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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Competition Group 3: My TOP 10 BEST List!

Gown Winners--Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Winners/Group 3: (L to R) Miss Earth Vietnam (Bronze) Le This Ha Thu, Miss Earth Puerto Rico (Gold) Karla Aponte and Miss Earth Mexico (Silver) Karen Bustos.
Photos courtesy of Miss Earth Facebook Page

This past Sunday were the second of the Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Competitions, part of the pre-Finals event in advance of the "Miss Earth 2017" Finals. This one--involving "Group 3" of the "Miss Earth 2017" contestants (these separate competitions are broken down into 3 groups of contestants). The event took place at the Landbank Auditorium Manila Philippines.

Glamour Time: Bronze, Gold and Silver "Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Group 3" Medalists (L to R) Miss Earth Vietnam (Bronze) Le This Ha Thu, Miss Earth Puerto Rico (Gold) Karla Aponte and Miss Earth Mexico (Silver) Karen Bustos

I have already discussed the first one--the Group 2 Long Gown Competition and my Top 10 Best from that event HERE--so now, it is time to discuss my Top 10 Favorite Gowns from Group 3. And in case you may want to be even more confused...Group 1's Long Competition will be coming up next (yes kids, the organizers are holding these events out of sync--in terms of the contestant's Groups).

1. Miss Earth Vietnam Le Thi Ha Thu: Even though Miss earth Vietnam got the Bronze (3rd Place), her golden gown was my favorite of this group. The halter neckline gown--designed by Joli Poli Vietnam--featured that VERY POPULAR gold/nude/blush coloring and had golden sequin applique designs along panels of iridescent organza. It also had a dramatic and quite fabulous cascade draped overskirt. It was regal, stage impacting and quite Haute Couture-esque. Her sleek top bun finished the entire look like a QUEEN!

2. Miss Earth Puerto Rico Karla Victoria Aponte: My second favorite gown was actually the Winner--or Gold medalist of this Group 3 Long Gown Competition. Miss Earth Puerto Rico wore this striking red gown that featured torso pleating, a fab drape at the shoulder and sleek overskirt. It was chic and sexy with that side slit. I wished she would have just worn gold strappy heels but you just cannot get these ladies out of those TACKY SUPER PLATFORM heels. Ayyy Dios Mio!

3. Miss Earth Mexico Karen Bustos: Mexico's Karen Bustos made my 3rd position with this black gown look. The outfit consisted of a lace-over-nude crop top with a plunging neckline (naturally!) plus and separate gown skirt--of the same sequined lace--which had a fit-and-flare silhouette and attached tulle overskirt (It was the OVERSKIRT Top 3!). I though it looked modern, fresh and a nice "Ballgown" alternative. I also loved her styling and hair...and the fact that the gown length was great (no tacky platform heels showing! YEAYYY!).

4. Miss Earth Serbia Marija Nikić: Marija wore this metallic gown for the "Miss Earth 2017 Group 3 Long Gown Competition" and I liked it; good enough to be my No. 4! I know that for some people it may look a little "Star Wars" C-3PO-like or "Project Runway" Unconventional Challenge-esque but to heck with those haters; I liked the Versace-like modernity and the fit was quite nice. She also looked like a chic model--as opposed to a 1990's-like "Pageant Betty".

5. Miss Earth USA Andrea Gibau: Just beautiful! Miss Earth USA's Andrea Gibau wore this shimmering gold sequined halter neckline gown with nude illusion inset and she looked GREAT! The fit was nice and the gold coloring was an on-trend choice.

6. Miss Earth India Shaan Suhas Kumar: My 6th place goes to Miss Earth India. Shaan wore this VERY PINK full-shaped satin gown with silver sequin details, a sweetheart neckline and nude illusion. I was actually surprised at how "basic" it looked (as opposed to...well--take a look at "Miss Earth Vietnam" darlings!). She was very "Pretty in Pink". There was nothing extraordinary about this and it was just...nice.

7. Miss Earth Cambodia Em Kunthong: Gold/nude/blush IS THE Pageant Gown Trend happening right now. And Miss Earth Cambodia followed the trend with this gown. The design was a fit-and-flare look with sequins, an off-the-shoulder-like neckline and ruffled sleeves. She looked pretty. It wasn't a "Statement Making Gown" like the Top 3 but that's why she ended up in my 7th position.

8. Miss Earth Malaysia Cherish Ng: Cherish wore this snow-silver sequined-and-tulle gown for the "Miss Earth 2017 Group 3 Long Gown Competition". Once again, she looked 1950's Classic Hollywood Glamour Pretty and this was safe. It wasn't SUPER FAB by any means; just safe.

9. Miss Earth Malta Christie Refalo: OK Miss Earth Malta...she's taking a Cha-Cha chance! First off, I was just happy that it wasn't your typical Pageant Mermaid Shape, but yes, it was still nude/see-through-ish (oh these ladies!). I admit that as kooky as it was, I liked the sequined fringe; it was very "Chicago"/Las Vegas Showgirl and 1920's Flapper Fab. I just wished I wouldn't have seen those BOOB PADS! Seriously! Ladies: DON'T DO THAT.

10. Miss Earth Rwanda Uwase Hirwa Honorine: Lastly, I chose Miss Earth Rwanda. She wore this black dress which had sleeve cut-outs and straps as well as crystals and a sequined "belt"/waistband. She looked pretty and while this dress made my Top 10 out of all the Group 3 contestants, it was slightly on the "I'm On a Budget" scale of gowns. But, realizing she's from Rwanda and her organizers (or her!) may not have the gown budget of a "Miss Earth Philippines" or "Miss Earth Vietnam", I cut her some Gown Slack--as long as it's not tacky and tasteless and this was OK.

**NEXT UP: My TOP TEN of Group 1 Miss Earth 2017 Long Gown Competition!!!

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Pageant Fanatic said...

I'm rooting for Venezuela and Thailand to win the crown!! 🇻🇪🇹🇭
love from 🇵🇭

Hamster Nice said...

Your number 4 is not Colombia Juliana Franco but rather Miss Serbia I forgot her name though.

Nick Verreos said...

Thank you, Thank you! I've corrected the post. Need to make sure Serbia gets the credit!!