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BEST WESTERN.....Go. Get. Glam. Contest: Winner #1: BLOG, VIDEO, SKETCH

Lindsay Travel Good to Glam--Sketch by Nick Verreos--Best Western Go. Get.Glam. Contest

CONGRATULATIONS to the first Winner of the Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Contest: Lindsay Pike Evans! Several weeks ago, Best Western Hotels and Resorts ran a contest looking for people who wanted to have their "Travel Style" taken to another me! We asked people on social media to submit photos using the hashtag #FlauntYourBWStyle showing us their own personal "travel style" and how they wanted it elevated to a more stylish level! Along with Best Western, I chose the top three best submissions and the winners received a $100 Best Western gift card, a $100 MasterCard and personalized fashion ideas from ME!'s our first winner: Lindsay:
Before...and After: Travel Stylish via Nick Verreos--Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Contest Winner Lindsay and Nick Verreos' Travel Style Fashion Sketch


Along with her fun and colorful photo (loved the pink bags in the background!), Lindsay stated several things that were important to her while traveling in regards to travel style: Comfort is key, and especially for business, it still needs to be stylish but cool enough that upon arrival at her destination, she doesn’t feel “all gross and sweaty”…yet warm enough that she “doesn’t freeze”. These are all great considerations and prerequisites when thinking of a Travel Outfit that also works well for Business upon arrival.

There are so many times when you have to travel, then arrive at your destination and subsequently, go straight to a meeting and/or an event. I stopped counting all the times I had to go right to hosting an event or an important fashion meeting after flying so I had to be very thoughtful that my travel outfit could serve me well on many levels.  A well thought-out travel outfit can multitask. And this look I have styled for Lindsay is a perfect blend of comfort, style, and business meeting appropriate (and possibly dinner and drinks later!).

The main theme of my style sketch for Lindsay was making her fun yet sophisticated and on-trend…but comfortable too.

--I started with a Moto jacket...
Nick Verreos sketch for Lindsay--Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Contest Winner

*Click HERE to continue reading my "Style Travel" transformation for Lindsay E......

and below is my Best Western Go. Get. Glam. Travel Style Fashion Sketching Video for Winner #1 Lindsay:

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