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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World Philippines 2015: Evening Gown Recap

 Beautiful Winner: Hillarie Danielle Parungao "Miss World Philippines 2015"

Two nights ago was the Finals of the fifth edition of "Miss World Philippines". The pageant was held at Solaire Resort and Casino in Parañaque City, Philippines. There were 26 contestants and the winner was Filipino TV Host and model Hillarie Danielle Parungao:

Crowned: Miss World Philippines 2015 Hillarie Parungao
Gown and Swimsuit Queen: Contestant #19 (and eventual Miss World Philippines 2015) Hillarie Parungao

The new Miss World Philippines 2015 is 23 years old and stands 5' 6" (1.68 m). By winning this pageant she will now represent Philippines at the upcoming Miss World 2015 Finals happening on December 19th in the resort city of Sanya, China.

Model Fab: Hillarie Parungao "Miss World Philippines 2015"

Besides being a host and model, Parungao has had some previous experience with being a Pageant Queen...
Hillarie Parungao was "Miss Asia Pacific Philippines 2014" (photos above)

Now that we got all the basics out of the way, it's time for my EVENING GOWN REVIEW. The theme for the Evening Gowns was "Old Hollywood Glamour". There was a group of black gowns, followed by red and then nude/ivory/beige/blush.

First, let's begin with the winner:
Best in Gown: Contestnat #19 Hillarie Danielle Parungao--I thought she looked like a winner. The gown featured  a leaf-like applique sewn over a layer of iridescent organza. There were sequin crystals strewn throughout the gown just to add a bit of sparkle. The mermaid-shaped gown fit her well and honestly, when she came out after 18 other contestants, it was a little too obvious that A) she was the "chosen" winner and B) she got one of the best gowns. In fact, she won "Best in Long Gown"; oh what a shocker! The gown was slightly referential to what...

Megan Young (above) the former "Miss World" and "Miss World Philippines" wore to win her Miss World crown 2 years ago.

And now, my Good and "Oh Dear!" of the "Miss World Philippines 2015" Evening Gowns. Besides what the winner wore (Very good!), let's stay on the "Good":
Photos courtesy of

#14 Marita Cassandra Naidas: It's no surprise that Marita (above) was First Runner-up or "1st Princess" at Miss World Philippines 2015, at least from her gown. She wore this strapless red satin princess-seamed dress with an over-layer of tulle and sequined crystal bust detail. It was very "Pageant Perfect". While there was nothing too "high fashion" or red carpet earth-shaking about it, it was still impacting. I also liked her modern center-parted hair styling.

#11 Alexie Marie Ibabao: I liked this red sequined column gown on Alexie Marie. It was a basic shape but what else would you do when you have this wonderful red circle paillette fabrication. Very nice Alexie!

#2 Jannie Loudette Alipo-on: Jannie wore this black sequined racer-front halter gown with center front slit. I thought it was a "safe" gown but still packed enough of a stage punch. It fir her quite nicely and she looked red carpet elegant.

#25 Casey Anne Austria: I really liked Casey's white chiffon mermaid shaped gown with white caviar beading detail. The bottom half featured several godets which filled out the sweep of the gown. I liked the styling; the slicked chignon and one sequined wrist cuff. She got very high "Nick Evening Gown Points" in my book. But...and it's a big "but": I was just so shocked to see her "#25" SAFETY PINNED so overtly on her gown. This was just SOOOOO tacky and low-rent; I cannot even get beyond this.

#18 Leitz Camyll Ang: I was a big fan of this nude colored sequined gown worn by Leitz. I liked the gradation of colors in the paillettes and it was nice how they stopped at just the right moment down her legs.

(L to R) #9 Mona Mahmoud Hammad and #12 Emma Marie Tiglao: Both of these red gowns were some of the better seen on the "Miss World Philippines 2015" pageant. I would give them both high Evening Gown marks. I liked the front scroll-like detail/print (L) and the fit was also very nice and for #12 Emma, the red and silver sequined gown was perfect for her. She's such a beauty and the gown complemented her.

#16 Erica Rose Bayani: This may be a controversial choice but I thought that Erica's red "caftan"-like gown was very chic and high fashion. It featured a front gathered fall that reminded me of of my NV Nick Verreos EVINE Live Shopping Network dresses from my Spring 2015 collection:

Front Fall Cute: NV Nick Verreos EVINE Live Spring 2015 chiffon and knit dress

The "Oh Dear!" Gowns:
(L to R) #1 Maria Vanessa Wright and #4 Sheila Mae Torino: These two gowns made my "Oh Dear!" for two different reasons. The one on the left was soooo boring and so "Prom 101"; there's literally NO DESIGN element whatsoever. It's a basic bustier and basic full skirt from Fashion School Freshman Year. The tacky pearl necklace made her look old as well. Speaking of old, #4 on the right was a dowdy mess. She looked like a 58 year old woman hosting her recently deceased husband's "funeral party"; yes, "Oh Dear!" for sure.

#5 Cristelle Anjali Abello: This gown shape was nice but once again, the design was quite "Design School 101" bland and non-creative. But the real problem I had was the pointy bust neckline; they were BEYOND wonky and un-Couture. It's as if a recently-accepted-student-of-design-school had made this gown. #Amateur Hour.

#17 Jessica Rose McEwen: Bless her heart. This red sequin-and-satin gown was all things bad. It looked cheap (what is with that janky hem?) and just not cute. This might have been cute in 2008 but now, it''s tacky.

#15 Erika Marie de Castro: Oh Erika! I just want to ask: Where are you going with this? The sequined halter neck and VERY mini dress is way too short, the iridescent organza overskirt looks like it came from a $1.99/yard fabric store. Erika Marie is very cute but this cheap tasteless dress did her no favors in my book.

#26 Grapes Pacara: I LOVE a girl named GRAPES. But what I do not love is this blush/nude chiffon gown with gold applique gown. This looks like something one would find in an attic; an attic that hasn't been looked at since 1956! It looks old, cheap and not well done. And who in their right mind would chose to style this with a choker of gold colored pearls and earrings. She looks like a three-time divorced hostess of a not-so-happy Holiday Party.

Hope you enjoyed my "Miss World Philippines 2015" Evening Gown Recap...
Congratulations to the new "Miss World Philippines 2015" Hillarie Danielle Parungao and I wish her the Best of Luck at the "Miss World 2015" Finals in December! 

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