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ICE STYLE.....2017 European Figure Skating Championships COSTUMES: LADIES & MEN

Jumping Lady: Russia's Evgenia Medvedeva during her Free Skate at the 2017 European Figure Skating Championships, Ostrava Chezh Republic

This past week and weekend, one of the most important International Figure Skating competitions took place: The 2017 European Figure Skating Championships. They were held in the city of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. All the top European figure skaters in Ladies/Men Singles, Ice Dance and Pairs competed for the medals in those disciplines. Since I love discussing Figure Skating Costumes here on my "Ice Style" blog, let's begin with the LADIES and MEN from the 2017 European Figure Skating Championships, starting with a 2014 Olympic bronze medalist, 2012 World champion and FIVE TIME European champion...

Carolina Kostner Italy Short Program to God of Thunder by Kitaro, Bonzo's Montreux by John Bonham (Led Zeppelin): Carolina is returning to figure skating after a two-year hiatus (and being suspended for lying about her ex-boyfriend, reportedly concealing the fact that he was using banned illegal performance-enhancing drugs--Yikes!). Well, anyhow...she's BACK! And this is about what she wore for the Short Program. This black and white costume is graphic, modern and void of the typical sparkly embellishments the sport's costumes are known for. I liked the gathered top and asymmetry of the look, as well as the chic metallic belt. It was directional (for figure skating!) and was in-line with her modern program.

Carolina Kostner Free Program to Nisi Dominus (Cum Dederit) by Antonio Vivaldi: For her Free Skate costume, she continued with her minimalist trajectory with this simple black costume with nude illusion and just the slightest amount of silver crystals. It was clean and elegant and I really liked the neckline detail and in addition, the sequin detail in that lower back area (see above photo).

Anna Pogorylaya Russia Short Program to Scent of a Woman (soundtrack - Smoku remix): Anna wore this one shoulder-like costume for her Short Program. The look featured shredded tulle at the shoulder, an illusion panel at the neckline/torso and delicate crystal sequins. While I liked it's elegant simplicity, that tulle detail was a bit of an 80's mess; all I wanted to do was get scissors to cut it off!

Anna Pogorilaya Russia Free Skate to Modigliani Suite by Guy Farley, Le Di a la Caza Alcance by Estrella Morente, Memorial Requiem by Michael Nyman: I absolutely LOVED this costume. I liked the mix of washed red with gray and the caviar-beaded sequin side-torso panel was beautiful! Anna is kind of known for sometimes being too-costume-y (and kooky) with her looks, but this verged on Runway Ready: I can see this as a floor-length gown.

Mae-Berenice Meite France Short Program to Goodness by Poddsy, Freedom by Thomas J. Bergersen (Two Steps from Hell): French figure skater Mae Berenice wore this blue sequined costume for her Short Program. It's very "Figure Skating Costume Queen", and verging on "Prom & Pageant" in its' sweetheart neckline, heavy beaded detail and the diamante-and-pearl "necklace" piece. But, with that said, I thought the bead work was kind of exquisite. I wish she could just find the right shade of nude illusion for her because here it's too dark, although I am well aware of what a challenge that is!

Mae-Berenice Meite France Free Skate to Tristan and Isolde by Maxime Rodriguez: I kind of LOVE this look on Mae Berenice for her Free Skate. It's a black jumpsuit/bodysuit with a heavily jeweled waist "corset" and shoulder details. I think the red and gold sequins are quite fabulous and keeping the extravagant details up top: A great costume idea! It reminds me of one of my favorite costumes from her, which she wore back in the 2013-2014 season:

Mae-Berenice at Skate America 2014

Maria Sotskova Russia Short Program to Butterflies Are Free by Alfred Schnittke: I actually liked this butterfly-inspired costume worn by Russia's Maria Sotskova. I know it might be a bit been there/done that to wear a butterfly costume to music called "Butterflies Are Free" but...I still think it worked. The butterfly detail in her costume was beautiful and very intricate and I liked the deep blue color as well as the look of broken butterfly wings. Also, it's not every day one sees a stiffer stretch sateen as fabric for a Ladies Figure Skating Costume so...this was a nice change of pace.

Maria Sotskova Russia Free Skate to Adagio by Alfred Schnittke: Pretty in Pink. This costume was soft, feminine and almost Junior-like in its execution. But there was still a look of demi-Couture with its delicate chiffon mini flower details and mini caviar beading. 

