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 Nick Verreos YouTube "Project Runway Season 15 Top 5 OMG Moments"--Episode 2

Hope you have been enjoying my YouTube videos quickly recap'ing this season's "Project Runway" and my "TOP 5 OMG MOMENTS", as well as my "Project Runway" Blog Recaps.

It's the 2nd episode of the season and time to discuss what I thought were the standout moments of the "JustFab" Everyday Woman Challenge: Designing a look for the Everyday Woman of every size, age, shape...
#1 OMG MOMENT: An Everyday Woman Isn't 6' tall and a Size 2--That's just my "No. 1 OMG" moment...

Click below to watch ALL my TOP 5 OMG MOMENTS of "Project Runway" Season 15 Episode 2 on YouTube:

Here's my RECAP of "Project Runway" Blog:

Episode 2 Recap: Everyday Fab

Last week on “Project Runway” the season began with an unconventional runway, with the contestants creating looks out of party materials, challenging the designers to be super creative on day one. This week it was all about designing for the “everyday woman.” How some of the designers approached this challenge traversed the gamut from uninspired to super-drop crotch un-realness. Time to discuss this week’s visions for a supposed “everyday fab” girl.

As the episode begins, Heidi saunters onto the runway to congratulate the designers on surviving the first challenge and adds that they all look like they could use “fresh air.” She tells them that Tim Gunn—and a special guest—will be waiting for them at a park, concluding by telling them that today will be “FAB-U-LOUS!” Hmm, let me guess, this is the JustFab Challenge…

Moments later, Tim is in the park introducing Chief Marketing Officer of JusfFab, Traci Inglis (yep, I was right!). He tells the contestants that there are over four million women in Manhattan who are getting dressed every morning, with Inglis adding that JustFab’s goal is “to make women of every age, every height, every size, look and feel fabulous.” On cue, 100 women—of all ages and sizes—walk into the park highlighting the tableaux for the next challenge: to create a look for the everyday woman, making them the most fabulous version of herself. Tim warns the designers to remember that versatility and diversity among their clientele does not mean “hum-drum.” They are creating FASHION. The winning look, Inglis says, will be reproduced and sold on (no word of the designer making any profit from this). I must say that the strangest thing about this presentation and challenge, is the fact that these hundreds of women presented to the designers are just for show. I first assumed that the designers would pick from the women and design an outfit based on their body silhouette. But instead, the designers will just be presenting their looks on the “everyday” 6 foot tall, size 2 runway models...

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