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FASHION SCHOOL WITH NICK.....NEW VIDEO: How to Draw Notched Collars!

 Jacket Collar 101: Photo still from "How to Draw a Notched Collar"--Fashion School With Nick Verreos YouTube Video

I'm on a "Collars" mood in my YouTube "Fashion School" Channel...Most recently, I did my "Drawing Basic Collars" instructional drawing video which you can watch HERE. And's time for NOTCHED COLLARS for JACKETS! In my NEWEST "Fashion School With Nick Verreos", I decided to extend my "Basic Collars" drawing tutorial into a little more advanced territory.

Nick Verreos--"Fashion School With Nick Verreos"--Drawing Notched Collars YouTube Video

In this video, I take you step by step on How To Draw a Notched Collar. Notched Collar (or Lapels) are very common for jackets and coats and one of the basic "You-Must-Know" details when wanting to become a Fashion Designer...or Patternmaker, or Fashion Illustrator, or Technical designer...etc.

 Step by Step: Drawing a Notched Collar--"Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube Video

Collars, Notched Lapels, Buttons and Buttonholes--Nick Verreos "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" How To Draw Notched Collars YouTube Video

If you want to learn how to draw a Notched Collar for a Jacket...
Click below to watch "How To Draw a Notched Collar" on my "Fashion School With Nick Verreos" YouTube Channel:

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