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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress": The Top Ten

World Fashion Designer Top 10: Maybe, Maybe Not--Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress" Event, Sanya China
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Events leading up to the Finals of the 65th Annual Miss World Beauty Pageant are occurring this past week. The Finals are December 19th but yesterday there was a "Preliminary" event for the Miss World--World Fashion Designer Dress Event, where all the 100+ contestants wore ensembles/gowns made by designers from their home countries. Tomorrow are the Finals of this event where the Miss World Top Model and World Designer Award fashion gala take place.

But at the Preliminary event, the contestants modeled their designs in front of the judges and the Top Ten "World Designer Dresses" were chosen. Here they are in alphabetical order (country-wise).
I'm not so sure these would have been my Top Ten Best Designer Dresses/Ensembles, in fact I would have probably put one or two in my "Uh Oh!" List. Not so sure what "Designer Dress" Kool-Aid the judges were drinking but here were their choices..

Miss Bosnia and Herzegovina Marijana Marcovic: Right away, I have an issue with this big ol' mess being named as Top Ten Miss World 2015 "Best World Fashion Designer Dress". This cha-cha black and silver trimmed design was created by Carmen Line according to the Miss World website. It is tacky and very "My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding". The pointed strapless neckline is not just obnoxious but would be ripped to shreds by any red carpet correspondent if this was ever worn at a red carpet event. It's BAD.

Miss Brazil Catharina Choi: Catharina wore this midnight blue lace gown designed by Olga Blanc. It's OK; nothing extraordinary. I've seen these styles in the back of an "After Five" Dress section at Macy's. I think that a gown worn at the "Miss World--World Fashion Designer Dress" event should be just a little more Haute and a little less department store-like. Maybe it's just me.

Miss Cote D'Ivoire Andrea N'Guessan: I actually like this mustard yellow jumpsuit with vest/cape design worn by Andrea. It's elegant, contemporary and makes a strong impact. I especially love her accessorizing; the gold earrings, gold belt, and THAT head-turban is EVERYTHING! I just wished that the top was a bit more interesting--an asymmetrical drape/pleat perhaps. The princess-seamed pattern to this silhouette is very "Design School 101".

Miss Guadeloupe Arlene Tacite: Arlene wore this ivory crepe gown with blue sequin applique featuring a strapless bustier designed by Jessica Jordan. I liked this. Once again, it's not very innovative--design-wise but it is quite nice; maybe that's the criteria I need to be considering. At least it fits well and the length is perfect.

Miss India Aditi Arya: I expected much more from a Miss World India. Seriously. This gold and ivory sequined column gown designed by Monisha Jaising is, again, just OK, but nothing spectacular. I could see this dress at a department store...or in the Downtown L.A. Garment District.

Miss Indonesia Maria Harfanti: Maria wore this blue and ivory gown which evokes a possible "Ming Vase" inspiration. The gown was designed and created by private clientele designer brand Windy Chandra Couture. It's nice but certainly not on the scale of an UBER fabulous Guo Pei creation.

Miss Italy Greta Galassi: Greta wore this golden and silver/pewter colored satin-and-sequined gown from Erasmo Fiorentino. The design featured some cut-out's and peek-a-boo's. It had a hint of "Art Deco" but I just don't understand why this ended up as a Top Ten. The sketch was better than Greta wearing it. I think on a dark-skinned contestant, this might have had a bit more of an impact, but on her, it was a "meh".

Miss Mongolia Anu Namshyrin: Anu wore this white illusion, chiffon and silver sequin gown designed by Tserenlkhagva Khuyag-Ochi. It featured sheer sleeves, 80's shoulders, and a drop waist silhouette. This was a bit wedding gown vibe to the dress; too cutesy and too Mother-of-the-Bride--or maybe the father's Mistress(!) a Russian millionaire's wedding. Just saying.

Miss Puerto Rico Keysi Vargas: Keysi's black nude netting/illusion with black sequin applique gown , designed by Jose Karlo, was one of the better ones chosen in the Top Ten Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress" event. I loved the architectural aspect of the design and sharp shoulder/front detail, as well as the contrast fabric knit long sleeve top section. I just wished the sequined lace applique would have started a little lower in her hips/thigh area; it was just a little too close to her "Uh Oh" regions.

Miss Vietnam Tran Ngoc Lan Khue: Not sure how this rather plainly-designed ombre-hued blood red-to-yellow gown ended up as one of the Top ten best. The off the shoulder dress was designed by Ly Qui Khanh. I think this was rather basic and not memorable. And certainly not "Best World Designer Dress" material.

*UP NEXT: MY CHOICES for BEST Miss World 2015 "World Designer Dresses"...and the OH DEAR!

6 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2015 "World Fashion Designer Dress": The Top Ten "

Unknown said...

Miss Trinidad and Tobago should have been in the line up for best gown. Check her out

Pamela R. said...

I don't understand what they were looking for, most of them are tacky or too simple, I'm looking for your own list of best gowns!!!

gaicko said...

All the gowns of the top 10 are so cheap and ugly.

Filbert Dick Cavanugh Huang said...

Indonesia's gown was inpired by the sea. It's called "Kilau Pesisir 1.0" (cause they made another gown for her at the final with the same name), literally, it means the sparkle of the sea.

Franklin Loo said...

Frankly speaking most of them flop. A few stand out like Miss Australia is a winner...

Lanz16 said...

Hi Nick!
After I saw this Top 10 "World Fashion Designer Dress" by Miss World a few days ago, I have this thought on my mind: "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!?"

Only Cote D'Ivoire and VietNam are, so far, acceptable.
I like the design and styling.

The rest are pure jokes.

I don't know if the judges were drunk or had a headache of choosing the best dress they can see in 100+ delegates.
It ended up in a random-mode selection!
I just don't understand their taste level... oh well!