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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Grand International 2016 Finals EVENING GOWN RECAP!

Grand Gowns: Some of my Top Picks for Best Gowns at the "Miss Grand International 2016" Beauty Pageant

Last night were the Finals of the "Miss Grand International 2016" Beauty Pageant. The Thailand-based pageant, which is in it's 4th year, is considered by pageant followers to be one of the "Grand Slam" International pageants, along with "Miss Universe", "Miss World", "Miss International", etc. It also has as it's goal "To Stop the War and Violence", which I guess is another version of that iconic pageant answer of  "I just want peace on Earth"...

Grand Beauty: "Miss Grand International 2016", Indonesia's Ariska Putri Pertiwi

The final crowning night took place at the Westgate Las Vegas Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, with 72 contestants competing from all over the world. The winner was "Miss Grand Indonesia" Ariska Putri Pertiwi. Ariska is 21 years-old and stands 5' 8" (1.73 M) and is a model.

Costume Queen: Ariska, "Miss Grand Indonesia" (above) and new "Miss Grand International 2016'"also won "Best National Costume" with this creation above. The ensemble featured a crown typical of Lampung City, representing majesty utilizing Indonesian textiles, and metals including copper and brass.  

Top Five Queens: (L to R) 3rd Runner-up "Miss Grand Puerto Rico" Madison Anderson, 1st Runner-up "Miss Grand Philippines" Nicole Cordoves, the Winner of "Miss Grand International 2016" "Miss Grand Indonesia" Ariska Putri Pertiwi, 2nd Runner-up "Miss Grand Thailand" Supaporn Malisorn and 4th Runner-up "Miss Grand USA" Michelle Leon 

Now, time for the most important part...My EVENING GOWN RECAP!! I'll start with the eventual Winner and the rest of the Top Five and then, it's time for my Top Ten Best Gown Picks from the rest of the contestants! 

Miss Grand Indonesia Ariska Putri Pertiwi: Ariska's gown was one of the most stunning ones of the night. This isn't usually the case, especially for the eventual winner, was a nice added bonus for the beautiful Ariska. Her gown was inspired by the Javan hawk-eagle and was completely handmade, featuring 800 emerald crystals and 3,000 Swarovski golden crystals. The entire gown took 1200 hours to create. In other words, this was true Haute Couture and probably would retail in the $80,000-$100,000 range, if you were wealthy enough to be able to order it. It was a stunning mermaid-shaped gown.
Score: 9.70

Miss Grand Philippines Nicole Cordoves: Nicole wore another gown for the Preliminaries, but I did like this choice for the Finals better. She wore this golden embellished gown with plunging neckline and I thought it was modern and very impacting. Her hair and choice of wearing only earrings as jewelry was right on point! The gown, by the way, fit her to PERFECTION.
Score: 9.60

Miss Grand Thailand Supaporn Malisorn: Supaporn also changed her gown for the Finals. This one was a blue satin gown with nude illusion panels and crystal details throughout and a princess seam slit. I liked the color but this gown design was a tad bit too figure skating costume. And her hair was slightly too "Pageant Betty".
Score: 8.25

Miss Grand Puerto Rico Madison Anderson: Wow! This was a stunner. It had stage entrance impact, color and looked Pageant Regal. The caviar-beaded column gown fit Madison beautifully and I loved the matching raspberry-colored satin belt/waistband. I might have done without the butterfly clips and too-open front neckline but other than that, this was a GREAT Pageant Gown!
Score: 9.75

Miss Grand USA Michelle Leon: Michelle wore this powder blue lace and sequined gown and garnered the 4th Runner-up prize. The gown was nice. I especially liked the back chiffon falls. There was nothing really extraordinary but it was a very safe choice for her. I loved that the length was JUST PERFECT! See: No tacky stripper platform shoes visible at all! She gets points for that.
Score: 9.00

And now...My other Ten Favorite Gowns of the "Miss Grand International 2016":
Miss Grand England Cherelle Rose Patterson: Cherelle won the "Best Evening Gown" Award at the Final Crowning Night. If I was a judge, I might not have given her the full title but, she was very close. During the Preliminaries, she WERRRKED her gown catwalk overtime, exuding all the Diva-like confidence that a beauty pageant contestant in an international stage is supposed to display. So, for her attitude: Yep! Winner. Her gown, which was a nude tulle illusion with jeweled appliques and a very heavily beaded horsehair-trimmed hem was sexy and impacting but it was waaaay to close to looking like A) A Figure Skating costume and, B) I have issues when models/beauty pageant contestants hold their gown like she was doing. Oh and yeah, those nude SUPER HIGH platform heels were BEYOND. Ladies: If your gown is too short, get it ALTERED! And if you are forced to wear these tacky heels...I DON'T WANT TO SEE THEM. But, I still give her points for attitude and those pearl-and-sequins shoulder details.
Score: 8.90

Miss Grand Sri Lanka Buddhika Harshani: Now this was a classy, gorgeous gown! I loved the draping piece that went from the front to her shoulder and the pearl-appliqued front scroll work was quite marvelous. She looked like a Grecian Goddess who just rose up from the Mediterranean Sea--from a shell! Oh, and to finish, I also liked her center-front parted elegant hairstyle.
Score: 9.65

Miss Grand Bolivia Mory Joselyn Toro: Here's another one of those nude-and-sequined gowns. They are very popular lately with the pageant girls. While some look a bit too tacky, this one was elegant and showstopping. I loved the cowl-draped sequined front and back details and the fact that most of the gown was lined in a nude lining--as opposed to showing waaaay too much of her body. Her slicked hairstyle was a fab finish.
Score: 9.35

