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OLYMPIC STYLE.....Rio 2016 Olympics Synchronized Swimming: Duet Costumes!

 Mermaids, Bollywood, Skeletons...Yep! It's Olympics Synchronized Swimming Costumes!--Rio 2016 Olympic Games Synchronized Swimming Duets

One of my FAVORITE events to watch during the Summer Olympics--besides Gymnastics of course!--is Synchronized Swimming. Naturally, it is because of those bright, sparkly swimsuits! (Oh and yes, those AMAZINGLY synchronized routines!). Now, we have heard (and read) all about the Olympic Gymnastics leotards and how expensive they are. According to this report, they can take as many fittings as a wedding dress and the competition (really sparkly ones!) can cost up to $1200. Frankly, I would charge much more--all those Swarovski crystals, all those fittings, but that's just me! What I am here to discuss today is the Rio 2016 Olympics Synchronized Swimming Duets costumes and some of my favorites. Now, if the gymnastics leotards cost upwards of $1,000, I would assume these numbers have to cost upwards of $2,000!!! here are some of my favorites:

Russia: Russia's Natalia Ishchenko and Russia's Svetlana Romashina won the Gold medal for their Duet Technical. They wore these mermaid-inspired costumes. I loved them. These were flawless and well-designed, and were perfectly matched for their routine.

Japan: Japan's Yukiko Inui and Japan's Risako Mitsui--LOVED the neon bright colors, the graphic designs...the contrast of solid Lycra vs. sheer illusion. All was FABULOUS! The evenly dispersed crystals make for a nice sparkly balance.

China: China's Huang Xuechen and China's Sun Wenyan--China's Duet Synchronized Swimming team performed to a Chinese opera. I thought their swimsuits/costumes were gorgeous. I appreciated the bold colors, the very graphic designs--depicting traditional Chinese Opera makeup and style. These were very impacting and fabulous.

Greece: Greece's Evangelia Platanioti and Evelina Papazoglou--Greece's Duet team wore these black and crystal silver/white costumes which depicted a macabre skeleton. I am not sure what they synchronized swam to but I assume it had something to do with either "Day of the Dead" or Halloween. Either way, I thought these were great.

France: France's Laura Auge and France's Margaux Chretien--Let me guess, they synchronized swam to something "Egyptian". I love these Cleopatra/Pharaoh-inspired looks from France's duet team. The golden colored neck-piece is very reminiscent of something found in Tutankhamen's tomb. If there was any style critique, part of me wishes their head-pieces would have been more like this:

Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra"--But I realize this headpiece might have been problematic for those lovely synchronized swimmers

Mexico: Mexico's Nuria Lidon Diosdado Garcia and Mexico's Karem Faride Achach Ramirez--I absolute LOVE these swimsuits/costumes from Mexico's Synchronized Swimming duet team. Their looks are inspired by Bollywood/India and (I am guessing) the Hindi God Kali:

Synchronized Namaste!

Ukraine: Lolita Ananasova and Anna Voloshyna of Ukraine--Ukraine's Synchronized Duet team -wore these colorful "mask"-like designs. I thought they were well-designed and loved the bold graphic style. Very effective and very nice!

Spain: Spain's Ona Carbonell Ballestero and Spain's Gemma Mengual Civil--Ona and Gemma synchronized swam to Spanish/Flamenco themed music. Their swimsuit costumes were not so overtly "Flamenco Diva" but more subtle in their "Ole!". Nonetheless, I especially loved the very slight reference to the Toreador and Bull as well as Spanish peineta (mantilla comb) seen in the front of their black, red, silver and gold costumes.

Canada: Canada Jacqueline Simoneau and Karine Thomas--Finally, I wanted to include Canada and their sparkly red, black and white costumes. I liked the design and incorporation of "bleeding hearts" in their looks. A very nice Synchronized Swimming Costume effort!

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