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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Supranational 2016 Preliminaries Evening Gowns: Top 13 Uh Oh!

 Peacock Gal: Miss Supranational Germany--Miss Supranational 2016 Preliminaries Evening Gown Competition

Uh Oh Sparkle: (L to R) Miss Supranational France, Miss Supranational Gibraltar and Miss Supranational Germany--Miss Supranational 2016 Preliminaries Evening Gown Competition

In my last post HERE, I RECAP'ed my Top 15 (plus one) Best/Favorite Gowns from the "Miss Supranational 2016" Preliminaries which occurred a couple of days ago in Poland. There were several nice gowns it's time for my "Uh Oh/Oh No She Didn't" List. I have to be honest with you, there were A LOT of tacky gowns. Not sure why but when I was looking through the photos, it was as if I was looking at background dancer costume photos from Eurovision! Well, with that said, I had to narrow it down to my "Top 13" of Uh Oh Gown Messes for "Miss Supranational 2016" Preliminaries Evening Gown Competition.

Let's begin with...
England Angelina Kali: While I give her points for "Sexy Drama", this white lace gown was Tacky Sexy, in a "Virgin Elvira" sort of way. First off, the fabrication looked like a doily. And the style was just way too revealing; the side front slit, the side midriff cut-out, the shoulder...and then that look of "How Mucheey?" that she was giving, did it for me.
Score: 7.00

Belgium Amina Serroukh: Bless her heart. That's pretty much all I can say in a nutshell. Amina wore this black and white gown with an iridescent ruffled top section and silver sequined trim straight from the Downtown LA Santee Alley fabric trim bins.
Score: 6.90

Costa Rica Paola Chacon: I give Paola points for trying to be on "Pageant Gown Trend" with the nude/blush colored gown. But this was a mess. The silver dress fabric looked inexpensive, the top portion with nude illusion panels was BAD figure skating costume-like and then, the bottom half of her POLYESTER satin overskirt was wrinkled. Are there steamers in Poland?? Ayyy Dios Mio!
Score: 6.80

France Pernodet Oceane: OK, first off, I was intrigued by the silver sequin detail in her gown. From far away she looked like a Goddess from "Game of Thrones" or something. But as I looked closer, the embellishment was giving more Christmas Tree decor than Haute Couture. But worst of all, are those really her breast pads showing through the sheer-ish fabric??? And Spanx??? No and No.
Score: 6.50

South Africa Talitha Bothma: Talitha wore this golden one shoulder stain and sequined applique gown. I get that she was being "on trend" with the Golden Gowns look but...this just looked inexpensive, store-bought and slightly tackylicious. That charmeuse satin screamed polyester. And those big ol' earrings and that shocking red lipstick didn't help. And once again, it was wrinkled! Seriously, are there any steamers in Poland??
Score: 6.50

Nigeria Adaeze Obasi: Not sure why anyone did not tell the lovely Adaeza that the inner dress of this gown was WAAAY too short. I also think the combination of pink and gold: Prom Tacky. This could have been nice if the skirt didn't stop 1/4" below her CHA-CHA and if the inside wasn't pink and well, for many other reasons. On a positive note: The length was perfect and I did kind of like the gold sequined swirl appliques!
Score: 6.30

Portugal Linda Cardoso: Oh Miss Supranational Portugal. I am sure she was going for Gown Princess with this look. The design and silhouette is pretty standard: There's the bustier and gathered full skirt attached to it. It's Gown 101. But the difference here is that sequined silver top. It looks like a Christmas ornament. And then, to add insult to injury, the fabric of the skirt is wrinkled ON PURPOSE. Oh Dear God.
Score: 6.20

Denmark Malane Sorensen: Oh My! The color is WAAAY too Sweet Sixteen Tacky and the length is too short. And the shoes are wrong. And her smooshed boobies are too distracting for me. This is cute if she was attending a Homecoming Dance in Copenhagen but not for "Miss Supranational".
Score: 6.10

Croatia Petra Bojic: Don't know why but all I can think of is Petra looks like a Euro Footballer's wife or tacky girlfriend at a fancy party. The dress looks inexpensive and store-bought. And more importantly, why didn't anyone tell her about the "bulls-eye"-like sequined circle right near her you-know-what??!! I am Gown Baffled. On a good note: Her gold-tone shoes were nice--at least she didn't wear those tacky platform Stripper heels!
Score: 6.10

Guadeloupe Jenifer Geran: File under "Bless Your Heart". I am sure Miss Supranational Guadeloupe probably does not get the same amount of pageant funding a "Miss Venezuela" or "Miss Philippines" does. And so, I try and cut her some slack but...this iridescent gown is just Tackylicious. It looks inexpensive and a bit "Happy hands at Home" (as Tim Gunn would say)--like if her cousin, or grandma, made it. I used to excuse these things but, when you are competing in such an international pageant stage, these ladies need to bring it! At the very least: Read a Vogue magazine or look at for Runway/Red Carpet Gown suggestions and see if anyone in that gorgeous island of hers can copy it! On a good note: Her jewelry is quite interesting!
Score: 5.00

Gibraltar Aisha Ben Yahya: When you combine Cha-Cha with Figure Skating Costume with Folies Bergere...This is what you get. While it is super fun and she's probably is a hoot at a party, this is just the kind of gown that will get people talking...but for the wrong reasons.
Score: 5.00

Slovak Republic Lenka Tekeljakova: If I can say something nice, it is that she looks ethereal. Other than that, this is just a Flower Mess. Pink tulle, flower pedal appliques all bunched together in her breasts...what would make her think this was A) Elegant; B) Cute; C) Gown chic; and D) Appropriate for an international pageant contestant? I can see this on a "Flower Day" parade (if there is such a thing) or a Spring Dance Recital but for the Evening Gown Competition of "Miss Supranational"??!!
Score: 4.95

Germany Anja-Vanessa Peter: I don't even know where to begin with Miss Supranational Germany and this gown. But maybe, I'll start with the obvious: THAT "Peacock"-inspired sequined top! First of all, the fit is awkward; it's way too low and makes her look as if she has "SBS: Sagging Boob Syndrome". Then, I think it's a bit too "Showgirl/Las Vegas". And then (yes, there is more!), IT'S A SEQUINED LEOTARD/BODYSUIT...with an attached ivory double-front split skirt. There are so many things wrong with what I just typed, I am shaking! But God bless her, she is a trouper: Smiling through it all.
Score: 4.95

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