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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2016: Evening Gown Recap, Crowning Moment Video

Who Me?-- Miss World Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle reacting to her name being called as "Miss World 2016" with Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray (L) and Miss World Kenya Evelyn Thungu (R)--Miss World 2016 Finals

The 66th edition of the Miss World Pageant happened this past Sunday in Oxon Hill, Maryland (near Washington D.C.) at the just-opened MGM National Harbor Resort. And the winner was...Miss World Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle! She's 5' 10" (1.78 M) tall, only 19 years old and hails from San Juan. The new Miss World was attending Pace University in New York City for a BA in communication studies with a minor in pre-law.

Crowned: The outgoing "Miss World 2015", Spain's Mireia Lalaguna crowns "Miss World 2016" Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico--Miss World 2016 Finals

Queen in Her Throne: Miss World 2016 Puerto Rico's Stephanie Del Valle--Miss World 2016 Finals

Yeah, It's You!--Miss World Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle reacting to her name being called as "Miss World 2016", while Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray (L) and Miss World Kenya Evelyn Thungu (R) feign disappointment--Miss World 2016 Finals

She represented "Miss Toa Baja Mundo 2016" during the "Miss Mundo Puerto Rico 2016" (Miss World Puerto Rico) beauty pageant. Puerto Rico had to wait 41 years to get another "Miss World" and Stephanie therefore was the second one from the US territory.

Bring Back the National Costumes Miss World!--Scene from the Opening of Miss World 2016 Finals

The final show was televised around the world and Livestreamed as well (it will be supposedly shown in the US on the E! Network on Christmas Day, December 25th). there was no fabulous National Costume parade and being that it is "Miss World", no swimsuit portion or separate Evening Gown Competition, for that matter.

    Ra Ra Ra: Miss World 2016 contestants do their best to not look as if they are in a Cheerleading                                                   Competition--Miss World 2016 Finals

Instead the show began with the 116 contestants from around the world in matching red, white and blue outfits consisting of a leotard and sequined mini flared skirt (Are we in a Cheerleading Competition??) and then an introduction of the contestants via taped segments where they wearing gowns of their own choosing. The show itself lacked the genuine biting-your-nails excitement one gets from a "Miss Universe" and it certainly lacked the Glitz and Glamour of yesteryear of past "Miss World" contests of the 80's/90's/early aughts. I would venture to say that the recent "Miss Supranational 2016" Finals in Poland were produced much more in tune to what these type of shows. But enough of's time to REVIEW and RECAP the GOWNS!!!

Gown Gals: Contestants of "Miss World 2016" in their Evening Gowns--Miss World 2016 Finals

As I said, there was no official "Evening Gown Competition" during the Final Crowning Night of "Miss World 2016" and so therefore, we were only treated to what the contestants wore during the Finalists naming as well as finale/crowning moments. I blogged HERE and HERE about some of the gowns for pre-Miss World 2016 events but here is my RECAP of the Top Finalist's Evening Gowns, beginning with the Winner, Miss World Puerto Rico:

Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle: Stephanie wore a dusty rose ballgown design made of silk organza and 24,000 Swarovski crystals. The tiered design was created by Puerto Rican fashion designer Carlos Alberto who named Stephanie as his Muse (I would too!). It was STUNNING, beautiful, and very "Miss World" perfect, balancing the Beauty Queen, Demure and No-Sexy aspect of the atypical "Miss World". It was one of the BEST gowns of the pageant for sure so Kudos to Carlos Alberto.
Score: 9.90

Puerto Rican fashion designer Carlos Alberto working on Miss World Puerto Rico's final gown

Gown and sketch from Puerto Rican fashion designer Carlos Alberto

La Beauty Queen Sexy: Carlos Alberto is famous for also creating this Va-Va-Voom silver-and-nude creation for Zuleyka Rivera who was crowned "Miss Universe 2006" wearing  his gown

Last Year's Miss World: Spain's Mireia Lalaguna
Spanish Disney Princess: I have to say that this was a very interesting choice of a gown for Mireia. It's very "Miss World" in its "Princess"-like ballgown shape and "Prom & Pageant" sequin detail but...I think it was just TOO much iridescence and the lower gathered ruffled section made it look like a Disney Costume. And then, she had to wear those matching peep-toe pumps. But I did like the strapless bustier section., if that counts for anything.

Some of the Finalist's Gowns--Miss World 2016:
Satin and Sequins: Miss World 2016 Finalists--Miss World 2016 Finals

Dominican Republic Yaritza Reyes: First Runner-up Yaritza Reyes (and one of the favorites to win) wore this off-the-shoulder canary yellow satin gown. It was nice and very "Prom-and-Pageant". I wished she would have gone a bit more Red Carpet/Runway Gown but I guess she was bit by the "You Gotta Look Pageant Pretty" Miss World gown bug. Well, at least, it fit nicely and the length was correct (no pumps showing!). I just wasn't a fan of that side-swept hair style.
Score: 8.95

Indonesia Natasha Mannuela: Natasha was the Second Runner-up and she wore this blue-and-nude strapless ballgown on the final night. The gown featured heavily sequined bodice which then "sprayed" onto the midriff and skirt section of the organza gown. This was gorgeous and very "Delicate Couture". She looked like the wife of a very rich Indonesian oil magnate who ordered Haute Couture from Paris and decided to wear it to a party. Nothing wrong with this. Once again, I wanted more "Wow" and just a teeny bit of sexiness.
Score: 9.00

