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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss International 2017 Finals: Winner + MY TOP 10 BEST GOWNS!

First Ever--Miss International Indonesia Kevin Lilliana is crowned Miss International 2017, Tokyo Japan
Some Photos Courtesy of Missosology as well as Miss International's Instagram 

Tuesday night was the Finals of the 57th Annual Miss International Beauty Pageant, which were held in Tokyo Japan! I have already discussed 28 of the NATIONAL COSTUMES from the pageant's Opening "National Costume Parade of Nations" Competition which you can see now it's time for the BIGGIE: The Winner and THE GOWNS!!! 

First the WINNER:
INDONESIA!!!!! Miss International Indonesia Kevin Lilliana is Miss International 2017--Miss International 2017 Beauty Pageant Finals, Tokyo Japan

The winner was Kevin Lilliana, the contestant representing Indonesia. This is THE FIRST TIME that Indonesia has won a Miss International. In fact, it is only the second time the nation has won the top prize at ANY of the Grand Slam "Big 5" International Pageants including Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, Miss Grand International and Miss Earth. The first was by Ariska Putri Pertiwi, who was the winner of Miss Grand International 2016, just last year. So, they are on a roll!!  The doll-like 21-year-old Lilliana is a professional model, attended Maranatha Christian University in West Java Indonesia and stands 1.77 m (5' 10"). She bested 68 other beauties from around the globe for the title.

Crowned Beauty: Outgoing Miss International 2016 Philippines' Kylie Verzosa crowns the new Miss International--Indonesia's Kevin Lilliana--Miss International 2017 Finals Tokyo Japan

Swimsuit Gal: Miss International Indonesia during the Swimsuit Competition of the Miss International 2017 Finals, Tokyo Japan.

International Queen and her Court--Miss International 2017, Indonesia's Kevin Lilliana (Center) with (L to R) 1st Runner-up Miss International Curacao Chanelle Wilhemina Maria, 3rd Runner-up Miss International Australia Amber Dew, 2nd Runner-up Miss International Venezuela Diana Croce, and 4th Runner-up Miss International Japan Natsuki Tsutsui

And now, THE GOWNS!!! First, who won "Best Dressed" and the Top Five Finalists (including the Winner) and then I'll discuss my List of TOP TEN BEST Gowns form the entire pageant...
Most Stylish: Miss International Indonesia Kevin Lilliana (the eventual winner of the ENTIRE thing!) got the "Best Dresser" Award which, just by the gown she wore--was VERY WELL deserved! So, it makes sense that I begin with Kevin--the Winner and her gown...and then I'll go through the rest of the Top 5 + my actual TOP 10 BEST GOWNS...

Haute Gorgeous: Miss International Indonesia wore THE BEST GOWN of the night which was so nice, considering SHE WON the top crown! I absolutely loved her aquamarine sequined gown designed by Ivan Gunawan. The dress--entitled "Thallasa: Mother of Sea" featured exquisite textured sequined applique only seen with the likes of Couture designers such as Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad...

Indonesian Sea Queen: The gown was inspired by the blue water surrounding Indonesia, featured a slight fit-and-flared column gown and beautiful silk chiffon sleeve capes. It was impacting even if she didn't have a fan blowing the chiffon out! Congrats to Kevin and especially her gown's designer! SUPERB!
Score: 9.98

1st Runner-up Miss International Curacao Chanelle Wilhemina Maria: Chenelle was the 1st Runner-up and this was her gown. The dress was VERY "Pageant Betty" and so was Chanelle's entire look--right up to her SUPER bouffant up-so hair! She is SOOOOO beautiful and looked like a Barbie Doll in this. I just wished her gown and style was a bit more chic and modern, but I get that it is Miss International and they like their beauty queens, perhaps more "Pageant Betty perfect". So...the pink/lace off the shoulder gown with chiffon back capes and "Pageant Betty" bouffant hair was...probably just right. But, for my take on the gown, it was just a bit too "old school" for me. But the length was right and the fit was nice.
Score: 8.00

2nd Runner-up Miss International Venezuela Diana Croce: Diana also wore a pink gown. Naturally. I'm sure the Miss Venezuela Organization knows what kind of look works with the Japanese Miss International Organization and this was just right. I have to admit that I wasn't a big fan of this dress. The gown featured gathered powder pink tulle in many tiers with silver crystal rhinestones accenting it. It was pretty and "Princess"-like but it wasn't Runway Fab or caused any Gown Gasps from me. It just hung on her without any impact. It was....flat.
Score: 8.50

3rd Runner-up Miss International Australia Amber Dew: This was a big surprise for me. I thought this was such a "Nothing Here To See" kind of pageant gown. The length was good but the top fit so weird (too high cleavage) and the white on such a super blond woman...well, not a good style choice. This--compared to what Miss International Indonesia wore??? Well, I cannot even discuss it: No Comparison. It's like a Ford vs. a Mercedes.
Score: 7.90

