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Best in SupraGowns: Contestants from 2017 Miss Supranational (L to R) Miss Supranational India Pedem Ongmu Namgyal; Miss Supranational Mexico Samantha Ley Va; Miss Supranational Ecuador Katty Lopez; Miss Supranational Indonesia Karina Nadila; Miss Supranational Germany Mona Schafnitzl--Miss Supranational 2017 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition

Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar were voted by fans on the Miss Supranational Facebook page as the Top 3 Evening Gowns

The 2017 Miss Supranational Beauty Pageant is currently taking place in Poland as well as Slovakia. 60+ contestants from all over the world arrived in Poland last week and are now across the border at a resort called Aquacity Propad in nearby Slovak Republic taking part in many activities as well as Preliminary competitions, The Finals will occur in the Spa City Resort of Krynica Zdroj, Poland on December 1st when the 9th Miss Supranational will be crowned by last year's winner, Srinidhi Shetty from India.

The Preliminary Evening Gown Competition took place earlier this week and after seeing the photos of the contestants and their gowns, here are my TOP 15 GOWN, starting with my No. 1:
No. 1. Miss Supranational Mexico Samantha Ley Va: Samantha wore this all white sequined gown featuring a fit-and-flare shape, pretty sequined embellishment and elegantly dramatic shoulder back "falls"/capes. The white color was perfect for Samantha's skin color and the look and fit of the gown were MUY BIEN! All she really needed was crown darlings!
Score: 9.35

No. 2 Miss Supranational Germany Mona Schafnitzl: Mona's gown was my second best among all the contestants. She chose this golden sequined style with a fit-and-flare/mermaid silhouette. This strapless gown looked luxe, fit her beautifully (perfect length!) and I LOVED her chic sleek chignon hairstyle. She looked like a Pageant Gown Diva!
Score: 9.25

No. 3 Miss Supranational Indonesia Karina Nadila: Karina looked every bit like a pageant contestant who is IN IT TO WIN IT! I liked her one shoulder lilac sequined gown. The dress featured a high side-front slit very full tulle back "fall". The design had Pageant Drama, looked great on her and stood out as being very expensive looking; the dress was like if Lebanese/Paris Couturier Elie Saab did Pageants! If there was any critique, I would have wished her shoes were NOT platform and instead were just non-platform strappy heels. At least she did get the silver color--and "strappy" part right.
Score: 9.20

No. 4 Miss Supranational Dominican Republic Lia Rossis: I really liked Lia's gown for several reasons. First, the bold violet color was impressive; the shape was beautiful and the details in the gown itself were quite exquisite. I especially loved the layers of the folded cascade panels. Also, she gets points for the modern chic-and-sleek center part hairstyle. 
Score: 9.10

No. 5 Miss Supranational Slovak Republic Michaela Cmarkova: I was shocked as all Pageant Gown SHOCKED...that here we had a pageant contestant A)Not wearing a nude/golden gown, and B) that she wore a simple, perfectly elegant red carpet-worthy gown! Thank You. I thought the style was modern and I loved the waist draping/bow, cascade details. So on-trend chic! Simple and still Fab. Not a single sequin in sight...or SLIT! But she still looked Gown Amazing.
Score: 9.05

No. 6 Miss Supranational Ecuador Katty Lopez: I read somewhere (I am sure it must have been Facebook...of course!) that this beautiful aquamarine gown was NOT her actual gown; her real choice had not arrived in time. Now, here's my advice: I don't really care what her original one looks like because this was JUST FINE! Loved the color, loved the fit. The dramatic shape made her look SUPER SEXY and it had enough of a sparkle with that neckline embellishment. Katty: This gown is MUY BIEN mija!
Score: 9.02

No. 7 Miss Supranational India Peden Ongmu Namgyal: Peden Ongmu is so exotically beautiful--this unique mix of East Indian and Tibetan influences highlight this lovely contestant from Northeast India. Since last year's representative from India won this pageant, she's got a lot of pressure. And I think she is starting well with this choice of gown. The halter-neckline shimmering silver design was very fitted and super sexy, featuring a very open side front "slit". This gown is very similar similar to what this year's Miss India Universe wore to the Miss Universe 2017 Preliminaries HERE and was also designed by former Project Runway contestant Swapnil Shinde.
Score: 9.00

No. 8 Miss Supranational Wales Rachael Tate: Speaking of sexy, Rachael is OOZING it! With this vampy golden gown--and all that makeup, pouty lips, and wind-blown hair, she looks like the SUPER NAUGHTY girlfriend of a soccer (or rugby) star player. Seriously, just look at her! She is meant to be on and have some sort of SCANDAL! Anyway...back to the gown: This gown was designed by Filipino designer Leo Almodal, featuring golden sequin fabrication, a very fit-and-flare shape and some wrist chiffon accents (?). It's very impacting even if it is SOOOO Over-the-Top Vampy Pageant! In's very similar to...

