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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Birthday and 25th Anniversary in Paradise: Playa del Carmen + Tulum Mexico

Nick Verreos--Enjoying the fabulous pool--Paradisus La Parla Pla del Carmen Mexico

Last month, I took a week-long holiday to Mexico with my better half David. There were two main reasons: It was going to be my (look it up on Wikipedia!) Birthday and our 25th Anniversary of being together. After much TripAdvisor deliberation, we decided to go to Playa del Carmen Mexico.

Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen "Royal Service" Resort Pool

We both wanted a relaxing-- just-the-two-of-us holiday-- and as usual, we also wanted sun, a pool, a beach, lots of pool cocktails and NOTHING ELSE TO DO, thank you very much. We stayed at the FABULOUS Spain-owned Melia Motels Paradisus La Perla Resort in Playa del Carmen, an all-inclusive resort located about an hour away from Cancun.

Palm Tree Beauty: A cenote (natural pit/sinkhole) in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The resort itself is divided into a "Family" (kids allowed) Resort section--the Paradisus Esmeralda--and the "Adults Only"--the Paradisus La Perla. I love me some kids's MY BIRTHDAY and 25th Anniversary with David so I wanted some peace & quiet, so...yeah, we stayed at the "Adults Only" section.

Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Lobby area

The Paradisus La Perla Resort was PERFECT! It was an all-inclusive resort that featured the pools we wanted, as well as beach and drinks and DELICIOUS dining. We booked a Swim-up "Royal Service" room which was SOOOOOO WONDERFUL:

My Home for a Week: Swim Up "Royal Service" Suite--Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Mexico

La Piscina: Nick Verreos enjoying the "Swim-up" private pool--Paradisus La Perla Resort Playa del Carmen

As part of our Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Royal Service Resort stay, we had our own "Butler". His name was Gilberto Torres and he was OUTSTANDING!!! When David and I checked in, the staff briefly asked us why we were there and naturally we mentioned my birthday/25th Anniversary. We thought nothing of it until...the day of my birthday--after spending it all day by the pool (of course!), we returned to our room and found it filled with MANY balloons, a delicious white chocolate cake and bottle of wine, as well as a lovely "Happy Birthday" note from Gilberto, our "Royal Service" Butler:

Feliz Cumpleaños: Happy Birthday to Me--at Paradisus La Perla Resort Playa del Carmen Mexico

The day after my birthday was Valentine's Day and...
Happy Valentine's Day: This is what David and I found in our room after a day by the pool! LOVE me some Gilberto "Royal Service" Butler; He's THE BEST--Paradisus La Perla Resort Playa del Carmen Mexico

But, it didn't end there--the following day, we got back to our room--after a day at the beach (not the pool, thank you very much!), and found...
Happy 25th Anniversary: A rose-petaled path to the outdoors Jacuzzi, filled with soapy/bubbled water and a bottle of wine. David and I could not believe it! Gilberto had really OUTDONE himself! --when I saw him--I went up to him and hugged him and slapped him the way I do to someone I ABSOLUTELY want to say "Thank You!" and MUCHISIMAS GRACIAS!

Civilized Breakfast: Eggs Benedict with Sauteed Mushrooms--"La Palapa" Royal Service Restaurant, Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort

The Food: Prior to flying to Mexico and staying at Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen, we had gone on TripAdvisor to see what the reviews were of the food and restaurants at the Resort. There were several comments complaining about the food, saying that it wasn't "up to par" or "not good", etc. Well, let me tell you, I don't know what these people are used to in terms of restaurants and food--maybe they dine at Three-Star Michelin-rated restaurants every day of the week but what David and I experienced was quite exceptional cuisine. We had one hiccup when we ended up at the "Family Resort" Buffet (as opposed to the more "civilized "Adults Only" one) but it was our mistake (we should have known when we saw the ten strollers parked outside of the Buffet restaurant) and alas, we never attended that "Family Buffet" ever again--unless I had a craving for chicken tenders! But other than this, the restaurants we ate at in the Resort were WONDERFUL and the food: Delicious. Here are some samplings:

Lunch by the Pool: Flank Steak Burrito and Chicken Quesadillas--Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Poolside Dining

Latin and Asian Infusion: Mixed Tempura Ceviche and Salad Appetizers--"Fuego" Restaurant, Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort

Asian Flavors: Shrimp Pad Thai Main Entree--"Bana" Restaurant, Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort

Cheese Cream Soup (Top) and Grilled Grouper Main Entree (Lower) at "La Palapa" Royal Service Restaurant--Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort

Tomato Cream Soup Starter and Shrimp Ravioli Main Entree from "Vento" Restaurant--Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort

Argentinian Delights: Empanadas Appetizers and Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce Main Entree at "The Grill" Restaurant--Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort

Besides the DELICIOUS restaurants and food offerings, there were also the native inhabitants of the Resort which made for some "interesting" sights during our daily walks:
Permanent Residents at Paradisus La Perla Play del Carmen Resort

During our week at Paradisus La Perla Resort, David and I decided to take a Day Excursion to Tulum and see the Tulum Archaeological Ruins as well as spend a day at the beach:
Nick Verreos and David Paul at Tulum's Zone of Archaeological Monuments--Tulum Mexico

We took a sightseeing tour to the Tulum Archeological Ruins. It was a VERY HOT DAY but it was worth it! The tour itself took only several hours...
Hat Boys: David Paul and Nick Verreos at the Tulum Archeological Rins--Tulum Mexico

Tulum Ruins--Tulum Mexico

Afterward, we were taken to the GORGEOUS Playa Pescadores (Fisherman's Beach) in Tulum, Mexico:
Playa Heaven: The beach was PERFECT--white sand, warm water...I would have spent the entire rest of the day here...if I didn't have to get back to our Paradisus La Perla Resort in time for the all-inclusive dinner that we had already paid for (!)--Nick Verreos at Playa Pescadores, Tulum Mexico

We'll Miss Playa del Carmen: David Paul and Nick Verreos--Paradisus La Perla Playa del Carmen Resort Beach

Muchisimas Gracias Gilberto! (L to R) David Paul, Gilberto Torres and Nick Verreos)--Saying "Adios" to Gilberto Torres, our "Paradisus La Perla Royal Service" Butler, was difficult. I made sure to uncomfortably hug him for a long time and compliment his new haircut! Gilberto was THE BEST!!!

Until Next Time Playa del Carmen! ADIOOOOSSSSS!!!!!

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