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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2017 Latin Billboard Awards: Plunging Cha-Chas, Muy Bueno & Oh Oh!


Flawless: Jennifer Lopez arrives at the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards--University of Miami Watsco Center, Coral Gales Florida

Last night were the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards, which took place in the Miami area at the University of Miami Watsco center in Coral Gables and were televised on Telemundo. This is one of the biggest nights in music awards and therefore the Latino stars were out in their finest red carpet couture. In this edition of my "Who Wore What?" blog, I will discuss my "Best Dressed" plus some trends including "Sequined Queens", Ballgown Ladies", and yes, the dreaded "Uh NOOOOO/Ayyyy Mija!". But of course, I have to begin with The Most A-List of all A-List stars that was at the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards and that was Miss J Lo.

Jennifer Lopez: You just know that any time La Lopez is going to walk a red carpet and especially a high profile one like this one, she is going to SHUT IT DOWN. And Si...she did! I swear this woman was trained by a pack of Drag Queens. And the most fabulous ones at that! Her poses, her Do You Wanna Have S*x With Me" Looks...the outfits! The word DIVA doesn't even begin to describe her. Here, she did not disappoint, walking the red carpet in a black sequined see-through gown from British designer Julien Macdonald and his Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

Julien Macdonald Fall/Winter 2017

The gown featured a plunging neckline (of course!), VERY revealing side cut-out's, an open back plus, if that wasn't enough, a super high center front slit. Oh, and for "modesty", there were sleeves. She looked AMAZING. Now, while on any other actress or singer, this would go into the realm of "Hoochie/Chonchee Land", somehow, Jennifer Lopez pulls it off and put every other female attending the event to red carpet shame. And in case you were curious at what the back looked like, well kids, here it is:

Sexy-Licious: Jennifer Lopez at the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards red carpet--University of Miami Watsco Center, Coral Gables Florida

Jennifer also did an outfit change (of course!) and donned this silver-and-gold creation during the show:
A LOTTTTA Plunging: This gown was also a design from Julien Macdonald Fall/Winter2017 collection, and featured similar side-cut-out's, waistband and center front slit as her red carpet look, but yet, this one was even more revealing. Oh, and it was in silver/gold sequins. I have to admit that I liked the black gown much better. I just think that the front was TOO opened for her, and especially, her "sistahs". It also looked a bit too tight on her.

Now, besides JLo in the black Julien Macdonald sequined gown that she wore on the red carpet, I have a couple of other "Best Dressed" Muchachas...My other Best Dressed gals were:
Daniela Botero: Colombian beauty Daniela Botero wore this silver strapless dress from Venezuelan-born and Paris-based designer Oscar Carvallo. I thought she was one of the BEST DRESSED of the night. I loved this silver "bandage"-like dress; it was chic, modern, not too revealing, great length and fit her perfectly. I also loved her hair and makeup. Muy bien!

Kate Del Castillo: Mexican Telenovela DIVA Kate Del Castillo wore one of my other favorite looks of the night in this one shoulder gown from Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran and his Fall/Winter 2017 collection. I thought Kate looked like a true red carpet movie star--or Telenovela/TV star! The gown was modern, elegant and runway fab! I also thought her super chic slicked hair and sultry makeup were on-point! Muy, muy bien!

And now, let's discuss some of the Trends and the Ayyy Mija's, starting with...
The Plunging Cha-Cha's------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Jennifer Lopez: It goes without saying (even though here I am saying it!), J Lo was the Queen of Plunging at the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards--both on the red carpet and onstage. Since I have already discussed her, it's time to talk about the other ladies who were chest happy--for good or bad. (good for the straight boys I guess!).

Jackie Cruz: "Orange Is The New Black" actress who plays "Flaca", Jackie Cruz wore this black tuxedo-inspired gown. I liked the gown. I thought it was interesting and a nice modern twist on "Le Smoking" and loved the side draped skirt and strong shoulders but...I just think the boobies were TOO MUCCCCHIE. I'm sure there are others who would disagree but, they were distracting. I LOVED everything else--the gown, the design, her shoes, her hair and makeup--it was just the TOO MUCHIE Cha-Cha's.