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia Short Program River Flows in You by Lorenzo de Luca, The Winter by Balmorhea: Evgenia wore this blue ombre-shaded costume featuring crystal and blue beading in the top section. The design made her look like she was a beautiful sea creature from the Mediterranean and I liked the ombre multicolored shading at the skirt.

Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia Free Skate to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, and Piano Lesson with Grandma by Alexandre Desplat: This design had purple-to-lilac ombre shading and an Empire-waist look that featured sequin embroidery. There was almost a Medieval/Game of Thrones look to it and I liked it. My favorite part was that back--as well as the unusual longer length.

Laurine Lecavalier France Free Skate to Grease (musical soundtrack): Laurine really got my attention as I was watching the 2017 European Figure Skating Championships during her free skate to "Grease". Her costume seemed to be vibing Olivia Newton-John's character of Sandy--and especially the "goody-goody" Sandy seen in most of the film musical. But then...

She flipped her "Pretty Pink" costume and revealed a black layer second costume of a corset-detailed "vampy" Sandy. Was it cheesy? Totally. Did I love it? YES!

Alexei Bychenko Israel Free Skate to Pagliacci by Ruggero Leoncavallo: Israel's Alexei Bychenko skated his Short Program in this costume above. The music was "Pagliacci" yet his look was less clown and more "peasant" with this off white top and black pants look, which might have been better as an extra in Les Miserables. 

Jorik Hendrickx Belgium Short Program to Broken Vow performed by Josh Groban: Jorik skated to Josh Groban for his Short Program. A lot of times when skaters skate to "contemporary" music, they feel as if they must do a "contemporary" looking costume. Here, the Belgian skater went with a simple ombre-dyed black-white shirt and black pants. I guess this works but it's such a yawn to be honest. 

Jorik Hendrickx Belgium Free Skate to The Battle of Life and Death: Gods and Demons by Future World Music, Voca Me by Libera's: Thank goodness that for his Free Skate, Jorik went a bit more "costume-y". He might have kept the pants of the SP but changed his top. I liked his beaded long sleeve shirt for his unusual multicolored sequin detail. It was a bit "kooky" for sure, but at least it was something!

Mikhail Kolyada Russia Free Skate to La reve de la fiancee (from "La fiancee aux yeux de bois") by Jean Marc Zelwer, A la lune (from "La Nouba" - Cirque du Soleil): When I first saw this, I thought "he better be skating to Cirque du Soleil". And yep, he was. Thank goodness. I liked the look and especially this kooky black-and-white jacket and it's asymmetrical front silhouette. It's odd enough--and right enough--for Cirque du Soleil.

Michal Brazina Czech Republic Short Program to The Way You Look Tonight by Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields, performed by Frank Sinatra: Elegant, sleek and oh-so-Sinatra. Loved this costume for Michal Brezina. He looked as if her had one too many Dirty Martinis after a black tie 50's party...and that's exactly how he should look!

Maxim Kovtun Russia Short Program to Bahamut by Hazmat Modine: I loved the cowl draped white/gray ombre top to this costume on Russia'a Maxim Kovtun. This top made the look. I normally would complain about those been there/done that black pants but here, they were just right for this costume.

Maxim Kovtun Russia Free Skate to Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini: I was a big fan of this "costume" Maxim wore for his Free Skate. I really liked how the costume designer created this Moto Jacket-and-white-tank look. It was all sewn in and was very effective. He looked Rocker hot and oh-so-hipster cool as well! Loved those patches and his SUPER TIGHT pants (sorry but I had to say that!).

Javier Fernandez Spain Short Program to Malaguena performed by Paco de Lucia and Placido Domingo: Javier wore this black costume of a stretch jersey long sleeve top, pants and faux leather suspenders for this skate. I liked the modernist look and not-so-obvious "Flamenco"-like costume. It was chic, if that can be said for a man (I think it can!). Now, if we can just have him work on those flamenco hand movements and make them look a bit less...stilted...I would be very happy!

Javier Fernandez of Spain Free Program to Trouble, Fever and Jailhouse Rock performed by Elvis Presley: I love me some Javier and while I think this Elvis music was good for him, well...he just needed a little more sensual rhythm to pull it off (he was a bit robotic and non-Elvis smooth for my taste--kind of like his hand movement to the "Malaguena" in his Short Program). Now, in terms of his costume, this was good. It evoked the "Elvis" look, it was 50's-esque and the bold black-and-white color blocking of his "Bowling Shirt" was effective. 

**UP NEXT: The ICE DANCE and PAIRS Costumes Highlights of 2017 European Figure Skating Championships!

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