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Adam Rippon of the USA, after skating his Short Program--Bridgestone Skate America 2017 Lake Placid NY

In my last ICE STYLE post HERE, I discussed the LADIES COSTUMES from the 2017 Skate America Grand Prix of Figure Skating, so now it's time for the MEN. Let's begin with Israel's Daniel Samohin:

Daniel Samohin of Israel: Daniel skated his Short Program to It's a Man's Man's Man's World performed by Seal wearing this all black look. The costume featured black pants, a long black shirt with sheer sleeves and a sequined top underneath. I liked the peek-a-boo element of seeing some fab sparkles coming from his chest; this gave a nice stage-impacting element and added to the overall image of Seal performing the song on a big international stage. 

Free Skate to Two Angels by Sergei Erdenko performed by Loyko--First, I have to explain (in case you weren't watching Skate America 2017 like I was!): The reason Daniel is holding his shoulder and looking so distraught in the above photos is because he was taken to a local hospital after dislocating his left shoulder in a fall during his free skate on Saturday. Samohin skated off the ice by himself, holding the shoulder, and walked out of the competition area. We all hope he is OK. Now, back to his costume: I liked it. He wore a white and purple top with blouson sleeves featuring crystals and an ombre-like coloring. His pants were a deep hue of the color on his top. This is really a great costume and I look forward to seeing it and Daniel back on ice soon.

Liam Firus of Canada: Canada's Liam Firus skated his Short Program Happy Ending by Mika wearing this blue shirt-and-pants costume above. I liked the "Acid wash" dyed look of his shirt (soooo 1992!) and uniquely placed flower/peacock feather-like embroidery. 

Ross Miner Short Program: Cosmic Superhero by Bart van Wissen, Magic Cure by Inkmash, and Downtown by Macklemore, Ryan Lewis feat. Eric Nally--Ross Miner skated his Short Program in this all black costume. the look featured a faux leather-like shiny shirt with studded shoulders, matte black pants, metallic belt. I liked all of it, especially the great studded shoulder detail (smart to have detail up there since the cameras would be focusing a lot in the upper torso). I also was happy that he didn't wear a "Ross Dress For Less" 90's belt and instead, wore something that almost looked as if it was actually DESIGNED (what a novel idea!) for the costume! Thank you Ross. 

Sergei Voronov of Russia: Sergei skated his Short Program to Adios Nonino by Astor Piazzolla. This is a Tango and therefore, I assume Sergei was going for a "Modern Tango" look with his red and black costume. The top was a bit odd with the different panels and I was especially confused about the nude-like ones. Was this supposed to be skin-colored illusion? And if so, why the odd placements in the midriff and neck area? He looked a little more "Tron" than Tango.

Takahito Mura of Japan: Mura skated his Short Program to Farrucas--Zapateado (Flamenco) wearing this black/silver/gray top and black pants costume. The top had lace sequined fabric and big red satin rosettes as details. I get how he was trying to go for a Spanish Flamenco dancer in this. But, the top just seemed a bit unrefined in its design. This costume--by the way--was a Costume Change, from what he wore last time at Skate Canada International 2017:

Ruffles and Fringe: So....which costume do we like better?

Free Skate to The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber--For his Free Skate, Takahito brought back (Groundhog's Day!) his program from the 2014-2015 Season was a different cut of music (well, at least, there's that!) AND this old-but-new program was choreographed by none other than Charlie White! In terms of his costume, he wore this part black/part Cabernet red jacket look with heavily studded lapel, a red chest pocket hankie and black gloves. Mura, once again, took it into a Too Mucheey Costume Level. I get the "Phantom" reference, but it was all a bit too kitschy for my taste. 

Nathan Chen of USA: I really, really...REALLY hope that his real costumes are STILL NOT READY and we will see SOMETHING for the Grand Prix Finals because these are...The "Ross Dress For Less"/Server-at-a-Restaurant Nathan Chen Costumes Edition.
On the left is the black dress shirt and pants look he wore as his "costume" for his Short Program to Nemesis by Benjamin Clementine. I get that the music is sweeping, jazzy, a sleek all black costume is appropriate but...THIS? Nathan looks like he is making drinks at a local bar in Lake Placid. And for his...
Free Skate to Mao's Last Dancer (soundtrack) by Christopher Gordon (right), he decided to give the all black shirt-and-pants outfit a color change...into blue! There's really nothing to discuss since THERE IS NOTHING HERE except that he still looks like part of the waitstaff of a restaurant/bar.

Adam Rippon of USA: Adam wore this Rock & Roll flashy look above for his Short Program to Let Me Think About It (Eddie Thoneick Remix) performed by Ida Carr feat. Fedde Le Grand. I LOVED IT! Adam has been on a costume roll wearing SUPER TIGHT sexy tops with plunging necklines and see-through fabrications, and I am a big fan! A) Adam is lean as a toothpick so...he can do it! And B) It's refreshing to see something that is fun, flashy and NOT an all black boring look straight out of a department store. I really like the faux leather panels and the rhinestones accenting the top. Throw in that center front zipper and sheer stretch chiffon and Adam is ready to hit the dance floor! All that's missing is a FAB disco ball.

Free Skate to Arrival of the Birds ("Crimson Wing" soundtrack) by The Cinematic Orchestra
O by Coldplay--This is the same program music from last season but Thank Goodness, it was a different costume. Not that I didn't like last season's costume but THIS IS GORGEOUS! The look--designed by Veretto Sport and designer Braden Overett--included blue skin tight pants and a second-skin sequined top. That top was OUTSTANDING--like Figure Skating Haute Couture! There were hints of the sky and bird's wings (to go along with the music) but not so obvious like last season's feathered costume. #Love

**UP NEXT: PAIRS and ICE DANCE COSTUMES of 2017 Skate America!!

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