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SASHES AND TIARAS.....65th Miss Universe Preliminary Competition EVENING GOWNS: 16-30 Next Best Gowns!


Miss Universe 2016  Preliminary Competition

In my previous post HERE, I gave my TOP 15 BEST GOWNS picks from the 65th Miss Universe Preliminary Competition and promised there would be more of my favorites are my "Preliminary Competition Evening Gowns Runner-ups", as it were. Since my last post were the Top 15, here are numbers 16-30, beginning with #16...

16. Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs: Johanna wore this baby blue lace gown from Indonesian designer Anaz Khairunnas of Anaz Couture. He also designed the gown worn by one of my Top Favorites, Miss Universe Cayman Islands--a yellow lace gown with back overskirt. I LOVED the shape; it was THE PERFECT Mermaid silhouette. the fit was right as well as length (no tacky platform pumps visible!). I also loved the top section which incorporated the nude illusion with the lace applique that was strategically hand-cut. if there was any criticism, I wished the color was not this pale blue since it makes it a little too "Prom & Pageant" and her hair was a bun mess. But, the gown:
Score: 8. 85

17. Miss Universe Nicaragua Marina Jacoby: Marina looked radiant, sexy and fabulous in this red sequined gown with back chiffon "falls" from Peruvian designer Eduardo de las Casas. The design was HOT HOT HOT but not tacky vulgar. She looked Miss Universe right!
Score: 8.75

18. Miss Universe Haiti Raquel Pelissier: Raquel is a stunner, let's just begin there. I think it was wise to not weigh down the already 5' 11" beauty with anything overwhelming. I liked this golden column gown that was designed 28 year-old Colombian designer Diego Fernando Marin Mendoza. The style featured crystals throughout--in rose gold and yellow gold--with nude illusion panels. It was reminiscent of Atelier Versace gowns of the past, and I admit, just a teeny tiny "Figure Skating Costume"-like--especially at the top. Yet still, I liked it!
Score: 8.60

19. Miss Universe Malaysia Kiran Jassal: Kiran chose a gown designed by the same team--Rizman Ruzaini--that created her Petronas Twin Tower-inspired national costume. This gown had silver sequined applique over nude tulle with a fit-and-flare silhouette. The applique work was quite stunning but I have to say, one has to always be careful when placing the detail since an emphasis on the front crotch area can be a little...awkward. Here, it's still OK, but it's really close to that "I'm-uncomfortable-looking-at-it" territory. But, overall, it was a nice gown.
Score: 8.55

20. Miss Universe Bahamas Cherell Williamson--Cherell wore this golden gown from Bahamian designer Theodore Elyett. This was the first time in 13 years that a Miss Bahamas has worn a gown from a Bahamian designer (Congrats to Elyett!). The gown featured a very heavily beaded applique design with a very full and stiffened horsehair-trimmed hem. It was dramatic, fit beautifully and made Cherell look like a Gown Goddess.
Score: 8.55 

21. Miss Universe China Li Zhenying: I love Li Zhenying. She looks like a Supermodel, walks like one, acts like one...if I was ever having a runway show in China, I'd try my darnedest to get her to model in my show because she WORKS IT! I have a feeling that even if she was wearing a paper bag, she would make it look like Haute Couture! Now, for her evening gown, thank goodness she did not choose a paper bag, and instead she wore this nude-colored tulle gown with gold sequin details and lace embroidery. The full silhouette was dramatic but not over-the-top. It looked like an Elie Saab-like gown but without the 200 yards of tulle petticoat underneath it. It was pretty, elegant and still impressive.
Score: 8.50 

22. Miss Universe Dominican Republic Sal Garcia: Sal wore this white-and-nude column gown to the 2016 Miss Universe Preliminaries. The gown had heavy sequin and lace applique embroidery perfectly placed throughout the nude backing fabrication finishing with a neck-and-shoulder piece accentuating her giraffe-like long neck. I loved her center-part hair style and clean chic makeup. I've said that she reminds me of Venezuelan model/actress/beauty pageant winner Patricia Velasquez but I also think she is the tall twin sister of Puerto Rican actress (and co-host of last year's
"Miss Universe") Roselyn Sanchez.
Score: 8.45

