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It's All About Sequined Fabric: Nick Verreos in "Sequins 101" YouTube video on "Fashion School with Nick Verreos" 

In my latest video for my YouTube Channel "Fashion School with Nick Verreos", it's all about SEQUINS, and especially sequined fabrics. I give an instructional and informational walk-through on sequined fabric, the difference between sequins and paillettes, crystals and anything in between!

Sequin School: Since I love working with beaded fabric--and I am sure I am not the only fashion designer who does--I thought I would do this video for aspiring fashion designers, fashion students and anyone who is interested in knowing the basics of Sequined Fabrics...the Sequined 101 Fashion School Dish.

Click below to watch Fashion School with Nick Verreos "Sequins 101" YouTube Video:

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