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Sunday, November 27, 2016

ICE STYLE.....2016 NHK Trophy Costumes Recap: LADIES, MEN!

 Swan Queen: Karen Chen of the US, 2016 NHK Trophy 

Over this past Thanksgiving Weekend, instead of dining on turkey and stuffing, the top figure skaters of the world were at the 2016 NHK Trophy in Sapporo Japan, competing in the last of six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition events before the ISU Grand Prix Final happening December 8-11 in Marseille, France. In case you missed any of my previous Costumes posts for this season's Grand Prix, just click on "Ice Style" at the top of the blog here and you can see them all! So, now, let's get to the Costumes Highlights of 2016 NHK Trophy. First up...

Alaine Chartrand Canada Short Program to Sway performed by Pussycat Dolls: I liked this black costume worn by the lovely Alaine Chartrand of Canada. The star in this halter neckline style is that fabulous silver sequined neckpiece. I also liked the small fringed hem as well.

Alaine Chartrand Canada Free Skate to Rome (soundtrack) by Jeff Beal: For her FS to "Rome" soundtrack, Alaine went Gladiator Queen in this blue costume with gold and silver sequined applique detail. I think this was a nice look that didn't go too "Gladiator" costume-y. I also loved her braided hairstyle (which you can barely see here but just trust me); the style was on-point with the theme, music and costume. 

Wakaba Higuchi Japan Short Program to La Califfa by Ennio Morricone: This multicolored costume intrigued me. I liked the impacting ombre shading of blue-into-highlighter yellow. I also liked the delicate crystals in her costume but I especially loved the oversized jeweled piece down her front torso. The film from where the music is from is a 70's Italian drama and the costume has little to do with it but, I still approve. I guess one could say it's a bit 70's and "Italian"...in its bold colors and embellishment. 

Anna Pogorilaya Russia Free Skate to Modigliani Suite by Guy Farley, Le Di a la Caza Alcance by Estrella Morente, Memorial Requiem by Michael Nyman: I absolutely LOVED this dress worn by Russian skater Anna Pogorilaya. I liked the mix of washed red with gray and the caviar-beaded sequin side-torso panel was beautiful! Anna is kind of known for sometimes being too-costume-y with her looks, but this verged on Runway Ready!

Karen Chen USA Short Program to On Golden Pond by Dave Grusin: OK, when I first saw Karen in this, I thought that she was skating to "Swan Lake", "Black Swan" or "Nutcracker"...you get the picture. But no kids: She skated to "On Golden Pond"--in this! And I LOVE it. It was pretty, well made and exquisitely sequined, down to her fingertips. Gorgeous!

Karen Chen USA Free Skate to Tango Jalousie by Jacob Gade: Tango anyone? Well, for Karen, it was "Si!". Another very good costume for Karen Chen of the US. The silver and red crystals were beautiful, the scroll-like torso detail: pretty. The entire costume package was up to international competition levels! Don't know who is designing Karen's costumes but their worth every penny!
Maria Sotskova Russia Short Program to Butterflies Are Free by Alfred Schnittke: I actually liked this butterfly-inspired costume worn by Russia's Maria Sotskova. I know it might be a bit been there/done that to wear a butterfly costume to music called "Butterflies Are Free" but...I still think it worked. The butterfly detail in her costume was beautiful and very intricate and I liked the deep blue color as well as the look of broken butterfly wings. Also, it's not every day one sees a stiffer stretch sateen as fabric for a Ladies Figure Skating Costume so...this was a nice change of pace.

Maria Sotskova Russia Free Skate to Adagio by Alfred Schnittke: Pretty in Pink. This costume was soft, feminine and almost Junior-like in its execution. But there was still a look of demi-Couture with its delicate chiffon mini flower details and mini caviar beading. 

Choi Da-bin South Korea Short Program to Historia de un amor by Perez Prado: Sassy and Saucy! I love when a young figure skater like Choi Da-bin of South Korea, makes a fun costume expression like this. The bold red, black and silver sequined bustier screams "Hot Latina" in following with the music she skated to. You add the fringe, necklace-like embellishment and sleeve hem details...and it's FABULOSA. How do you say that Korean?

Yura Matsuda Japan Short Program to The Piano by Michael Nyman: Yura vibed the look of the mid-19th century in this black costume featuring Leg o' Mutton-like sleeves, Empire-line seaming and sequins accentuating the delicate drama behind the film. It was a pretty costume depicting the soundtrack that she was skating to.

Satoko Miyahara Japan Short Program Musetta's Waltz Song by Giacomo Puccini: I've discussed this beautiful costume HERE. And yes, I liked it!

Deniss Vasiljevs Latvia Short Program to Voodoo Child by Stevie Ray Vaughan: Funky, Rock & Roll-ish. Deniss' costume (if one could call it that) referenced the music of course, making him look like a musician from a bad cover band. The Lycra t-shirt showed an abstract 90's-like design and the addition of the grommetted belt cinched it! It was cute, I guess, but verging on a costume I would wear if I wanted to look like a VH1 rocker from 1992.

Deniss Vasiljevs Latvia Free Skate to The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, recomposed by Max Richter: I loved this look on Deniss. I liked that there was a modern look to his costume with the overlapping panels of multicolored fabrics. They created a beautifully sexy motif to his top. And I liked the sheer sleeves which added stretch to the softness of the look by showcasing his muscles (ever so lightly). This was a nice costume effort for Latvia's Deniss Vasiljevs.

Mikhail Kolyada Russia Short Program Nightingale Tango , John Gray by Matvei Blanter: I don't know about you but the color combination of bright royal blue and yellow is just a bit on the garish side. Even for me. This top looked like something a Head Waiter from a Euro Disney Buffet Restaurant would wear. 

Mikhail Kolyada Russia Free Skate to La reve de la fiancee (from "La fiancee aux yeux de bois") by Jean Marc Zelwer, A la lune (from "La Nouba" - Cirque du Soleil): When I first saw this, I thought "he better be skating to Cirque du Soleil". And yep, he was. Thank goodness. I liked the look and especially this kooky black-and-white jacket and it's asymmetrical front silhouette

Grant Hochstein USA Short Program to Due Tramonti by Ludovico Einaudi: Grant skated his Short program at 2016 NHK Trophy wearing this costume comprised of a gray ombre sequined draped top and black pants. I thought it was ethereal and delicately beautiful. I'm a sucker for male figure skaters wearing something draped. This was a change in costume from what he wore...

At Skate Canada International 2016 (photo above), the last time we saw him skate. Whoever decided that he should change his costume: Thank You!

Yuzuru Hanyu Japan Short Program to Let's Go Crazy by Prince: Yuzuru aka "Mr Costumes!" aka "2014 Olympic champion", wore this purple ensemble to skate to his Prince-themed Short Program. The look involved a purple chiffon shirt, skin tight purple pants (possibly attached to that shirt, therefore, a jumpsuit) with black sequined embellishment and paisley-like black, gray, white, silver and blue vest with crystal details. Did he look like the Master of Ceremonies for a Prince Tribute Las Vegas Concert? Totally. But I like it! By the way, in case you are a follower of Yuzuru, you obviously would have notice that this costume above was a change of costume to what he wore...

 At Skate Canada International 2016. Which one is YOUR favorite? My pick is the white one above. It's a little more...subtle. 

Which "Prince" Costume Do You Like Best?
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**UP NEXT: 2016 NHK Trophy Costumes: Ice Dance and Pairs!

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