Aracely Arambula: Mexican actress and former partner of Mexican music icon Luis Miguel wore this rose-embellished black gown which had a plunging neckline, at the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards red carpet. The gown fit beautifully and she looked sultry and sexy. I liked this gown and this look on her. It wasn't too plunging and the "sistahs" weren't too "out there" (Gracias a Dios!).

Patrica Zavala: Venezuelan actress and E! Entertainment Latino host of "Coffee Break", gown from Kuwaiti fashion brand La Bourjoisie, famous for dressing Britney Spears and many other A-List celebs. I liked this silver sequined gown. It had the peek-a-boo cut-out's (like J Lo's) and waistband detail as well as nude illusion panels. I also liked that the plunging neckline opening wasn't too tasteless (like Jackie Cruz'). Patricia looked like a "Miss Universe" winner in this gown! It was Pageant Fab plus did the job for the red carpet.

Natti Natasha: Dominican reggaeton/Latin pop singer Natti Natasha wore this silver and blue paillette-sequined gown from NY-based bridal and cocktail brand THEIA Couture. The gown didn't necessarily have a "plunging neckline" but...Natti's mijas were on display for sure in this dress. I liked the dress and especially the original swirl-like sequined detail. I also liked her center-part hairstyle but even though this dress wasn't too revealing, I just felt she was on the verge of "Ayy Mija" with her boobie-licious neckline.

Chiquis Rivera: Singer and TV personality--and eldest daughter of Jenni Rivera--wore this blue-violet mermaid-shaped gown by Bao Tranchi--famous for her bodysuits. I bow down to Chiquis because I thought she looked AMAZING!! I loved this gown on her and thought it really made her look like a Red Carpet Goddess! Bravo Miss Chiquis and Bravo Bao Tranchi!

Eva Longoria: Eva wore this white caped-back jumpsuit from Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi and her Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The jumpsuit--which looks more like a jacket and pants--featured a plunging neckline, fitted midriff and lovely shawl collar. I liked this on Eva but I just felt the pants were way too long; I just wanted to go in there and take about 2-3" off the hem. This is sloppy work on the part of the stylist and/or tailor.

The Sequin Queens-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Ximena Duque: Colombian actress and model Ximena Duque wore this golden sequined gown from NY-based Custom Wedding and Evening Gown designer Lucia Rodriguez. I thought she looked quite beautiful. The gown itself was simple in its silhouette and design but it's all about that fabric; STUNNING! I also loved the perfect fit and length as well as modern hairstyle. Thank goodness she didn't do a "Pageant Betty" bun or something to that effect because then she really would have looked like a Miss Colombia contestant during the evening gown competition.

Alexandra Pomales: Actress/TV Host/Model Alexandra Pomales wore this pink sequined dress from Miami-based fashion brand Evelli by Susan Panter. I liked this gown and style on Alexandra. The gown fit beautifully and I liked the simple tank  shape with the strappy center front neckline accents. I was a bit surprised by the choice of those turquoise (or are they green?) hoop-y earrings but I will cut her some red carpet slack. Next time: Lose those earrings mija!

Sofia Reyes: Mexican singer-songwriter/actress wore this baby blue tulle and lace/sequined applique gown at the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards Red Carpet. It was an OK gown but honestly, it was just a bit too "Figure Skating Costume" (and I LOVE figure skating costumes!). It just looked like "Marchesa on a Budget". But I still thought she looked pretty and I do love that kooky top-knot bun.

Rosina Grosso: Telemundo and Yahoo Sports host Rosina Grosso walked the red carpet in this emerald green sequin-and-tulle gown by Miami-based Andrea Tankovitz. It was A LOT of gown. Especially for the Latin Billboard Awards. I can see this if you are a contestant in the "Miss Universe"  or "Miss Venezuela" pageant but in the Latin Billboard Awards? Not so mucheeey. It was just a lot.

Jessica Carrillo: Telemundo "Al Rojo Vivo" reporter Jessica Carillo wore this ivory sequined applique gown from Dominican designer Giannina Azar. While I appreciated the sequined detail, this looked aged Jessica and it was just too Pageant Betty for her. Especially for a "hip" and "cool" event such as the Latin Billboard Awards. It's a pretty dress but not for this event. She should have saved this for reporting on the next "Miss Universe" pageant. Bad stylist advice.

