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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Supranational 2015 Finals: Evening Gown Recap!

Supranational Bella: Miss Supranational 2015 "Miss Paraguay" Stephania Stegman (center)--Miss Supranational 2015 Finals, Warsaw Poland

This past Friday night was the Miss Supranational 2015 Finals Beauty Pageant. The pageant--considered one of the top "Grand Slam" international beauty pageants, along with Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Earth--was held in Poland.

Crowned: Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman "Miss Paraguay"--Miss Supranational 2015 Finals, Warsaw Poland

This was the 7th edition of the international beauty pageant and over 80 contestants from all over the world competed for the title. The winner was the representative from the South American nation of Paraguay, Stephania Vazquez Stegman.

Stephania is a model and former Miss Paraguay International 2011. She is of Spanish-German descent and stands 1.77 m (5' 9 1/2"). At the Miss International 2011 Beauty Pageant, she did not place but this past Friday, she won the Miss Supranational 2015 pageant. This is the first win for Paraguay in a "Grand Slam" International Beauty Pageant. Muy bien!

 The Set: Miss Supranational 2015 Finals Warsaw Poland

 Best National Costume went to...
Miss Indonesia Gresya Amanda Maaliwuga--Pretty fabulous and well-deserved!

The Evening Gowns: Finalists-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 Gown Gals:--Miss Supranational 2015 Finals, Warsaw Poland

As always, in my blog here, I love to discuss the EVENING GOWNS...let's begin with the eventual Winner...
Miss Paraguay Stephania Stegman: Gorgeous gown on a gorgeous woman. Love this nude tulle with Art Deco-like gold sequin detail. It was a clean column gown that wasn't too fussy. I also loved her modern (not too "Pageant Betty") hairstyle; it definitely complimented the clean simple lines of the gown. And KUDOS for covering the heels.

Canada Siera Bearchell: Siera was gorgeous and this gown was OK. Nothing spectacular. She sure did "work it" during the finals. But in terms of design or having an extra "couture" appeal...nothing. Very "Pageant Safe"; she looked like the winner of a Miss (fill in the blank) USA state pageant. I expect a little bit more on the international stage.

Colombia Monica Castano Agudelo: I have to admit that I wasn't a fan of this gown. I loved the bubblegum pink color but the gown itself looked cheap. I think the fact that it looked polyester-y and that it was too short (I don't want to see those heels!), made me feel this way. This was a little too "Ballroom Dancing Competition" and not Haute enough for an international beauty pageant stage.

Iceland Tanja Yr Astporsdottir: Tanja is beautiful. But this gown wasn't so much. It was very prom-a-licious. At least it was tasteful prom. If you are going to do a ball gown, I'd refer to what fashion designers Elie Saab or Zuhair Muard are doing; at least copy them...or even copy one of my ball gowns! But this one is a little on the store-bought side.

Mexico Karina Stephania Martin Jimenez: Another case of a very pretty woman wearing a not so cute gown. The dress is very prom and once again, too short. It also seemed very "Dancing with the Stars". If I can see this dress in Downtown L.A. at a Pageant-and-Prom shop (and I can with this one!), then I don't want to see it in one of the International "Grand Slam" Beauty Pageants. Just saying.

Australia Christiana Fischer: Christiana wore this nude and lilac colored applique gown at the Miss Supranational 2015 Finals. I liked this gown. It was a tad "Figure Skating" costume but it fit nicely and it was the correct length.

India Aafreen Rachael Vaz: I also liked this golden sequined and leaf-like applique gown with side front slit. The only thing I I dd not like were those CLUNKY gold 70's Disco pumps; soooo tacky!

Malaysia Tanisha Demour Kaur: Tanisha made a big Evening Gown impact in this royal blue/violet gown. The design featured a nude tulle and sequined applique column gown and satin over-skirt. It was impacting and she knew how to work it. This was definitely one of the most "wow" gowns of the entire pageant.

Panama Angie Keith: Simple column pearl sequined gown. This was nice. I liked the fit and the fact that it was length-right. It didn't excite me in terms of design but it was OK.

Top Gowns--Miss Supranational 2015:
Myanmar L Bawk Nu: Miss Myanmar won for Best Gown and I can see why. This gold and silver sequin gown recalls a gorgeous Haute Couture Fish Diva. Absolutely stunning. It reminds me of something I would see from a Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture runway show.

Luxembourg Elie Ondoa: Stunning mint sequined strapless gown. One of my favorites!
Dominican Republic Ingrid Franco: Gold sequined flapper fun.

Philippines Rogelie Catacutan: Directional, sexy and very forward-pageant! It's also very "Tribal Couture". Love.
Spain Raquel Bonilla: Love the asymmetry of the top section and contrast of the golden crepe fabrication and sequin top/sleeve.

Egypt Perihan Fateen: I thought this red one shoulder gown with sequined top section and asymmetrical peplum detail was quite nice. Elegant and very Red Carpet-meets-Runway

The Uh Oh/Oh Dear! Miss Supranational 2015 Evening Gowns-----------------------------------------
Bolivia Sharon Valverde: Oh No. 1993 Broadway Chorus Line/Pageant Gal. And what is with that side sheer panel???? And that 1987 hair style?? Ayyyy Dios Mio!!
Scotland Nasrene Harrison: Oh No Wedding/Prom Queen. There's way too much polyester lace and applique in this. She needs a veil and a "Big Fat Gypsy" fiance.

Italy Deborah Agnone: This black one shoulder dress would be nice...for a cocktail party. But not for "Miss Supranational"!
Ireland Karen Montague: Oh Dear! Someone got confused with the "Carnival Cruises" Captain's Night Gala! This is a Choncheee Tackylicious Mess.
Venezuela Hyser Betancourt: I just can't with this gown. This looks like a dress a Quinceañera girl would reject. It's way too tacky. This is certainly not up to the "Miss Venezuela" gown standards. Who approved this???
Felicitaciones and Congratulations to "Miss Paraguay Supranational" Steaphania Stegman for winning the "Miss Supranational 2015 Beauty Pageant...and for wearing a very nice gown! 

4 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Supranational 2015 Finals: Evening Gown Recap!"

Altaf Anwarali said...

Nick. Did u see Asha Bhats gown while she was handing over her crown? Would have wished if u could post her pic and comment on her gown

Altaf Anwarali said...

Nick. Did u see Asha Bhats gown while she was handing over her crown? Would have wished if u could post her pic and comment on her gown

Μαρια Χατζηχαραλαμπους said...

HI!! Just a small correction. Miss International is one of the "Big 4" pageants and not Miss Supranational. Miss Supranational is a Polish based "international" pageant with a lot of controversies on their backs. Their low status can be seen in the lower quality of contestants and production.

Christian Robinson Bas-awan said...

The lilac gown that ms. Australia wore is made by filipino designer Leo Almodal. Infact, that gown shouldve been worn by MJ Lastimosa last Miss Universe 2014 on the evening gown event however she decided to wear the white serpentina gown by the colombian designer Alfredo Barrazza