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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Finals Top 15 BEST EVENING GOWNS!

The Most Beautiful: The Top Queens at Binibining Pilipinas 2017--Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City Philippines
(All Photos courtesy of Binibining Pilipinas Facebook)

Last night was the Finals of the 54th edition of Binibining Pilipinas, the premier Philippines Beauty Pageant which crowns the ladies who will represent the country in the Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe. In one of my most recent posts here on my "Sashes and Tiaras" BLOG, I discussed the FABULOUS National Costumes and MY FAVORITES. Now, it's time to talk about the Final Night EVENING GOWNS! But before I discuss the gowns, let's give a shout-out to the Winner of Binibining Pilipinas 2017, Contestant #19, Rachel Louise Peters:

La Rachel: The new Binibining Pilipinas 2017 won the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2017 and will get to represent her nation in the 2017 Miss Universe pageant...wherever and whenever that will happen. Rachel is not new to the pageant scene and actually competed in Miss World Philippines 2014 pageant where she ended up with 5th place or the  "4th Princess" title. This year, she bagged the top crown at the competing Binibinibg Pilipinas pageant and got the top crown!

Fil-Brit: Rachel grew up in Camarines Sur, a province in the Bicol Region in Luzon in the Philippines and is part British and part Filipina. She is 24 years old and stands 5' 9" (175 M), one of the tallest contestants at this year's Binibining Pilipinas pageant.

Beautiful Costume: Here is Rachel in her gorgeous white "National Costume"/Terno time to discuss my Top 15 Favorite Evening Gowns:

Satins, Sequins and Applique: Contestants in the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas Beauty Pageant during the Long Gown Competition--Smart Araneta Coliseum, Quezon City Philippines

There were 40 total contestants in the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Beauty Pageant and in a new format, only 25 of those got to continue on to compete in Swimsuit as well as Evening Gown. Out of those 25, here are my Top 15 Favorite Gowns:

No. 1:
Contestant #39 Elizabeth Clenci: This was--by far!--my FAVORITE gown of the Top 25 contestants. I thought this ivory one shoulder column gown was sleek, chic and super-fabulous! The look was perfect enough for the red carpet of a top awards show and so not "Pageant Betty". It was refreshing to not see a sequined/over-applique'ed gown in the pageant; it was almost like a breath of fresh (Gown) air! She also was vibing a little bit of Minorka Mercado "Miss Venezuela" at the "Miss Universe 1994" with this look. Classy and supremely elegant!

No. 2:
Contestant #32 Charmaine Marie Francisco Elima: Charmaine was giving me some Pia Wurtzbach aristocratic air with this white one shoulder gown design. It was my 2nd favorite design of the night. The gown which featured white satin with silver sequins and a dramatic one-shoulder sleeve cape looked beautiful and fit her perfectly. She blended enough Haute fashion with red carpet with a crystal dash of pageant fab! When I saw her, all I wanted to say was "You GO GIRL!".

No. 3:
Contestant #15 Maria de Leon: Maria won the title of "Miss International Philippines" and many thought she might take it all! Winning that "Miss International Philippines" crown is a wonderful accomplishment nevertheless. Now, in terms of her gown, it was gorgeous! I loved the silhouette, the fit, the raspberry color...but more importantly, the pleated and gathered details were EXTRAORDINARY! Who needs sequins and applique when that's on your gown darlings!

No. 4:
Contestant #10 Jehza Mae Huelar: I loved this white halter-style gown on Jehza. The dress featured sequins and flower appliques that reminded me of a Chanel Haute Couture gown that would cost about $100,000! I also really liked how she styled her hair in such a modern chic slicked-back manner. If there was any criticism (and you KNOW what that is!), it would be those Stripper Platform Heels! Soooooo TACKY!!! Huneeeey!!!! WHY??????????????????? A pair of silver strappy heels would have been perfect! Ayyyyyy Dios Mio!!!  

No. 5:
Contestant #18 Nelda Ibe: This red sequins over a nude tulle illusion background gown was very pretty. I loved the delicate coral-like applique and the fit was superb. The gown itself was not extraordinary in terms of design but here., it really was all about the fabric and the manner in which she carried herself.

No. 6:
Contestant #22 Chanel Olive Thomas: Chanel wore this strapless bubblegum pink silk Dupioni gown, and I liked it! At first, I did think it was a bit "Typical Pageant Gal" but as my eyes focused, I appreciated the fit, the luxe fabrication and the superb shape. Chanel also carried it off perfectly with her above-it-all look and on-point hair and accessories.

No. 7:
Contestant #28 Juliana Kapeundl: Juliana wore this ivory column shaped gown which I loved for its simplicity, great fit and non-pageant-like krazeeness! I thought the unique applique was very Jean Paul Gaultier-meets-Givenchy Haute Couture and the design made Juliana look very elegant and red carpet perfect. If only she didn't wear those TACKY white platform pumps! Seriously! These gals need to just wear non-platform strappy heels ASAP! No one will judge them and think they are too short!! Just wear the proper shoes ladies! PLEASE!

