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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World Philippines 2017: The "Hits" & "Misses" Gown Recap!

Three Queens: (L to R) Miss World 2017 from Puerto Rico Stephanie Del Valle, Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann and Miss World Philippines 2016 (and Miss World 2016 Top 5) Catriona Gray--Miss World Philippines 2017 Crowning Night Finals, Mall of Asia Arena Pasay Philippines

You're The Winner: Contestant No. 15 Laura Lehmann, at finding out she is Miss World Philippines 2017 (with Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray next to her in lower photo)--Miss World Philippines 2017 Crowning Night Finals, Mall of Asia Arena, Pasay Philippines
Photos courtesy of Miss World Philippines Facebook

The 7th edition of the much anticipated Miss World Philippines contest was held this past Sunday, September 3rd at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay Philippines. The winner, 23 year-old Laura Victoria Lehmann bested 34 other contestants for the coveted Filipina Beauty Crown.

 Crowned Beauty: Contestant No. 15 Laura Lehmann being crowned by her predecessor Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Gray (with Miss World 2016 Stephanie Del Valle looking on)--Miss World Philippines 2017 Crowning Night Finals, Mall of Asia Arena Pasay Philippines
Photo courtesy of Miss World Philippines Facebook

The 5' 8"  (1.73 M) beauty is a TV Host, model and no stranger to beauty pageants--she was First Runner Up at the Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Universe Philippines) 2014 Beauty Pageant. Lehmann was also a member of the Philippines women's national softball team, attended Los Angeles' Occidental College and was a UAAP (Ateneo de Manila University) courtside reporter...

From Courtside Reporter to Swimsuit Beauty Queen: Laura Lehmann, the newly cornwed Miss World Philippines 2017 

The gorgeous Laura will now represent the Philippines at the upcoming Miss World 2017 beauty pageant, with the Finals happening on November 17th in Sanya, China. Now that we got that out of the way...time to discuss my BEST and "Not-so-Mucheeey" Gowns from the pageant...

Gown Finalists: (L to R): 1st princess Glyssa Perez, Miss ECO Philippines 2017 Cynthia Thomalla, Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann, Miss World Philippines National Director Arnold Vegafria, Reina Hispanoamericas Filipinas 2017 Teresita Ssen Marquez, Miss Multinational Philippines 2017 Sophia Senoron and 2nd Princess Zara Carbonell--Miss World Philippines 2017 Crowning Night Finals, Mall of Asia Arena Pasay Philippines 
Photo courtesy of Miss World Philippines Facebook

Let's begin with MY FAVORITE GOWN--worn by (Surprise! Surprise!): The winner, Contestant No. 15 Laura Lehmann:
 Laura Lehmann wore a scarlet red gown for the the Crowning Night Finals of the Miss World Philippines 2017 beauty pageant
Photos courtesy of Miss World Philippines Facebook

Lady In Red: The strapless satin organza gown was designed by Filipino designer Mark Bumgarner and featured asymmetrical draping/pleating at the bustier and gorgeous triple folds/volants that formed an overskirt at the dress/skirt portion. It was beautifully made, looked very "Italia Alta Moda" and fit her perfectly. It was almost as if whoever "assigned" her this gown, already knew that she would win; not only was it the BEST GOWN of the night, it was fit for the winning crown.
Score: 9.85

All the following photos courtesy of Miss World Philippines Facebook
#5 Kaycie Lyn Fajardo: Kaycie wore one of my top favorite gowns of the night. This light lavender gown featured a fitted princess seamed torso that then flared into a dramatic mermaid shape. It also had an off the shoulder sweetheart neckline, framing the upper part of her body. It was clean, elegant, had drama and wasn't packed with too much nonsense.
Score: 9.5

#6 Jona Ili Sweett: Jona wore this peach colored organza gown featuring flower applique, a high side slit and side cascade volants. The  design was very much in the vain of a "Zuhair Murad/Elie Saab" style in its shape and design. I think it worked quite well with Jona.
Score: 9.40

#23 Princess Laureano: Princess (yes, that is her name!) wore this ivory colored off the shoulder sequined fit-and-flare gown designed by Filipino designer Roy Aquino. the beading was very nicely done and wasn't too "pageant over-the-top" and the dramatic sleeve "capes" added for a nice catwalk stage moment.
Score: 9.25

#33 Noelle Uy-Tuazon: First off, I loved the highlighter yellow color of this fitted gown, worn by contestant 33 Noelle Uy-Tuazon. The gown was designed by Joel Onin Pagsisinan and featured simple beading at the upper torso as well as chic bust flanges. Very pretty.
Score: 9.20

#34 Andrea Poliquit: Another chartreuse colored gown I liked was this design worn by contestant #34 Andrea Poliquit. The off the shoulder dress was designed by Adini Lara and featured crystals displayed in a "fishscale"-like pattern. I especially loved the bust section and stiff satin detail.
Score: 9.10

