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Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments" Season 15 "Project Runway" Episode 3--Nick Verreos YouTube Channel

Time for the next installment of my "Top 5 OMG Moments" and RECAP of Season 15 "Project Runway"! Last week, the designers had to create a day-to-night transitional outfit. The challenge was sponsored by Transitions Optical and there were some good and some Uh Oh designs...
Project Blacklight: Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments"--Nick Verreos YouTube Channel

The Good and Uh Oh: Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments"--Nick Verreos YouTube Channel

To find out what I really thought of this past week's episode, challenge and the designs...
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Creating a day-to-night look can be a difficult task for any fashion designer. Sometimes, it’s an accessory that does the trick, while other times, it can be an entire outfit that by virtue of its design, silhouette and fabrication, makes it right for 2 pm as well as 8 pm. This week, “Project Runway” challenged the remaining designers with such a task of creating a day-to-night look, but with a twist…

As the designers gather to take their seats next to the runway stage, Heidi and Tim suddenly yank on supersized light switch. In a split second, the runway goes from day to blacklight and neon-like colors are revealed on our hosting duo. Just as some of the designers were asking themselves if they are designing outfits for a 90’s rave club, La Klum and El Gunn shut any utterances of ecstasy by announcing what the actual challenge is. Tim tells the designers that “Project Runway” wants to take the concept of day-to-night dressing to another level. The challenge is to create an outfit that can transition from daylight to blacklight. The design should initially be “daytime appropriate” in regular light, but once the UV light is turned on, it’s a completely different story.

The designers head to the workroom which has been outfitted with special supplies such as puffy paints, flashlights and ultraviolet reactive materials, as well as a separate blacklight room. Tim greets the designers...

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