23. Miss Universe South Africa Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: Miss Universe South Africa wore this red gown from Quiteria & George. I thought Ntandoyenkosi looked statuesque and very glamorous in this "Mermaid"--like design. I loved the asymmetrical neckline, mini peplum and heavy beading at the bust and waist. And that shocking red color was PERFECT for her!
Score: 8.42

24. Miss U. S. Virgin Islands Carolyn Carter: Carolyn is a fashion blogger and throughout the few weeks in the Philippines, she has been working her outfits at every event she attends so, I was looking forward to her gown choice for the Miss Universe 2016 Preliminary Competition. She wore this raspberry colored gown from Puerto Rican designer Harry Robles. I loved the color and interesting satin/crystal bandings and panels; there was a "feeling' of those Herve Leger bandage dresses from the 90's. This gown was sexy and impacting.
Score: 8.40 

25. Miss Universe Puerto Rico Brenda Azaria Jimenez: Several "Miss Universe" contestants this year donned a fringed gown--Philippines for one and now, Miss Universe Puerto Rico. Brenda looked like a Vegas Showgirl with a Red Carpet twist in this Gustavo Arango-designed dress. The gown was completely covered in silver sequins and was very impacting on stage. There was nothing extraordinary about it and while yes, it took me back to the Pageant 90's, it still looked great on Brenda.
Score: 8.35

26. Miss Universe Sierra Leone Hawa Kamara: Hawa seems to be a "sentimental favorite" to many of the fabulous Filipino Pageant Fans and I can see why. She's always looking fabulous, exudes confidence, is always smiling and looks like she's having A BLAST and seems to be very humbled to be the first ever contestant from her African nation competing at Miss Universe. I liked this shimmering gown that she wore for the Miss Universe Preliminaries. The "Mermaid-Lite" shape was dramatic and just right for the "petite" contestant (she's 5' 7"--petite maybe by Miss Universe 2016 contestant standards!). I also liked the scroll-and-leaf like embroidery. I just wished that it was longer so I wouldn't have to see those nude platform heels.
Score: 8.35

27. Miss Universe Mexico Kristal Silva: Kristal wore this silver gown featuring a very high side front slit opening and fitted halter neckline. This was very "Retro 90's Pageant" but she still looked great and I LOVED those silver strappy stacked heel shoes!
Score: 8.25

28. Miss USA Deshauna Barber: Deshauna wore this red sequin column gown from Miss Universe sponsor, Sherri Hill. The gown fit her perfectly, had the correct length and was stage impacting. While this might not have been Haute Couture fabulous and made a true pageant fan squeal with delight, it was a good showing. I just felt bad for her when I noticed the white hang tape peeking out from her gowns armhole while she was onstage. This happens to all of us: I've sent models out on the runway after triple checking everything...and lo and behold I get the photos back and that darn hang tape makes an unwanted appearance! Next time Deshauna: CUT THEM OFF before going out!
Score: 8.20

29. Miss Universe Curacao Chanelle de Lau: I have to admit that I LOVED Chanelle's catwalk performance more than this gown choice. And I think that she's mostly here in my 16-30 List because of that fabulous skirt flipping walk. The gown was nice and I did like the interesting top sequin detail and all that sweeping fabric terms of the style: It seemed more store bought than Custom Couture.
Score: 8.10

30. Miss Universe Panama Keity Drennan: Keity made quite an impact during her onstage catwalk performance at the Miss Universe 2016 Preliminaries. At first, I was like "You GO GIRL!" because she was such a Diva, exuded such confidence and drama that I think many Pageant Fanatics and Panamanian Drag Queens back in her homeland must have been CRYING with excitement! But because of all that, I almost missed the gown: I liked where this gown style was going--the chic cape, the UBER fitted column nude/sequined gown...all the details to create something FAB were there went into slightly "Hoochie" territory. First, I didn't like that her underwear was showing (they looked like "Grandma Panties"!), as well as her bust pads. And then, she wore those awful nude platform pumps...Ayyy Keity!! Por Que??? Well, I still put her here for that FIERCE DIVA attitude and walk!
Score: 8.00

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