SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss International 2016 National Costumes: My Top 15 Favorites

Costume Fab: Contestants in the "Miss International 2016" Beauty Pageant, during their National Costume Presentation in Tokyo Japan

The 56th Annual Miss International Beauty Pageant--considered one of the four most important "Grand Slam International Pageants"--besides "Miss Universe", "Miss World" and "Miss Earth". There are 70 contestants competing in the pageant, which will culminate in the Coronation Finals Night on October 27th in Tokyo Japan...

"Miss International 2016" National Costume Presentation, Tokyo Japan

Miss International Venezuela Jessica Duarte (L) and Miss International USA Kaitryana Leinbach (R) doing the "Heart" sign at the "Miss International 2016" National Costume Presentation, Tokyo Japan

The contestants have arrived and are attending some pre-contest activities. Tuesday were the Miss International 2016 National Costumes Presentation as part of an opening press preview. As usual, there were lots of sequins, feathers, Pre-Columbian Goddesses as well as "Traditional" and Folkloric costumes on display. Here are some of my Top 15 Faves:

Philippines Kylie Verzosa: Kylie's costume was outstanding! I loved her Filipiniana gold-and-nude multi-tiered gown featured those iconic "butterfly" sleeves. the costume was designed by Filipino fashion designer Francis Libiran, known for his wedding dresses and outfitting many pageant gals, including the gown worn by Catriona Gray when she was crowned "Miss World Philippines" last week.

Malaysia Olivia Nicholas: Olivia wore a very festive traditional costume that reminds me of a Busana Cik Siti Wan Kembang (Kelentan), named after the legendary Queen of the state of Kelentan. This was worn by aristocrats during the 1500's and is usually made of stiff songket material woven with golden threads. It looks very luxurious and I'm loving the sword accessory!

USA Kaitryana Leinbach: While it is predictable to be dressed as the Statue of Liberty as your costume if you are representing the United States, I still think this was done fabulously! The silver sequined mermaid-shaped gown, plus the crown and torch, all matching and all making a strong Glam Statue of Liberty impact. Well done!

Colombia Daniela Herrera: There were several of these "Pre-Columbian Goddess" costumes during the "Miss International 2016" national costume presentation and this one worn by Miss Colombia was the best. I loved the green, blue and red plumage and the gold details throughout. Those wrist feathered-and-gold "statues" are kind of fabulous. I wished she would have really finished it all off with a super incredible headdress but other than that, this was a great costume. Oh, and kudos for the gold and silver shoes that matched beautifully with the rest of the look; sometimes, these contestants forget that it is a head-to-toe look and instead, end up wearing some tacky nude platform heels that have NOTHING to do with the rest of the costume. So...Gracias Daniela!

Japan Junna Yamagata: Junna's red and white Kimono gown was sleek, modern and quite runway ready! The sharpness of the the cut exemplified the beauty of the gown and highlighted the small details such as the inset piping, padded sleeve hems and Obi ribbons.

Netherlands Melissa Scherpen: I know what you guys might be thinking: Is this really such an impacting national costume? Well, while it might not have an impressive stage presence or be filled with huge feathers and gold trimmings, I loved how some of the traditional Dutch icons such as tulips and cobalt blue of the flag were intermixed in this stretch velvet jumpsuit, down to the shoes! And how could I not love that windmill-and-bicycle headdress??!! Nothing says The Netherlands more than what's on her head.

Slovak Republic Michaela Menkyova: I've put another European here in my Top 15 favorites and while The Netherlands' costume was a fun quirky non-traditional interpretation of Dutch culture, Miss Slovak republic went full folkloric. And I liked it! I am sure that some Slovak designers might want to try and be creative and add their own unique design touches to this, but I say "Don't mess with a good thing!".

Bolivia Katherine Anazgo: Miss Bolivia's national costume combines several elements of traditional Bolivian culture in one super embellished ensemble. All that sequined applique work is pretty incredible on that high-lo dress plus the inner lace petticoat and the feathered hat and those red, yellow and green pom-pom' adds to an impressive costume effort for Miss Bolivia. I also appreciated the matching sequined pumps. Once again, it was a head-to-toe look.

China Xinna Zhou: Chic, model pretty, and still lovely hints of traditional Chinese culture and costume. This was a "Runway" way of doing a "National Costume" and an example that to make an impact, sometimes you don't need all those costume 'bells and whistles". Simple, elegant and still quite striking. Love the earrings and hair accessory.