4th Runner-up Miss International Japan Natsuki Tsutsui: Natsuki wore this powder blue iridescent satin organza gown for the Finals of Miss International 2017. The dress featured a fit-and-flare "mermaid" lite silhouette and had white sequined applique and, if that wasn't enough, side nude illusion and back train overskirt. It was like an 80's doll gown costume; just dated and too "Pageant Betty". But at least it fit nicely and the length was right. And the saving grace? Natsuki! She was sooooo PRETTY! But, the gown was still dated and pageant tacky.
Score: 7.98

OK, now that we got the Top Five out of the way, time for my TOP TEN BEST LIST of Miss International 2017 Gowns:
My Number One is...
1. Miss International Indonesia Kevin Lilliana: I already talked about how STUNNING I thought this gown was so...
Score: 9.98

2. Miss International Lithuania Patricija Belousova: THIS GOWN. Was. Everything! I thought Miss International Lithuania's dress was so modern, so chic, so Haute Couture Refined. Loved it. Wish I knew who designed it to give them credit but I spent WAAAY TOO much time looking for that info. and I eventually gave up. Note to the ladies: PLEASE give DESIGNER credits on your Instagram and/or Facebook--even if you actually PAID for it! Otherwise, I give up. Anyhow...I loved this slate blue/gray ballgown and it was MY SECOND FAVORITE of the pageant.
Score: 9.95

3. Miss International Thailand Ratiyaporn Chookaew: This gown was flawless. The ivory crepe and nude tulle column design featured a center front slit, silver rhinestone sequins, sleeves and faux plunging neckline covered in nude illusion. The style was elegant and chic and the fit was perfect.
Score: 9.90

4. Miss International Ethiopia Bamlak Dereje: Miss International Ethiopia was one of the more model-beautiful contestants even though she didn't make the Top 15. I also liked her choice of evening gown. She wore this silver encrusted design featuring a column gown with a tulle backed overskirt. The crystal sequin fabric was absolutely beautiful and expensive looking and the style was Runway Fab. I also had no problem with the ankle length since she accessorized the look with those silver shoes. Her side-swept hair and minimal styling was on-point!
Score: 9.50

5. Miss International Laos Phounsap Phonnyotha: This golden colored gown was my 5th favorite in the 2017 Miss International Beauty Pageant. Phounsap wore this dress featuring gold satin crepe with beautiful gold and silver jeweled sequins in a halter neck style with blush colored back chiffon "falls". It was classic, elegant and Pageant Perfect!
Score: 9.30

6. Miss International Vietnam Huynh Thi Thuy Dung: This was an exquisite gown worn by Miss International Vietnam. The fit was perfect. The length was also perfect. And the style--especially the fit-and-flare gown with beautiful overskirt--was stage impacting. The blue sequined fabric looked luxe and I loved her chic center-parted chignon hairstyle.
Score: 9.10

7. Miss International Panama Darelys Santos: Designed by Venezuelan designer Julio Mora this red strapless gown was very Miss Venezuela but here we saw it on the Panamanian delegate...and it looked FAB! Darelys has an envious perfect figure--with her long lines and TEENY TINY waist/no hips so she's like a perfect clothes hanger. And this gown--especially the color and sequined torso detail--really made her a stand-out in the pageant!
Score: 9.05

8. Miss International El Salvador Fatima Mangandi: It's not every day you find a Miss El Salvador in my Top Ten Best Gowns List but there is a first for everything! I liked this lavender colored sequined gown for its perfect silhouette, fit and lovely upper torso detail. Muy Bien Fatima!
Score: 9.00

9. Miss International United Kingdom Ashley Powell: Ashley was one of the Top 8 Finalists and in fact bagged the Miss International Europe award. She wore this UBER mermaid-shaped pink-and-nude gown designed by Almodal Haute Couture by Leo Almodal Philippines. The dress could be considered very "Pageant Betty" for its silhouette and pink coloring but it fit BEAUTIFULLY and really made a strong Gown Statement. The flower applique was absolutely gorgeous as well! Ashley looked like a Pageant Queen fro my #PageantColoringBook for sure!
Score: 8.95

10. Miss International Mexico Citlaly Higuera: Citlaly wore this royal blue ballgown for the 2017 Miss International Beauty Pageant Finals. The style was grand and very stage-impacting. The color was great for her as well as the silhouette. There were slight issues with the construction; the dress looked ripple-ly and maybe there were issues with the inner interlining which you can kind of see in above photo. But, the overall effect was impressive! And her waist looked SOOOOO teeeny tiny!
Score: 8.85

CONGRATULATIONS to Kevin Lilliana, Miss International 2017! And for being THE FIRST Indonesian candidate to get a TOP International Beauty Pageant crown! 

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Indonesian Boy said...

Hi Nick, you may forget that Indonesia has won first crown out of 5 beauty pageant (based on your list in the begining of this post) by Ariska Putri Pertiwi, Miss Grand International 2016. So, for Kevin it's our second crown. :)

Daelami Firdaus said...

Second this ��
Ariska won Miss Grand Intl (based on your list) last year

Nick Verreos said...

How could I forget that!!!! Thank you so much for reminding me. I made the corrections to include the beautiful Ariska Putri Pertiwi as the winner of Miss Grand International 2016!

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