Kenya Evelyn Tungu: Speaking of Sexiness, I got it with the SUPER gorgeous Evelyn Thungu "Miss World Kenya". First off, can we talk about how she's like SEVEN FEET TALL??!! And wow, what a missed opportunity not competing in "Miss Universe" because she would SLAY it! This lady is a SUPERMODEL. Someone needs to call a top model agency in Milan/NY/Paris ASAP and book her! OK, enough of that, let's talk about her gown: Evelyn wore this red lace, tulle and organza design and she looked SPECTACULAR! The gown also featured gold draped chain jeweled details. I just love this from head to toe. There's A LOT happening but I like it: Diva and Bravo!
Score: 9.95

Philippines Catriona Gray: Miss World Philippines made the Top Five wearing this very beautiful dusty rose pink-colored gown. I love everything about it: The gorgeous sequin work, the style, the back "Watteau"-like cape detail. This was a "Get Your Crown" gown! Unfortunately, she didn't...but almost. It was still, one of my Top Favorite Gowns of the "Miss World 2016" Finals.
Score: 9.95

Brazil Beatrice Fontoura: Beatrice wore this silver sequined gown for the "Miss World 2016" Finals. I thought this gown was a great choice. It fit her well, the length was PERFECT, and she (hair) styled just right; loved the back bun/chignon. She looked chic and effortlessly elegant.
Score: 9.30

United States Audra Mari: Audra wore this rose pink colored crepe and chiffon gown featuring a fitted "Mermaid Lite" shape, back chiffon falls and nude illusion side and center front panels. It was pretty and "Miss World" perfect. Can we just officially call "Dusty Rose" the "New White" in terms of Of-the-Moment Pageant Gown colors?!
Score: 9.00

Mongolia Bayartsetseg Altangerel: Bayartsetseg wore this royal blue mermaid-silhouette gown with intricate sequin applique detail. It was very "Pageant Betty" and I just wished she would have worn the gown she featured here:

Miss World Mongolia 2016 at the "Miss World Designer Dress Dinner"--But she didn't, so for what she did wear for the "Miss World 2016" Finals...
Score: 8. 50

Belgium Lenty Frans: Lord knows how Miss World Belgium ended up as a Finalist (there are always surprises at "Miss World") and I'm still at a loss at this chartreuse lace and satin gown. It's very "Prom and Pageant" and something one can buy off-the-rack in a store in Downtown LA. But kudos to her for getting so far. And I will give her points for the gown being the correct length.
Score: 8.00

China P.R. Jing Kong: Miss World People's Republic of China wore this blue and white Ming Vase-inspired gown featuring an asymmetrical blue satin band that curved to the back, ending in a bow-like detail. The gown silhouette followed the traditional Cheongsam shape. It was a nice gown was WAAAY too short and almost a "cheap mean's version" of something Chinese Couturier Extraordinaire could have created:

Ming Vase COUTURE!! By Guo Pei--It wasn't this but I'll still give Miss World China P.R.'s gown...
Score: 8.99

Korea Hyun Wang: **Thank you for my faithful "Sashes and Tiaras" blog readers for alerting me to the fact that I had not included the lovely Miss World Korea, who had made it to the Top 11 Semifinalists** In regards to her gown choice, I liked this royal blue scoop-necked sheath gown worn by the lovely Hyun Wang. First, I have to say that she is one of the most beautiful "Miss Korea's" the national pageant has sent to the "Miss World". And second, the shape and train of her sequined and velvet (it looks like velvet!) gown fit her perfectly and did a fabulous balancing act of being stage impacting, "Miss World"-proper, as well as up-to-date elegant.
Score: 9.25 
CONGRATULATIONS and Felicitaciones to Miss World Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle for winning the second "Miss World title for Puerto Rico

Top Three: (L to R) First Runner-up Miss World Dominican Republic Yaritza Reyes, Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle of Puerto Rico and Second Runner-up Miss World Indonesia Natasha Mannuela--Miss World 2016 Finals

Viva Puerto Rico--Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle waves the Puerto Rican flag--Miss World 2016 Finals

Click below to watch Crowning Moment of "Miss World 2016":

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Jessica Tatum said...

I love this article as I usually do. However, I have to point out that you left out Hyun Wang (Miss World Korea) who was in the Top 10 as well. I would love to see what you thought of her dress. Keep up the great work!

Jane Elise Ryer said...

I was going to say the same thing. I am very disappointed you left out Miss Korea who made the Top 10. As a pageant fan it's disheartening to ignore a contestant who made it this far and belongs in this article as she was like everyone here a Top 10/11 (if you include Miss Mongolia who made it by online vote). Please include Miss Korea in your article it's the least you could do. Thank you

Nick Verreos said...

Thank you Jessica and Jane!! I have now added the beautiful "Miss World Korea"--as well as "Miss World China PR"--to my Gown Review!!! Many thanks for the comments and for being such faithful followers of my "Sashes & Tiaras" blog--XOXO, Nick

Jane Elise Ryer said...

Thank you Nick! As always your gown reviews are always stellar! Cannot wait for Miss Universe next month and to read your gown reviews!

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Cada vez que que hay un concurso de belleza solo espero unos días para ver tu blog y aunque no siempre estoy de acuerdo, disfruto mucho leerte y compartir gustos.. Te digo desde projec rumway y espero tengas éxitos en tus proyectos!! Un abrazo desde Venezuela!!