Singapore Wang Hui Qi: Singapore's national flower is the orchid, so naturally, Miss Singapore's national costume incorporated this into the design. Very much so. The costume was impacting and obviously, had stage presence; how can you miss a five feet tall-and-wide orchid!!?? I also liked her feathered headdress and the fact that her sequined gown was in the same tonal color family. If I had any critique, it would be the silver pumps. This was a shoe fail. She should have gone with non-platform strappy heels in that wine/lilac color family.

Canada Amber Bernachi: Yes, she's like the Canadian version of a Victoria's Secret Angel. And I like it! I think this is fun, sexy and still kind of a "national costume" for Canada (HELLO!!! She's got a BIG OL' Maple leaf attached to her back!). I might not have chosen those knee-high white patent leather platform boots and instead worn ones possibly in the same color as the maple leaf, but other than that, I thought this was a fun "costume".

Macau Sulin Ip: At first, I was a big fan of this entire look--a red with gold thread flower detailed traditional costume. I loved the drama of it all, especially the sleeves and exaggerated stand-up shawl collar...and that headdress was also quite spectacular. This is why she ended up in my Top 15 Faves. But...WHY THOSE SHOES???? I'm sure they probably weren't meant to make an "appearance", but when they did, it was just Ticky-TACKY. However, overall, nice costume,. Just bad stripper heel shoes.

Finland Emilia Seppanen: Miss Finland's costume was one of the better ones from the European contestants just for it's sexy silhouette, fashion-like styling and still keeping elements of Finland, such as the blue and white flag colors. I also loved how the shoes were detailed in a manner to go well with the dress and her hair and makeup was "Pageant Modern".

Panama Daniela Ochoa Barragan: Panama donned a "Pre-Columbian"-inspired costume. Colombia's was much better but I wanted to include "Miss Panama" because it was--in my eyes--a nice "Top 15 Costume" effort. I liked the silver and green leaf-like motif and the SUPER-embellished boots were kind of fabuloso! I just wished (once again) that she had a big ol' headdress with like 100 silver and green feathers.

Finally, even though it's a bit of a CRAY-CRAY Mess...I still wanted to acknowledge this in my Top 15:
United Kingdom Romy Simpkins: I mean, seriously...take a good look at this. She is a mixture of an 18th Century Pub Hostess (if there were such people!) and a walking UK souvenir. Is it a mess? Totally. But is it fun and makes me smile? Double Yes. Part of me wished she would have dressed as Boris Johnson (former Mayor of London) but hey, maybe next year! I still think this is Super Gay Parade Fab.

Let me know what you guys think and if  I somehow missed some of YOUR "Miss International 2016" National Costume favorites...Leave your comments below!

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Unknown said...

Its sad the media missed many countries in their photos such as Northern Marianas,Guam,Sierra Leone,Ireland,Gibraltar, Ghana.

Unknown said...

I think because it was a press conference, some girls were not used their complete national costume so the press can look at them head to toe. I believe those girls like colombia, panama, indonesia have their amazing headdresses, but in terms of size, they were chose not to wearing it. I hope we can see it completely on finals when they are once again showcasing their fabulous costumes. Btw, nice reviews.

Rocksteady said...

Check out Indonesia's national costume. The complete one with the headdress

Unknown said...

I've seen it and it's amazing!

Unknown said...

Number 15, The United Kingdom is definitely my favourite! Makes a unique change from the Beefeaters and mock royalty Queens that have been done over and over again. I spy a few Red Arrow airplanes on her costume. Bravo!

Unknown said...

Malaysia ? A copycat of Indonesia NC in Miss Supranational 2015. Hahaha checkout the NC before you put the Malay NC is one of the best.

Unknown said...

Malaysia ? A copycat of Indonesia NC in Miss Supranational 2015. Hahaha checkout the NC before you put the Malay NC is one of the best.

Acha said...

Hi, been visiting ur blog since last year. Love the sashes n tiaras segment, esp the ayy mijay part ( like I can hear u screaming in front of my face)😂😃.
well, I just hope u can put Miss Grand International into ur sashes and tiaras as well. I think this year MGI is superb (lots of beautiful gowns, faces n talents). Would love to read ur opinion n review about MGI 2016.
Kisses from Indonesia

Unknown said...

Agree!! Nick should put Miss Grand International in this blog. We like to see your review about this pageant.

josh said...

I love your reviews!