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PROJECT RUNWAY.....My Top 5 OMG Moments: Ep. 1

 Nick Verreos Top 5 OMG Moments "Project Runway" Season 15 on Nick Verreos YouTube Channel

For this new season (Season 15!) of "Project Runway", I'm excited to announce that in addition to my "Project Runway" blog recap'ing each episode, I will also be doing a YouTube video highlighting my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of each episode...

#4 OMG Moment--That's The Top?--Nick Verreos YouTube Channel

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Can you believe it? It’s Season 15 of “Project Runway”! If anyone would have suggested to me back when I was on Season 2 that this little show about fashion designers was going to become an icon of reality TV, I might have told them to lay off the Fashion Week Champagne. But alas—and thank goodness—here we are. I am very happy to be back blogging for and look forward to recapping the “fab” and “ay caramba!” of this season’s sartorial creations.
In the season opener, the scene is set with what looks to be a VIP showroom for Michael’s Crafts Stores, with a room decorated with candy, faux flowers, paper lanterns, plates, glasses, and Champagne. I don’t know why (maybe the fact that I was a former contestant and have been watching the show for ELEVEN years!), but I got this weird feeling in my tummy that the decorations weren’t just there to make the room look pretty.
Slowly but surely, the 16 designers are introduced as they make their way to this soiree. Some of the highlights of this introduction:
-We meet Erin from Massachusetts. She likes to design humorous, playful clothes. Oh, and she also tells us that she grew up “partially Mormon.” Take that for what it’s worth.
-Two other Massachusettsians (say that five times fast) join the season including Nathalia who says that she “wants to change the world” and Cornelius, who knows Nathalia from design school (Uh Oh!).
-Tasha resides in Shreveport, LA, and says she designs for tomboys.
-Roberi originally hails from Venezuela but now lives in Miami. (Probably a good move considering what has been happening in my former homeland)...
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