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ICE STYLE.....2016 Skate Canada International: LADIES and MEN!

Ladies Fab: Ladies Figure Skating Costumes from 2016 Skate Canada International

Le Men: Men's Figure Skating Costumes from 2016 Skate Canada International

This past weekend was the second of six events in the 2016-2017 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating competitions, 2016 Skate Canada International. In case you missed my "Ice Style" blog on 2016 Skate America, click HERE and HERE. This year's Skate Canada International occurred at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

I didn't go but...I was excited to see that it was in Mississauga because I had been there before since that is where Canada's "The Shopping Channel" is headquartered and I had the privilege of being there for my "NV Nick Verreos" clothing line. So...Yeayyy for Mississauga! Now, time to discuss the Figure Skating Costumes Highlights. Let's start with the Ladies:

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia Short Program River Flows in You by Lorenzo de Luca, The Winter by Balmorhea: Evgenia wore this blue ombre-shaded costume featuring crystal and blue beading in the top section. The design made her look like she was a beautiful sea creature from the Mediterranean but the costume itself looked cheap and almost Junior-like.

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia Free Skate to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Piano Lesson with Grandma by Alexandre Desplat: It's not every day one sees a top ladies' singles figure skater wearing a dress this long as her costume. This design had purple-to-lilac ombre shading and an Empire-waist look that featured sequin embroidery. There was almost a Medieval/Game of Thrones look to it and I liked it.

Satoko Miyahara of Japan Short Program Musetta's Waltz Song by Giacomo Puccini: This was a very pretty costume for Miyahara. I liked the powder blue and green colors and beaded applique. This looked like an expensive high-end figure skating costume that was impacting from afar and close up.

Satoko Miyahara of Japan Free Skate to The Planets by Gustav Holst: I LOVED this costume! So far, it is one of my favorites of the season! I absolutely adore the Grecian Goddess draping, the stark ivory color and beautiful sequin detail. I also like her crystal double headband. She looks chic, and Figure Skating Red Carpet Ready!

Kaytlyn Osmond of Canada Short Program Sous le ciel de Paris and Milord performed by Edith Piaf: I thought this design was a nice choice considering her music. The neck-tie purple costume with sequin applique midriff was "Parisian" in its flair (reminded me of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent pussy-bow sheer chiffon blouse) and while, I am normally not a fan of the gloves, I think they were correct in this look.

Mirai Nagasu USA Short Program to Nocturne No. 20 in C Sharp Minor by Frederic Chopin: Mirai wore this purple costume for her SP. I liked it! Mirai always wears costumes that I appreciate and admire. The color and beading reminded me of this Gionni Straccia-designed gown worn by...

"Miss Venezuela 2009" Marelisa Gibson

Mirai Nagasu of USA Free Skate to The Winner Takes It All performed by Sarah Dawn Finer: This was another very pretty costume from Mirai. It was very "Ice Queen" with the white color and delicate crystal beading. I especially loved the neckline and asymmetrically-placed sequins.

Rika Hongo of Japan Short Program to O Fortuna (from "Carmina Burana") by Carl Orff: This was a fun and bold costume. Rika is kind of known for her costumes and this was not a disappointment for the 2016-2017 season. I loved the multi-colored jewels at the bust and fire-like detail in the costume. 

Rika Hongo of Japan Free Skate to Lawrence of Arabia (soundtrack) by Maurice Jarre: Rika really made me happy with this "Near East Diva" costume referencing her "Lawrence of Arabia" music. I. Loved. It. She looked like a sexy Sheikha of Arabia! I also appreciated her crystal crown and arm and hand sequined details of the costume.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva of Russia Free Skate to Cleopatra (soundtrack) by Alex North: The Middle East was in the "Costume Air" as Russia Elizaveta Tuktamysheva wore this for her "Cleopatra" free skate. I felt all the accessories made the costume a bit too "Halloween-y", but I did LOVE that snake armband! The gold beaded neckline was beautiful and unique and overall the costume was quite sexy with it's sheer and short skirt. 

Patrick Chan of Canada Short Program to Dear Prudence and Blackbird by The Beatles: Patrick Chan is not known for his costumes, and more for his fabulous skating. For his SP, he wore this all-black look skating to The Beatles. Normally, I don't like when male figure skaters just wear the black pant-and-shirt look, and I've referenced it as being a bit too "Ross Dress For Less". I think that here, this ensemble worked. I liked the short sleeved shirt, the suspenders and natural-waist trousers style. Part of me wished the suspenders were sequined--at least in matte black crystals!--but yeah, I know--it's Patrick Chan, sequins are not always his thang.

Patrick Chan of Canada Free Skate to A Journey by Eric Radford: For his FS, Chan skated to music by Pairs figure skater Eric Radford. I loved this costume on Patrick. It was clean, elegant and slightly sexy. My favorite parts were the details: the pants outseam "Tuxedo" stripe and back pants yoke--in faux leather. Those detail really made the costume for me! 

