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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 14 Recaps: Episode 13 "The Home Visits"

In this week's Part 1 Finale Episode of Lifetime Network's "Season 14 "Project Runway" , the episode began with the "Will Tim Use His 'Tim Save'" on Edmond, who was eliminated...And naturally, just as I (along with most of the viewers and fans) predicted...

And The Best Acting Award Goes To: Tim used his "Tim Save"...but before he did, Tim did his best to get an Emmy for Outstanding Acting in a Reality Show, dragging it out as long as possible and looking quite emotional and perturbed...until he announced that he would indeed use his Save.

Heidi announced to the Final Four that they would have 7 weeks and be given $9,000 to create a ten look collection. So, up first were the Tim Visits. First up, Tim flew to San Diego to visit Ashley where he ended up...
Donning an apron and making tortillas--Tim Gunn with designer Ashley Nell Tipton's family, in the kitchen, making tortillas--Episode 13 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Then, he went to San Francisco to check in on Candice:
A Cold, Fogged-in Beach: Not sure why Candice--or the producers--chose a cold fogged-in beach as the backdrop for the meeting with Candice and her children and mom--especially with so many other gorgeous sights in San Francisco. Who knows??

Next, he visited Kelly in Massachusetts and naturally she took him to the DELI!!!
Kelly From the Deli: The owner of "Bob's Italian food" Deli, where Kelly worked--presents Tim with his very own Big "Gunn" Milanese Sandwich--Episode 13 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Finally, Tim heads to Atlanta to visit Edmond:
The Smallest Restaurant Booth EVER: Tim Gunn with Edmond and his family--Episode 13 Season 14 "Project Runway"

Welcome Back Designers: After they returned from making their collections, Tim gave them one final "twist": They had to present a 3-Look preview to Nina, Heidi and Zac and one of those looks had to be new (as opposed to one of the ones they made back at home)...

The results were mixed...
Edmond Newton: Not cohesive, one too many ruffles and not enough SEX! I just wanted to rip that gathered ruffle off that black gown! Oh and that bow on the other one as well

Candice Cuoco: Witchy Asiana. The judges hated the hat (me too!) and that printed red outfit. The latter one looked dated and what was up with those Fashion School 101 Basic Bustiers? I did like that lace and leather coat though.

Kelly Dempsey: Her "Studio 54 Meets new Age" grouping was fun but the judges thought it wasn't luxurious enough. They were right. One could find these things at H & M...or a "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" revival!

Ashley Nell Tipton: Ashley's "Mexico City in the 1950's"-inspired Plus Size looks were universally liked. The judges just complained about her construction and fit. Just from looking at their 3-Look Previews, Ashley's was the strongest.

We will see who prevails next week and wins Season 14 "Project Runway"...Until then, here's my complete RECAP for this Part 1 Finale Episode:

Season 14, Episode 13: And Then There Were Four...Again

Last week's episode ended with a "to save or not to save Edmond" silence. I, along with anyone else watching it with a pulse, guessed correctly what was going to happen. This episode had the designers going home to create their collections, the much anticipated Tim visits, a freezing beach (in San Francisco?!), a tortilla making party, and the most cramped restaurant booth known to man. And then there was the collection preview judging that didn’t go so well. Lots to discuss.

We begin with Edmond waiting for his goodbye hug from Tim. We all knew what was going to happen, but Mr. Gunn did some of his best acting to date in an attempt to heighten the emotional drama in the room and drag out the moment as long as he could. Tim saves Edmond and all four are going to NY Fashion Week. They all meet up back at the runway stage where Heidi tells them that they have seven weeks and are getting $9,000 to create a 10-piece collection back at home. Heidi also makes a point to advise Ashley to consider creating a plus size collection, something she’s wanted to do all along. 

Five weeks later and Tim visits the designers in their homes, otherwise known as "time for Tim to rack up his frequent flyer mileage points." He begins in San Diego with Ashley...

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