Katherine Espin Miss Earth 2016 from Ecuador--Katherine wore this gown to win the Miss Earth 2016 crown last year. The design is very similar to Miss Supranational Wales, except for the neon canary yellow color! Listen, if it was a "Winning Gown" for one pageant queen, who says it can't be to another.
Score: 8.85

No. 9 Miss Supranational Poland Paulina Maziarz: Paulina wore this column style black sequined lace gown and I liked it...enough to make the No. 9 spot in my Top 15. The dress fits her super-skinny figure well, it wasn't vulgar (no super high slits or panties showing!) and OMG(!) she didn't wear those AWFUL platform Stripper Pumps these pageant girls just love. I also liked her modern center parted lightly waved hair styled. She looked like an ingenue actress on the red carpet!
Score: 8.75

No. 10 Miss Supranational Romania Bianca Tirsin: Bianca wore this red gown for the Miss Supranational 2017 Preliminaries. I thought she looked GORGEOUS; not only was the gown the perfect length, it fit nicely, and overall, made for a great impact. This might not have been a "WOW!" of an Haute Couture style gown but it did the job just fine.
Score: 8. 55

No. 11 Miss Supranational Spain Beatriz Balseiro Cendan: Beatriz wore this lace-over-nude  gown with light sequin detailing for the Miss Supranational 2017 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition. I thought this was a delicately beautiful dress style that looked pretty and elegant on her. While it might not have been SUPER FAB Gown Couture, there was nothing wrong or tacky about it, and her styling was also on-point.
Score: 8.45

No. 12 Miss Supranational China Danna Liao: Danna wore this red sequined gown which I liked enough to place her in my Top 15 Gowns List. The dress was classy, fit well and had enough crystals to satisfy the "Pageant Fab" criteria. I liked the vertical sequined "stripes" and especially the neckline yoke detail. I also thought her chic slicked back ponytail added a bit of Runway Drama.
Score: 8.30

No. 13 Miss Supranational Colombia Tica Martinez: Tica wore this iridescent golden gown featuring nude panels swerving through her body. The dress also had pearl sequins, big jewels on the body, as well as scalloped lace sequined appliques at the hem. It was very "Pageant" in all the details (were those scalloped sequined lace hem pieces really necessary!!??). I put her here because the overall silhouette was impressive and she did work the "Sofia Vergara" sexiness.
Score: 8.25

No. 14 Miss Supranational Japan Yuki Koshikawa: Yuki wore a red tulle and lace gown that looked nice on her. I liked the fit and while usually, I am not a fan of big diamante necklaces such as this, I think this was OK. I will try and overlook those tacky-licious nude platform pumps that are peeking from the hem, however.
Score: 8.10

And lastly...
No. 15 Miss Supranational Singapore Lynn Teo: Lynn's gown choice was this copper/golden sequined dress. The strapless style had nice geometrical designs on it which gave Lynn a nice silhouette. The dress could have been about four inches longer (and it would have been if she didn't wear those tacky platform heels) but overall, it was good enough to make my Top 15!
Score: 8.00

Miss Supranational Rwanda Habiba Ingabire: Habiba wore this strapless red chiffon gown featuring an "Empire"-like silhouette. I thought she looked elegant and chic in this. While the dress didn't necessarily look refined or expensive (the ripple-y hem and seams were a good indication of that), I get the vibe she--and her designer--were going for and therefore, she gets a "Special Gown Mention" here. I also thought her hairstyle and those beautiful earrings were the style cherries on the gown cake!

Miss Supranational Serbia Bojana Bojanic: There is something about this strapless black-and-white gown that intrigued me. I liked the graphic bold lines, I think it would have worked better without the see-through, beaded piece in the middle of the dress, but the design was definitely "original"! I also think that what helped the overall look was how sultry Bojana looked with that hair an bright red lipstick makeup!  

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