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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Colombia Universe 2015-2016: EVENING GOWN RECAP

Gown Gorgeous: "Miss Choco" Andrea Tovar wins the Miss Colombia Universe title

Last night was the 81st (!) annual Señorita Colombia--or Miss Colombia Universe Beauty Pageant, held in Catagena Colombia. There were 23 total entrants and the winner was "Miss Choco", the stunning Andrea Tovar... 

            La Mas Bella: Andrea Tovar "Miss Choco" is Miss Colombia Universe 2015-2016

21-year old Andrea Tovar is a model, a student of Industrial Design and Photo Imaging Production at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. She stands a statuesque 5' 11" (1.80 m) and will now represent her country at the "Miss Universe 2016-2017" pageant.
Model Linda: Andrea Tovar "Miss Colombia Universe 2015-2016"

Señoritas Colombia: The new Miss Colombia Universe 2015-2016 (right) getting her "Miss Colombia Ring" placed on her by her predecessor Ariadna Gutierrez (left) who will travel to Las Vegas next month to compete in the upcoming "Miss Universe 2015-2016" pageant. Her predecessor, Paulina Vega is the current Miss Universe. Seeing how stunning both of these "Miss Colombia" winners are....I wouldn't be surprised if for the next two Miss Universe pageants, they might have Colombian winners! On beauty alone, I think they've got that all taken care of.

Los Trajes de Gala: OK, now that we got that out of the way, it's time to discuss the EVENING GOWNS! I was very happy to see the very beautiful gowns--for the most part--on some of the top ladies of the "Miss Colombia Universe" pageant. Especially, the winner's fabulous golden lace creation. Everyone thinks of Venezuela as the "Gown leader" when it comes to their Beauty Pageant dresses but I have to admit, Colombia is very close to taking that title away. 

Here are some of my FAVORITE ones and some Not-So-Much...
Miss Colombia Universe 2015-2016 EVENING GOWNS Highlights (and Low)--Let's begin with the Winner "Miss Choco":
Miss Choco Andrea Tovar: One word--WOW! Andrea wore a golden colored tulle and sequined lace gown with a column shape and fuller back overskirt silhouette. The front featured a plunging neckline covered in skin colored illusion, as well as long sleeves. Her makeup and chic chignon, perfectly finished this look. She looked regal, and perfect! A definite TEN!

First Runner-up Miss Colombia International--Miss Cesar Daniela Herrera Avendano: Daniela wore this silver sequined column gown. I liked this; it was impacting, not too frou-frou-ish and still had enough Beauty Pageant Gown "bang".

2nd Runner-up Miss Antioquia Alejandra Ochoa Lopez: The lace applique placed in "strategic" areas on top of tulle illusion is a popular trend in pageant gowns and this is an example of it (there's more below!). It's a little too "Figure Skating Costume" for me (and you know how much I LOVE Figure Skating Costumes!). This works for a national pageant but for an international one--Miss Universe/Miss World, etc. this might get just a 7.8 (out of 10)

3rd Runner-up Miss Atlantico Maria Camila Soleibe Alarcon: Lace applique over nude tulle illusion: Check; Back full overskirt: Check. Iridescent fabrication: Oh Dear! The lace applique, the iridescent was a bit too "Sexy Quinciniera" for my taste. I'm also not a fan of the covering-up-the-boobies only makes me focus too much on them!

4th Runner-up Miss Buenaventura D.E. Carmen Ibeth Alomia Prado: Well look at Miss Buenaventura! She is all va-va-voom in this white lace and sequins mermaid style gown. I'm sure she was very impacting on stage but frankly, this looks slightly cheap. It's too short in the front (I don't want to see the pumps!) and the way the front sequin applique detail points and stops near her you-know-what...scares me.

Miss Santander Esthefania Dignora Prieto Quiroga (L): I actually love this red strapless gown on Esthefania. The fit is nice and the side cascade adds great interest to that area and the very high side-front slit. One of my favorite gowns of the pageant.
Miss Bogota D.C. Paola Milena Clavijo (R): I also loved this aquamarine sequined column gown. This looked expensive and very well-made. It reminded me of a $50,000 Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad Haute Couture gown.  And I loved that it was the PERFECT length (notice, no pumps showing!).

