoli: Valeria wore this strapless Gionni Straccia gown which featured gold/copper geometric paillettes. It was very Gustaf Klimt. I liked this gown for it's simple design and the obvious Klimt inspiration. Once again, though, this pretty blond contestant did not do this gown any justice; an olive-or-darker-skinned DIVA would have WORKED this OVERTIME!
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Tachira Fabiana Viloria: Fabiana wore a black silk organza design from the Angel Sanchez Fall/Winter 2015 collection. This gown really stood out because there weren't any other black colored gowns, and also for its simplicity (simple by "Miss Venezuela" design standards). I also liked this gown but I have to be honest here: it was featured much better on the runway model than the beauty pageant contestant; Fabiana's hair didn't go with this gown.

Miss Aragua Annelia Martinez: Douglas Tapia designed this shimmering off-the-shoulder gown. It was exquisitely made and heavily sequined. It's a VERY Pageant Gown, and in a good sense. I just wished it wasn't off-the-shoulder (so 1980's/1990's) and the models hair and makeup screamed 2002. But, it was a very nice gown.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Falcon Herliz Ruiz: I really liked Miss Falcon's light blue gown. The design featured interesting silver paillette sequin detail and it fit her very well. I also liked that she looked "modern" and didn't have the big ol' Pageant Betty hair: Gracias!
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Feathered Beauties:
Feather Reinas: Miss Amazonas  Andrea Rosales, Miss Anzoategui Mariana Mendez both wore gowns featuring feathered skirt details. This was a mini-trend at the "Miss Venezuela 2015" Evening Gown competition. Miss Amazonas' gown was designed by Julio Mora. I have to be honest here but, I am not a fan of the feathers. Both gowns looked slightly over-designed and could have used a slight bit of editing. But these two are NOTHING compared to when you see what "Miss Sucre" wore. #BigBird...wait for it...
Photos courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Mirrored Mijas:
Miss Apure Karelys Oliveros: Karelys' gown was designed by Alejandro Fajardo. It was a strapless shimmering design featuring mirrored sequin applique. It was very Guy Meliet (Venezuelan Paris-trained Couturier) circa 1988...
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Tachira 1988 Nancy Elena Garcia in Guy Meliet mirrored design

Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization
Miss Merida Ana Diaz: Another "Mirrored Gownb Queen" was Miss Merida Ana Diaz. Julio Mora designed this strapless gown made of pearlized silk zibeline and silver/gold geometric paillettes detail. It had subtle Klimt references with those mirrored pailletes and I liked the shape and overall look. She won "Miss Elegance" and I give her that. But the makeup and hair were very 1988 Drag Queen overdone.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Sheer Inset Mijas:
Miss Miranda Katherine Garcia: Katherine's baby blue colored gown featured sequins and "nude" princess seam insets. This Julio Mora creation was a "Las Vegas Showgirl" mess. I just don'rt ven know where to begin. Sorry mija!
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Portuguesa Fabianny Zambrano: Designer Valentina Cedeño designed this white and nude gown for Miss Portuguesa. Overall, it wasn't bad, main problem was the "plunging" nude illusion inset neckline. I give her points on the slicked back hair, though.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Vargas Elizabeth Coello: Gionni Straccia designed this white, sequins and side panel semi-nude design. This was a nice look but it was a bit "Ready-to-Wear" and not Alta Moda enough. On a good note, it fit the contestant perfectly.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Delta Amacuro Melany Mille: Slit Diva. Yes, kids, Miss Delta Amacuro was giving  side slit with this ivory gown with gold mirrored paillete detail designed by Venezuelan designer Alejandro Ramirez. I have to say that she was "giving it!" in terms of the slit. It was very nice but stilll, had an air of "Oh Dear! Las Vegas Hoochie"
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Speaking of Oh Dear...Here are my "Ayyyy Mijas!":
(Left to Right) Miss Barinas Virginia Alvarez and Miss Costa Oriental Annie Fuenmayor--Both these ladies were a little bit too "1990's Pageant Betty and/or "Broadway Showgirl"--I cannot even imagine the reactions of say, Nona Garcia if she ever was a "Miss Universe" judge and saw these too-mucheey creations.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Distrito Capital Katherine Oliveira: Designer Georgia Reyes created this design. The ivory color and sequin details are fine, it's just the "Moulin Rouge"-like silhouette and styling, and those tacky platform pumps, that really made this a "Oh No!". Also, I was really annoyed by the "here are my BOOBIES!" style of this strapless gown.; it was tacky.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Carabobo Maria Jose Brito: The 1980-'s Shoulders Are BACK! Designer Alejandro Fajardo created this ivory colored with pearl sequin deign. The fabric and sequins aren't the problem, it's the "Star Trek" flange shoulders and "Hi! Those Are My Plastic Surgery-ed Boobies"-nude illusion neckline that make me nervous. 
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Guarico Paula Schmidt: Nidal Nouaihed designed this gown/pant-suit "gown". You cannot tell so much in the pictures above but yes, there were pants under all that. This would have been fine if J.Lo was doing a performance at the MTV Awards but at the "Miss Venezuela" pageant, if came off as seriously Tacky-licious. Ayyy Mija!
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Nueva Esparta Genesis Saavedra: One of the most "Oh Dear!" designer offenders this year at the Miss Venezuela 2015 Pageant was this gown by Douglas Tapia. It was TOO MUCHEEY. I appreciate all the work and scroll-like cascades, but when you combine that with the sequins, and those OVER-THE-TOP earrings, the entire look is an "80's Disney Mermaid Pageant Queen".
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Miss Sucre Maydeliana Diaz: Oh "Big Bird"! Talk about over designed. This is a prime example of waaaaayyyyyy TOO MUCH: The sequins, the applique, the feathers. Designer Hugo Espina must have been on a "Let's out everything and the kitchen sink" kick when he came up with this While the audience thought it was a big hit, this would have made very "Oh No!" headline in the fashion news.
Photo courtesy of Miss Venezuela Organization

Congratulations to the new "Miss Venezuela" (center) Mariam Habach! Felicitaciones!

Watch the entire "Miss Venezuela 2015" Pageant below:

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Richard said...

Es gusto leerte, saludos desde Venezuela

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He de admitir que hoy tenía necesidad de leer algo que valiera la pena, y he puesto en Google "Nick Verreos" + "Miss Venezuela 2015".
You're simply the best! Admito que me gustaría conocer tu opinión acerca de la nueva corona de Miss Venezuela y, por extensión, un análisis de lo que comunican las coronas más conocidas de los concursos de belleza... En lo personal, las de MV las encuentro tan hermosas como erráticas (como seña de identidad del concurso, quiero decir), la de MU ho-rro-ro-sa (aunque con excelente fijación) y la de MW tan clásica que acaba siendo como una vieja amiga (¡lleva tantos años entre nosotros!
Un fuerte abrazo de un venezolano desde Barcelona (España).