Miss Grand Bahamas Selvinique Wright: I couldn't take my eyes off Selvinique during the Finals when she made the Top 20 and Top 10. I liked this coral-colored satin and sequined applique gown. The shoulder and front torso detail was exquisite and very impacting. The color was also very effective against her beautiful skin. If there was any criticism, it would be (yep, you guessed it!), those AWFUL silver Stripper Heel Platform Shoes! Why...On God's Gown Earth...Would she wear those? Selvinique!!!!???
Score: 9.15 (without the shoes)

Miss Grand Cuba Merys Navarro: OK, first off, Merys is SUPER SEXY! (and I'm gay!) but really, she needs to get a contract with "Victoria's Secret" like YESTERDAY! In regards to her gown, I liked her choice of a golden paillette covered column gown with peek-a-boo front and back. It was sexy but not vulgar and she was quite impacting on the stage. I also loved her Supermodel-like hairstyle. Muy Bien Mija!
Score: 9.00

Miss Grand Ecuador Carmen Veronica Iglesias Lopez: Carmen Victoria wore this white fit-to-flare gown featuring caviar beading throughout and nude-to-solid fabric blocking. I thought this was a lovely choice for "Miss Grand Ecuador". I loved how the pointed panels joined in the front and the high-neckline detail. Her makeup and hair were also quite perfect.
Score: 9.55

Miss Grand Rwanda Sonia Gisa: After SOOOOO many sequined applique crystal embroidered nude illusion was a breath of fresh FASHION air to see this clean, elegant red cowl draped column gown, accessorized with a simple golden belt. Simple. Gorgeous. I just wished she would have worn gold strappy heels.
Score: 9.40

Miss Grand Peru Priscila Howard: Priscila wore this ivory lace-and-sequin gown with a dramatic ivory georgette satin cape. I recognized this design immediately as the same gown last year's "Miss USA" Olivia Jordan wore during the Evening Gown Competition at "Miss Universe 2015" in Las Vegas (lower photo above). I liked it on Olivia and I like it on "Miss Grand Peru". While it is quite dramatic and impacting for an international pageant stage, it does still have a bit of a "Bridal" look to it. If the bride loved showing so much cleavage!
Score: 9.00

Miss Grand France Oceane Pernodet: I know this choice for one of my Top Picks for "Miss Grand International" gown might be questionable but I still liked it! Is it a bit "Morticia Adams"? Yes. But, I liked the fact that it wasn't "Pageant White" and that her entire front was covered and yet, she was still SUPER SEXY. I also loved the caviar beaded princess seamed details and "necklace" detail cowl draped back. It was very Jean Paul Gaultier-esque.
Score: 9.05

Miss Grand South Sudan Teresa Yuol: OK, first off, I loved Teresa's gorgeous face and fun attitude. I also appreciated the DRAMA of her jacquard ballgown with white strapless bustier. While I wished someone backstage would have fixed the hang-tape from showing (see photo on the left, above), Teresa still gave you Pageant Couture darlings!
Score: 9.15

The "Uh Oh!/Ayyy Mija!" Gowns: Time for the Not-So-Good Gowns
Miss Grand Ethiopia Genet Tsegay: Oh No Genet! I just have one question: Did you look in a mirror before going out--or at least, when you chose this gown? Here's the thing--those bra cups/pads SHOULDN'T BE SHOWING. EVER. It's so tacky I don't even know where to start. Poor thang because she is quite pretty. the tacky-licious bra-pad exposing gown just ruined her.
Score: 5.2

Miss Grand Guatemala Susan Larios Cruz: If you looked up "Tacky Pageant Betty", this dress might be there. It's too Prom-a-licious, cheap-looking and very 1989. No and no.
Score: 6.75

Miss Grand Moldova Alina Staicu: I had to Google her and her age because, in this photo,--and this Mother-of-the-Bride gown, she looked like she was 50 (she's 27 years-old). Too much hair, too much makeup and too 1992-like tacky gown. Oh, and in case you might have missed it...check out her BLACK PLATFORM HEELS. Someone PLEASE give this girl a GAY Fashion-savvy Bestie. ASAP!
Score: 4.90

Miss Grand Netherlands Floor Masselink: This is the definition of a tacky Figure Skating Pageant Gown! Seriously, look at the nude illusion. The sequin applique on top of it. And then, notice that there is a skirt with a big side slit exposing the fact that the top IS A LEOTARD. Oh Noooooooooo!!!!!!
Score: 4.75

Finally, last but not least...
Miss Grand Czech Republic Monika Vaculikova: Well, well, well, look what we have here. Monika wore this ivory tulle and lace applique gown that featured feathers (if the tulle and sequins and applique were not enough!). This is a big ol' mess. Plain and Pageant Simple. It's like a tacky stripper wanted to get married and she decided to wear this. She needs to give this to a thrift store in the Czech Republic. ASAP.
Score: 4.00

Congratulations to the new "Miss Grand International 2016" from Indonesia Ariska Putri Pertiwi (center) and her Runners-up!! 

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Acha said...

Nice review๐Ÿ‘.. always love reading your ayy mijaa part๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Daelami Firdaus said...

Miss Indonesia miss and miss bahamas dress from the same designer that Anaz of Indonesia. and miss south sudan also wear Indonesia's designer :)

Acha said...

Nice review๐Ÿ‘.. always love reading your ayy mijaa part๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Bagus Aji Setyawan said...

Miss South Sudan used Indonesian fabric called Batik

Wanda Prasetya said...

Miss indonesia, miss bahamas, miss norway all they gown created made by anaz designer from indonesia. And miss south sudan used indonesian fabric (batik). So proud to be indonesia!

Anaz Official said...

Always love your review nick verros... thank u