No. 8:
Contestant #16 Larah Grace Lacap: Great gown. Wrong shoes. I'll start with the gown: I loved this hunter green sequin-and-tulle mermaid-shaped design. I also really liked the sleeve detail and how she styled herself in terms of her elegant hair and simple earrings. But...THOSE tacky nude platform pumps!!! I want to SCREAM!!! Oh well, the gown was still pretty enough to make my Top 15 list.

No. 9:
Contestant #19 Rachel Peters: The eventual "Miss Universe Philippines" winner, Rachel Louise Peters, wore this reddish/orange-colored gown. I admit that the color was a bit of a "Oh Dear!" but she sold it to me during her catwalk. Yes, it was a bit "Pageant Betty" with the super-high side slit and the sequins-and-chiffon (it was a bit "Figure Skating Costume"-like!), but, there were details in the gown (the top bust section) and the way Rachel carried it off that pushed her into my Top 15 Favorite gowns.

No. 10:
Contestant #9 Vanessa Saliba: I wanted to include this emerald green ballgown/overskirt because it was one of the best representations of this silhouette and style. It was a bit "Pageant Queen" but it was done in an elegant and very regal way. I liked the color and the fit was nice. The sequin work was also pretty fabulous. I was also very happy she didn't do a bouffant up-do as her hairstyle but instead opted for the modern slicked back look. She did look quite beautiful.

No. 11:
Contestant #13 Sirene Sutton: Super-Mestiza model/pageant contestant Sirene Sutton wore this purple striped gown featuring a high side-front slit and flowy design. She worked it OVERTIME on the catwalk, letting the skirt flow out creating a dramatic stance. She looked modern and model-like in this. While the design and gown itself wasn't so out-of-this-world, she did work it! For that, Sirene--and her gown--belong in my Top 15. Too bad she couldn't really succeed in the Q&A portion! Beauty sometimes does need the brains in a Beauty Pageant to make it all complete. Poor thang. #JustSaying

No. 12:
Contestant #26 Ruffa Nava: Making my Top 15 list and coming in at the 12th spot is Ruffa Nava in this pink halter gown. The dress featured a golden "print" and chiffon side-to-back cape. It was dramatic, pretty and enough to put her in my Top 15. Once again, I wasn't a fan of those tacky nude platform pumps with this but it looks as if these ladies did not have a choice. Overall, she looked classy, elegant and pageant fab!

No. 13:
Contestant #7 Jennyline Malpaya: Jennyline wore this chartreuse-colored caped gown for the "Long Gown" Competition of the 2017 Binibining Pilipians Beauty Pageant. I liked the shocking neon-like color and the dramatic cape back design was a showstopper but yes, it was A LOT (I could just hear "Project Runway"'s Nina Garcia giving a stink face to this for sure!). But I liked the "Drag Queen" fabulousity of it all that made me put her here in my Top 15!

No. 14:
Contestant #20 Christagale Borja: I was seriously on the fence with placing Christagale's blue gown in my Top 15 list but...I looked a little bit closer to the sequined applique details of the dress and that is what won me over. I wasn't a fan of the 1990's-like neck piece and Figure Skating Costume nude illusion back piece but I did appreciate the details of the fabric and well-fitting gown.

No. 15:
Contestant #31 Katarina Rodriguez: I loved Katarina's jewel blue color and the fan-pleated detail of her gown; it had hints of vintage "Miss Venezuela" Guy Meliet-like designs and yes, I appreciated that. I also thought the fit was nice--except for the odd sweetheart neckline/bust buckling. But overall, it was good enough to make my Top 15!

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly crowned Binibining Pilipinas 2017--Rachel Peters "Miss Universe Philippines 2017"! Wishing you the best at "Miss Universe 2017"!!! (PS: What the HECK is last year's "Miss Universe Philippines" Maxine Medina (right) wearing???)

4 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Finals Top 15 BEST EVENING GOWNS!"

Unknown said...

Lol at your Maxine side comment. I agree it was too much & the 2 colours did not even blend well. It would have work with just making it full green minus the fringe cape. Katarina & Sirene's gowns were my top favorites.

Pageant Fanatic said...

So it seems that I'm not the only one who love Binibini 39's white gown! I literally shouted wow when I saw her wearing that dress.
Poor thing that Indonesians are making fun of that beautiful dress.

Closer2Fame said...

Max is friends with the designer that's why she always insist on wearing his tacky designs... ughhh!

Closer2Fame said...

Btw, Sirene is not dumb... She just couldn't hear the question being said because of all the noise in the background... And when she did hear it, the question is socio-political... Refering to how it is a culture/traditional among Filipino Masses to demand support from their kids which is due to being victims of poverty and the extreme economic inequality in our country. It is hard to be diplomatic when the question is about yourself and giving your real opinion is like attacking your country's culture, government system and your own family unit.