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BEST WESTERN.....YMBT Travel Style Blog: City Inspired Travel Outfits

 Paris Chic and Fun
I'm excited to announce that I'll be writing several new blogs related to TRAVEL STYLE for Best Western Hotels & Resorts once again for their "You Must Be Trippin" Blog. Last year, I had fun writing about packing bulkier items in your suitcase as well as my Top Ten things a stylish traveler can't live without--you can read those blogs HERE. For this season, my first blog involves City Inspired Travel Style. I've put together outfits inspired by cities like Paris, San Francisco and Chicago for both women and men for anyone looking for some travel style inspiration!  

San Francisco Elegant and Classic

TRAVEL STYLE: City-Inspired Travel Outfits

As a fashion designer, I travel a lot. And I love it. My father was a diplomat in the 1950s and ‘60s, and he racked up hundreds of thousands of miles traveling across the world, so I’m thinking he might have given me that “travel-loving bug”. Back then, travel mode was a bit more stylish, to say the least; a suit and tie for a man and fur coat and dress for women was de rigueur to just check out the Eiffel Tower. Nowadays, it’s not always the easiest thing to look stylish and chic while dealing with the hectic security lines, delayed flights and whatever else comes your way in terms of travel.
To pass the time at airports and hotel lobbies, I love to people watch and give my own “Travel Red Carpet Report”.  When I especially see some fashionable outfits, I store them in my internal “Travel Style Folder” so I can share them with the travel-savvy Best Western readers...
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