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FIDM....San Diego Open House 2017: RECAP, Photos!

 Everyone Say "FIDM San Diego!": Nick Verreos takes a group photo with attendees at FIDM San Diego Open House February 2017

Last week, I had the privilege of traveling to San Diego for the FIDM San Diego Open House. My Alma Mater, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, was holding their Open Houses throughout all its four campuses and as a former grad/alumni and Spokesperson for the College, I got to do my "Open House Talk/Presentation" at the San Diego campus. Open House is a chance for anyone interested in a career in fashion design, social media, styling, graphic design, interior design, digital media, apparel business (as well as many more) to tour the campuses, meet instructors, alumni, and get to find out more about what FIDM offers...

In order to travel to San Diego from my home in LA for my appearance, I decided to do something I have never done before in my 30+ years of living in Southern California...TAKE THE TRAIN!!!
Train Happy: When I usually have an appearance at FIDM San Diego, I travel by car with my NIKOLAKI partner David Paul (who happens to be from San Diego) but this time, he couldn't come so I had to travel solo and I didn't want to do the 3+ hour--sometimes more--drive by myself so...I realized "hey, maybe I should take the train!". I took the Amtrak "Pacific Surfliner" train from Los Angeles' Downtown Union Station to Downtown San Diego: It was so relaxing and so nice. I got to read my book, relax and nap...and now, I am a CHANGED MAN!

On my way to the Open House, there was a small street fair in honor of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and I got to snap a photo of this young girl doing something I could NEVER in a million years do:

 Stretch Princess: Young performer at San Diego Chinese New Year street festival

And now, onto the FIDM Open House February 2017 Appearance:
 Ready for my Open House Talk: Nick Verreos at FIDM San Diego Open House February 2017

Class Is In Session: Nick Verreos during "Special Appearance" Talk/Presentation--FIDM San Diego Open House February 2017

Raffle Fab: So excited that my book "A Passion For Fashion" was one of the Raffle Prizes at the FIDM San Diego Open House February well as FIDM branded water mugs, backpack and tickets to the FIDM 3 Days of Fashion. 

Following my Talk/Presentation, there was a Meet & Greet of course, where I got to take photos, sign books, and meet some of the wonderful attendees of the FIDM San Diego Open House. One of the BIGGEST HIGHLIGHTS of this was reconnecting with someone I had originally met TEN YEARS AGO:
Before...and Now: Believe it or not, I met the beautiful--and very tall--young lady on the right TEN YEARS AGO, at a "The Learning Annex" seminar I did in San Diego back in the day when I had just been on "Project Runway". Her name is Hannah and she attended the seminar because she was a big fan and she even got my "Project Runway My Scene Barbie" (from the Challenge I won). To my surprise, Hannah was at the FIDM San Diego Open House and showed me the photo and well, I just about cried!

Here are more fun photos from my FIDM San Diego Open House post-Appearance Meet & Greet:
 Meet & Greet Smiles: Nick Verreos and attendees at FIDM San Diego Open House February 2017 (LOVED the young fashionista in red printed dress in the lower photo collage! She made her own dress!).

NV Glam Divas: Nick Verreos with FIDM San Diego's Denise Baca and Christina surprised me when I showed up for the FIDM San Diego Open House, wearing my NV Nick Verreos designs they had bought from EVINE Live TV Shopping Network! #LoveThem

 Until Next Time FIDM San Diego!! XOXO

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