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Nick Verreos "Project Runway" Top 5 OMG Moments Video for Episode 7 YouTube

It's Week Seven on this season of Lifetime's "Project Runway" and time for my next installment of my "Top 5 OMG Moments" Video as well as my Recap of the week. This past week's episode involved a fun trip to Universal Resorts Orlando and a Streetwear Challenge...

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Here are my Top 5 "OMG Moments" of this past week's "Project Runway":
#1....OMG!  Time For A Trip!  In the Beginning of the episode, Heidi announced that she was sending the designers on a trip! They were all going to Universal Orlando Resorts! While the designers seemed excited, we all know that a Project Runway trip to Universal Orlando would NOT involve Lazy River Rafting, eating Funnel Cake Sundaes or a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Instead...

They were greeted by Tim looking like a model, and given their next challenge.  Most likely, the only real R & R the designers got was sitting on their 3-hour flight from New York to Orlando and back--in their uncomfortable Economy Class seats. Hopefully, they got to recline!

#2....OMG! Roller Coaster Reachin'  "Project Runway" REEEEALLY had to twist themselves into a Jumbo-Sized, Theme Park Pretzel to somehow incorporate a Universal Studios ride into a Streetwear Challenge!  But.....I guess we should all be thankful that those poor designers weren't tasked with re-designing the uniforms for the Jurassic Park Cafe! Dinosaur Couture anyone?

#3....OMG!  Erin! Snap Out of It!  After being on the Top 4 times and winning twice, Erin has landed in the bottom, 2 weeks in a row!  After last week's "Lion King" Costume mess, unfortunately, she spent this last week embroidering what looked like a combination of moss and throw-up on a pair of shorts.  From far away, her model looked as if she got sick on a Universal Roller coaster Ride. It's time to "Refresh" and Re-boot" GURL! SNAP OUT OF IT!

#4....OMG!  Ummm, Why is Cornelius Safe?!  I've disagreed many times with the judges, but I've almost always understood them. This time, I was at a complete loss. Cornelius should have gone home. While Brik's was a mixed-print, Cirque Du Soleil-adjacent was, at least, well made.  But Cornelius' was Hip-Hop Cheap and constructed so poorly it really did look like a 1st Semester Fashion School Project.  I'm sorry judges, but WHY DIDN'T CORNELIUS GO HOME???

#5....OMG!  Surprise, Surprise, Surprise...SURPRISE!  Just as the judges surprised me with their elimination, they threw me for a bit of a loop with their choice of winner.  I agreed with the Top 2 being Laurence and Nathalia, but... My personal favorite this week was Nathalia's oversized, bat-inspired, dolman sleeve coat-and-pant look.  While I did like Laurence's red leather bomber jacket, her pants admittedly were a bit "droopy drawers"...But with that being said, I still give Laurence a big FELICITACIONS for getting her 2nd WIN of the season! SMILE MISS LAURENCE! YOU WON!

And now, here's my "Project Runway" Season 15 Recap on

Season 15, Episode 7 Recap: Fashion Jungle

Last week on “Project Runway,” the designers were tasked with creating cocktail wear, but now it is time to take a design u-turn and see if the designers can do the opposite: streetwear. This is an especially ironic twist since last week’s eliminated designer was Tasha, the self-proclaimed “streetwear designer” who just couldn’t do cocktail. If she would have just stuck it out for one more week, she would have gotten a chance to prove herself. But alas, it was not meant to be, and now it’s time for the 10 remaining designers to show if they’ve got the know-how to make a woman chic in the Urban Jungle.

The episode begins with an out of left field montage of the designers riding the Universal Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster. Right as I am about to ask, “What is going on?” the episode rewinds to eight hours earlier. Heidi saunters onto the runway as the designers look on. Miss Klum asks a very tired group how they are feeling, and they muster a feigned, “Great!” She then announces that they are all taking a trip to Universal Orlando Resorts where Tim will meet them for their next challenge.
The designers have arrived in sunny Florida where...

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