Miss Guajira Veronica Pimienta Pereira (L): I liked the bright canary yellow color of this gown on Veronica. The shape and top section reminded me of the Gionni Straccia gown worn by "Miss Venezuela 2009" Marelisa Gibson . Whether it was one or a "knock-off", it looked very nice--and fit well. I also loved the hair and makeup styling. Good job.
Miss Sucre Paola Andrea Correa Ochoa (R): I liked this lilac sequined gown. The shoulder strap detail was interesting and it fit her well. She didn't need those big ol' diamante earrings though; keep it simple, especially when you've got all them sequins in the gown.

Miss San Andres y Providencia Josseidy Mileidy Escalona Bent (L): I liked the different colored shading on this strapless gown; it definitely worked for Josseidy. I also liked her hair and makeup. In addition, here the big earrings work.
Miss Tolima Dahian Lorena Munos Quinones (R): I liked this sequined light blue gown on Dahian. The shape was great--the light A-line silhouette was wonderful! I also loved that the length was correct/. And her modern lose hair and clean makeup complemented the gown. One of my favorites of the night.

Miss Cartagena Medelein Lopez Camelo (L): This is Lace Applique Pageant Betty. I know that it's all about wearing white or ivory for pageants (somehow the girls think it makes look more "Virgin"-like!!??) but then there's all this sequin applique and overall, I think it's way too much.. On a good note: perfect length. Gracias.
Miss Quindio Valentina Agudelo Hernandez (R): Another applique-over-nude-tulle gown. This is one of the cheapest-looking ones of the pageant. There's nothing original, or chic about this. And the cutting of the applique (notice those edges) looks amateur-hour.

Miss Meta Ana Maria Landaeta (L): Oh, look at what we have here--MORE sequined applique-over-nude-illusion. WHAT. IS. GOING. ON!!??? Several things: I am NOT a fan of the sequin lace flower pieces over her breasts (NO!) and the pink color is a bit too "Disney Pageant Princess".
Miss Narino Leydi Carolina Carvajal (R): Another example of sequined applique over the breasts (what is that about!!??). At least the rest of the gown was bearable. I liked everything about this...from the waist down.

Miss Bolivar Franselys Santoya Ariza (L): I kind of liked this silver/ivory gown worn by "Miss Bolivar". It fit her well and I am sure she "worked it" overtime. I just wasn't a fan of those back pieces/shawl. This dress style needed editing, for sure; I would have cut those things off! I also would have liked her hair to look a bit less Pageant and more model or modern.
Miss Norte de Santander Carolina Gene Bedoya (R): Nice gown, good hair. Nothing too extraordinary. Just Pageant Safe. But still, well done.

Miss Risaralda Daniela Castillo Villada (L): Oh no. Too short and too Hoochie. And again: what is with the pointed front sequin panel that goes right to her you-know-what??!!
Miss Valle Dayana Julieth Guerrero Mora (R): Nothing really to say about this peach/gold sequined gown on "Miss Valle". She looks quite nice in it but it doesn't get my heart pumping. Once again, she looked "Pageant Safe".

Miss Huila Betty del Mar Aldana Vanegas (L): This is not a bad gown; in fact it's quite good. The sequin detail looks expensive and the shape is nice. I just don't like that side-swept hair and her "sistahs" are too smooshed.
Miss Magdalena Valentina Castro Lopez (R): This is one of the worst of the pageant. I don't know who Valentina pissed off that she ended up wearing this dress. This is something a actress at the Las Vegas AVN (do they still even have those??) would wear.

Felicitaciones and Congratulations to the GORGEOUS Andrea Tovar "Miss Colombia Universe 2015-2016" and Buena Suerte at Miss year from now! She has a lot of time to prepare. But one suggestion: Wear the same gown above! Por Favor!

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