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 Nick Verreos "Project Runway" Season 15 "Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube, Episode 9

Hello "Project Runway" fans! It's time for this week's RECAP of Lifetime Network's Season 15 "Project Runway". This week, the Challenge involved creating a look for a loved one as part of the AARP Challenge.  It was an emotional episode, and quite nice to not have some of that nasty inter-designer drama.
Here's what I thought were my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of the episode:

AARP Challenge--Tim Gunn and Barbara Shipley, Senior VP of Brand Integration, AARP 

#1....OMG! Go On AARP! When it was announced that this was the AARP Challenge, my first thought was "WHUUUTTT??!!"...But when the designer's friends and family entered the workroom and the tears started flowing, I was like, "Done & Done!". To put a SUPER-SIZED CHERRY on top of the cake, AARP upped the ante by dolling out a cash prize of $25,000 to the Winning Designer...AND, an additional $25,000 to the Winning Loved-One!

Go On AARP!! Make it rain!

Tears and Hugs--Season 15 "Project Runway" Episode 9

#2....OMG! Family Inside Peek! One of the best parts of this episode was that we got an "Inside Peek" into some of the designer's personal history and, more specifically, their family relationships....Starting with Cornelius and Nathalia: They were still kind of in "Kiddie-Land", having their mommies whip them into shape and keeping them on track. Jenni was having a difficult time being the designer and not the eye-rolling teenage daughter, and Mah-Jing revealed his complicated relationship with his Mom while showing that they shared an Artistic Gene, which they were able to channel into a FABULOUS Collaboration.

Finish a Hem!--"Project Runway" judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum--Season 15 "Project Runway" Episode 9

#3....OMG! You Better Step It Up! Not often do we see a 2-Day Challenge on Project Runway, so when you are afforded the opportunity of having an extra 8 HOUR workday, you better have your Hems Stitched and your Buttons Sewn!! As soon as Day 2 started, I could tell that there was some trouble brewin'...I'M LOOKING AT YOU NATALIA! From my experience, when you're given that valuable extra time, you think you have all the time in the world, but every minute counts on Project Runway and there is no time for an extra trip to the snack table! Believe me, the judges do not look kindly on an unfinished garment, ESPECIALLY for a 2-day Challenge!

Polygamist Wife Couture: Nick Verreos "Project Runway Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube

#4....OMG! UFFFF! The Bottom 3 Were A Mess! Let's start with Jenni: I'm sure a psychologist may be better suited to evaluate this one, but to my no-Psychology Degree self, it seemed as if she regressed into her childhood while designing for her mom, since it looked like an outfit for an 18 year-old Jenni! Erin was battling between her Mormom roots, and Modern Aesthetic, ending up with an outfit better suited for a Polygamist Wife Going Out on the Town!

No...and No: Nick Verreos "Project Runway Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube

And then, there was Nathalia: Her not-finished separates were UNATTRACTIVE and OVERWHELMING for her Petite Mom, swallowing her nice figure. To me, Nathalia and Erin really lucked out in being safe this week, especially with those two crazy ensembles.

 Mariachi Fabulosa: Nick Verreos "Project Runway Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube

Mijo and Mami--Designer Rik and mom Delia--Season 15 "Project Runway" Episode 9

#5....OMG! Rik & Delia: Too Cute For Words! The moment Tim started his Critique with Rik and his mom Delia, I thought "Oh PLEEEEASE Make them be the Winners!!??" Rik's tweed cropped jacket and shift dress with Mariachi-inspired stitching and Oh-So-Touching red heart were the PERFECT combination of Rik's aesthetic and age-appropriate sophistication! CONGRATULATIONS Mijo, and Mami!! Now...Save some of that cash prize for y'alls retirement funds!

And now...her's my RECAP for this Episode:

Season 15, Episode 9 Recap: A Family Affair

One of the wonderful things about fashion is that it can be used to reinvent yourself and this was the theme for this week’s challenge: designing an outfit for the next chapter of a loved one’s life. Instead of silly workroom drama, there were tears of joy and lots of money involved. Get your Kleenexes out because it’s time for family makeovers on “Project Runway”!

After last week’s “Tim Gunn Save” of Cornelius, everyone was on pins and needles as to how he and his nemesis Dexter would interact on this first day following his comeback. Before too much shade was thrown, Tim Gunn enters bringing with him Barbara Shipley, senior vice president of brand integration for AARP. Shipley explains how AARP helps people 50 years+ re-imagine the next chapters of their lives. You can almost see the 20-something year olds having thought bubbles of, “Boy that’s OLD!” as she says 50. She then announces that they’ve brought some “very special people” who are starting the next chapter of their lives to help inspire the designers. On cue, some of the designers’ mommies, a daughter and a couple of besties enter the workroom to much jubilation.

After the tears have been wiped, Barbara puts a MAJOR exclamation point on the challenge by declaring that the winning designer will get $25,000 and in addition, the winning loved one will also receive $25,000, all from AARP. Two things: 1) Wow, and...

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