Kathy K: Singer Kathy K. wore this sequined sheath halter-neck column dress. I liked the dress in its simplicity and design. The only complaint would be the too-dark eyebrows and too-heavy makeup. Otherwise, her dress was OK!

Maria Leon: Actress/singer Maria Leon wore this golden/blush colored sequined gown from Kuwait-based fashion brand, Lioness Couture. This was a nice gown and it fit her beautifully--and I did love her 40's-like swept hairdo--but once again, I thought a plunging neckline, slit-front sequined gown--might have been TOO MUCHEEEY for the Latin Billboard Awards. Once again, this might have been better suited for a "Miss Colombia" or "Miss Panama" during the "Miss Universe" Evening Gown competition. Or the Golden Globes!

Miriam Isa: E! News  Latino Correspondent Miriam Isa wore this strawberry-colored sequined gown from Kuwaiti fashion brand Lioness Couture (same as Maria Leon before her). I liked the dress and simple silhouette. Nothing wrong with the dress but for the Latin Awards Show, a right-below-the-knee version might have been more chic!

The Ballgown Gals--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Becky G: Singer/songwriter and "Power Ranger" actress Becky G wore this rust-colored ballgown at last night's 2017 Latin Billboard Awards red carpet. She looked pretty. I loved her bob-like hairstyle and sweet, clean makeup. In terms of the gown, it was OK; there was nothing extraordinary about it, but I liked the color and fit; I just wasn't a fan of the illusion center front panel. That just screamed "Prom & Pageant".

Angelica Celaya: Don't know who Angelica Celaya is but MIJAAAA, now I want to!!! First off, she looked like a "Mad Men"/Hollywood Glamour Diva in her 50's/60's-like look, silhouette and Rita Hayworth-like hairstyle! The beautiful actress was wearing this strapless ballgown from Venezuelan designer Nicolas Felizola. The gown was EXQUISITE! I loved the black and white Hounds-tooth-like tweed fabrication and the side pockets! If there was any critique, it was just the fit of the top bustier section; I just wanted to pull the cups in tighter! Otherwise, she looked as if she was "serving" her "Sistah's" up to the highest bidder!

Finally...Uh NO/Ayyy Mijas--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Danna Paola: Singer/actress Danna Paola wore this nude iridescent organza with flower detail dress from Mexican brand Lila Masaryk. She looked a MESS. I get where she was going with this--the see-through effect; the undergarments showing; the Dolce & Gabbana-like flower applique...but it was just all so 2014! Even Pageant girls have moved on from this look. Not cute, just kind of tacky-licious.

Salice Rose: Instagram and YouTube Social Media Star Salice Rose wore this red velvet dress to the 2017 Latin Billboard Awards. Now, I have to admit that I must be an old person because I had NO IDEA of who Salice was and the fact that she has 5.2 MILLION Instagram followers! First: Good for her. But, this red dress outfit was a Chonchee Mess, no matter how many followers she has! The dress was too short, the black platform pumps were so 2002, and the blue nail polish was Las Vegas Stripper tacky. She looks like a sweet girl and again, I bow down to her for being a Social Media Star but maybe she should hire a stylist with all that "Social Media Influencer" money to style her in a more updated classy way.

Monique "Momo" Gonzalez: Singer "Momo" walked the red carpet in this dress by  Miami-based designer Andrea Tankovitz (who somehow also created the sequined emerald green gown worn by Rosina Grosso!). I was just perplexed by this look. I get the sort of Valentino-like writing-on-a-gown thing but, then this style had these super-high tacky slits (not just one but TWO!) and then, the plunging was just tacky. On a good note: I thought her hair and makeup was nice--she looked sexy good! And Gracias a Dios she styled it with nude strappy heels. And the back view wasn't too bad! But the overall front view was something that would bring "Project Runway" judge Nina Garcia to tears. Enough said. Monique is so beautiful and so sexy on her own, there is no need to push it to this "Uh Oh" level.

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