#9 Teresita Ssen Marquez: One of the "simplest" gowns of the night was also one of my favorites. Teresita wore this emerald colored sequined sheath gown style. It was clean, red carpet-ready and didn't need any overskirt/sleeve capes or tackylicious flower appliques; sometimes a simple sequined column gown is enough!
Score: 9.00

#20 Trizha Ocampo: Trizha wore this white fit-and-flare gown, designed by Michael Leyva, featuring a see-through netting base with sequined criss-cross and scroll-like applique. The style was impacting and fit her very nicely.
Score: 9.00

#14 Cristina Marie Coloma: At first glance, I though this might be one of those "Too Mucheey" pageant gowns where a designer doesn't know when to stop putting everything and the "kitchen sink" on the gown. But, as Cristina did her catwalk during the Miss World Philippines 2017 Evening Gown Competition, she made it work! The gown, designed by Dennis Lustico, was DRAMATIC and definitely had stage impact. The bow on the shoulder did take it to a "Too Mucheey" level but at the same time, I kinda loved it!
Score: 8.75

#25 Karren Dela: I was slightly (OK, VERY!) torn whether or not to put this Michael Leyva-designed gown in my "Misses" as opposed to "Hits". The not-so-good: the iridescent organza back cape (don't get a flame near those!), the violet colored sequined dress with added sequined applique...AND (yes, there's more!)...nude illusion top section...well, it verged on "Oh Dear!". But I give Karren lots of points for working it like the "rent is due" while it was her time to do so during the Evening Gown Competition. And for that, she ended up in my "Best".
Score: 8.00

#32 Cynthia Thomalla: Last but not least, I added this contestant--and gown (designed by Marichu Tan)--because she won the "Best in Long Gown" title during the Miss World Philippines 2017 Crowning Night Finals. I admit that it wasn't one of my favorites (what is with the weird beige-colored undergarments--bra and panties--that I can see through the gown??) but it did win the judges "Gown Hearts".

The Misses:
#2 Veronia Villones: Well, well, well, where do I start? On a good note, it's VERY Old School "Miss Venezuela". On a "Uh Oh" note, it's just TOO MUCHEEY: The the feathered and sequined "Bird of Paradise" applique, the nude iridescent netting, the baby blue iridescent ruffled overskirt...It's A LOT. I think this would have been kind of fabulous in 1988 but now, it just seems made for National Costume for Miss Aruba" as opposed to Haute Couture Evening Gown.
Score: 7.20

#21 Netania Deveza: This pink satin gown was cute, but for a Prom or Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party. The gown--which featured a full skirt, nude illusion top section and silver applique--just wasn't "High End" looking enough, especially when you put it next to what the elegant and very chic red gown the eventual winner won.
Score: 7.10

#30 Kathleen Gomez: Kathleen's gown is very much in the same vein as the one before hers (the pink one". This dress--designed by Franco Barbosa Lapina--was at least a bit sexier than the pink one but the silhouette and style plus the fact that I can see her bust pads (A BIG NO NO!!), all adds up to a Gown "miss" for me.
Score: 7.00

#7 Jane Darren Genobisa: Oh huney! All I want to know is when is the next "Havana Tropical" Las Vegas Show? I give Jane "Attagirl/Gay Man" Points for the sheer "Oh No She Didn't" chutzpah for wearing this but yeah, it's a Las Vegas Showgirl Costume. I wonder if that skirt is detachable and she can then do high kicks and twirls in the beaded one shoulder bodysuit?? (I hope the answer is "YES!!".
Score: 6.90

#17 Jellie Alliana Escodon: Three words: Bless Her Heart. This is a lot of Tackyliciousness for sure. the bright blue sequined dress, the iridescent overlay...the PLUMAGE and feathers!! This is something I could see a very fun--and BOOZY--Mother-of-the-Bride wear to a Gay Wedding (or do a Drag Show!) the Miss World Philippines Evening Gown Competition?? Not so Mucheey.
Score: 6.75

#31 Jennyfer Ozbot: Lastly, I wanted to add this nude gown worn by contestant #31 Jennyfer Ozbot. Just look at this: The nude...the Mother-of-Pearl like appliques, the feathers (what is up with all the feathers!!??) and if that wasn't enough, let's just plunge the neckline so open that her cha-cha's are all out on display. Ayyyy Mija!!!
Score: 6.15

Congratulations to the new Miss World Philippines 2017 and her court! Good luck Laura at the upcoming Miss World 2017 Finals in Sanya China! And let's hope you continue your Good Gown Style!
Photos courtesy of Miss World Philippines Facebook

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mark.gastardo said...

I always read your blog. Keep on making reviews especially about gowns worn by candidates from Filipino pageants. All the way from Philippines here

josh said...

Omg make a review on the on-going Miss Grand International 2017!!! Elizabeth Clenci is slaying the press welcome with a very regal white gown. I'd like to read your thoughts.