Kevin Reynolds of Canada Short Program to Puutarhautuminen and Muuttosarja by Hohka, 
Kesäillan Tvist by Troka: Canadian Kevin Reynolds skated his SP to Finnish folk-like music and he wore a costume inspired by a traditional Finnish men's outfit--the "Hameen Men's Suit". I liked the bold stripes and red-and-black colors but I was a little annoyed at how wide the shoulders were; the vest seemed to be cut too wide. I wonder if the costume designers did that to make the super-skinny Kevin look a bit more broad shouldered? I have no idea. But, as a fashion designer and someone who worked as a pattern-maker for many years, all I wanted to do was take about  1 1/2" off the shoulder of that vest; it was that annoying to me!

Kevin Reynolds of Canada Free Skate to Grand Piano (soundtrack) by Victor Reyes: Kevin loves a double-breasted vest. He wore one for his SP and now for his Free Skate. This look was a bit "Happy Hands at Home Sewer"-looking and once again, the vest pattern's shoulder measurement was too wide. I understand the costume designers wanting to make him look a bit more muscular through costuming tricks but, my advice would just be to emphasize how lean and super skinny he is.  There is really no avoiding it. 

Alexander Petrov Russia Short Program Ritual Dance of Fire (from "El Amor Brujo") by Manuel de Falla: Fiery, bold and nicely done. I liked this costume worn by Russian Alexander Petrov. He looked very "Gypsy" and Andalusian in this design, especially with the gold embroidered top, red waist sash and black faux leather pants. 

Alexander Petrov of Russia Free Skate to Chicago and I'm Gonna Live Till I Die by Frank Sinatra: If there was a Frank Sinatra-themed show on a cruise ship--or Las Vegas--this would be a costume in the show! I liked the kind of cheesy aspect of the look--with the gold lame jacket, piano-inspired tie and crystal belt. 

Ross Miner of USA Short Program to New York State of Mind by Billy Joel: OK, I know that Ross is skating to Billy Joel and "New York State of Mind" and therefore, there's not much of a costume that can accompany that. But...this was THE DEFINITION of my dreaded "Ross Dress For Less" costume; the bland dress shirt, black pants, off-the-rack department store belt...I am so bored with his costume that I don't even want to visit New York, if this is what that city represents, fashion-wise.

Ross Miner of USA Free Skate to Somebody to Love, Love of my Life, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen: For his FS, he slightly redeemed himself--costume-wise. I liked the ombre-shaded red-and-black printed top with the gold sequined neckline. This was Ross Miner really stepping out of his costume zone. And I applaud him for it. But, I still think this could have been better; it is QUEEN after all!

Takahito Mura of Japan Short Program to Zapateado (Flamenco): Takahito skated to a flamenco-inspired program and I was thankful that the costume wasn't black and red. I liked the ruffled cuffs but overall, it was a bit of a Spain mish-mash. I really think what annoyed me the most was the white lace shirt; it was just a tad too cheap-looking. And that fringed front trim looked like an afterthought. 

Misha Ge Uzbekistan Free Skate to The Nutcracker by Petr I. Tchaikovski: Misha gave you "Nutcracker Prince" with this white with gold beaded trimmed top and black pants costume. I think he could have gone a little more Couture with this look; it just seemed a bit "Hollywood Blvd" Costume version. I know that Misha can give me more! 

Daniel Samohin of Israel Free Skate to The Illusionist by Maxime Rodriguez: Daniel skated his FS to this very impacting costume. The black pants-and multi-colored sequined top was two minutes away from looking slightly "Cirque du Soleil" but...I kinda liked it! That top, especially, looked well-made, expensive and made me want MORE!

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan Short Program to Let's Go Crazy by Prince: At first, when Yuzuru came out, I was like "What the Heck!!??" and then, the Prince music came on and I was like "Done and done!". Hanyu wore a jumpsuit that resembled a white shirt and pants outfit with a multi-colored embroidered vest with black, white and purple being the dominant colors. There was also a nice "Prince"-inspired detail on his pants. The whole look was right for the program and 80's cool enough to make fashion fans happy.

Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan Free Skate to Hope and Legacy by Jo Hisaishi: For his FS, Yuzuru wore this ensemble of black stretch velvet pants with a multicolored green, creme, royal blue and black chiffon top. It was VERY Yuzuru for sure; he does love multicolored ombre-ing and cascading ruffle detail. I'm going to be honest here: If it wasn't Yuzuru Hanyu, I might be critiquing it and saying it's tacky and soooo 80's. But, because it is him, I actually think it works. Somehow with his height and beautiful skating, he is able to pull this off.  What do you guys think? Do you like???

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