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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss World 2017 World Designer Fashion Show: My TOP 15 GOWNS!

Worldly Gowns: Miss World 2017 contestants modeling designs of designers from their own nations at the 2017 Miss World "World Designer Fashion Show/Miss World Top Model Competition", People's Republic of China

Some Photos Courtesy of Miss World Official Facebook Page

The 2017 Miss World Beauty Pageant is taking place in the People's Republic of China with the Grand Finals happening next week on November 18th in Sanya China. Lots of pre-Finals competitions and events have been happening in advance of the final crowning night and earlier this week was one of MY FAVORITES: The Miss World "World Designer Fashion Show and Miss World Top Model" Competition.

Miss World 2017 contestants in their "Word Designer" gowns--Miss World Designer Fashion Show & Top Model Competition, China

The Miss World Beauty Pageant has a fabulous fashion show showcasing the contestants modeling gowns created by designers from their home countries and this year they continued the tradition with all the 118 contestants doing just that. The designs were judged and a special award is given to the "World Designer" whose design was judged the best. On the same night, 30 contestants were chosen to compete in the Miss World Top Model competition with the winner being fast-tracked to be in the Top 40. The Miss World 2017 Top Model was the 6 foot+ tall Miss World Nigeria Ugochi Ihezue. She was so tall that the gown she wore from a featured Chinese designer was VERY SHORT (see photo below!).

Miss World Supermodel: The winner of the "2017 Miss World Top Model Competition", Miss World Nigeria Ugochi Ihezue (2nd from left), with her Runners-up (L to R) Miss World Croatia Tea Nlinaric, Miss World Thailand Patlada Kulphakthanapat, and Miss World China PR Guan Siyu--Miss World Designer Fashion Show & Top Model Competition, China

OK, now to more important matters: MY TOP 15 BEST Gowns worn by the "Miss World 2017" contestants for the 2017 Miss World "World Designer Fashion Show". I watched the video of the fashion show (watch at the end of this post)--showing all the 118 contestants in her home-designers gowns--and so I have to say that my criteria was based A LOT on how they modeled the designs and basically how they "worked it!"...

Too Typical and Boring...for Miss World Designer--(L to R) Miss World Rwanda Elsa Iradukunda, Miss World Ecuador Romina Zeballos and Miss World Uruguay Melina Carballo--Miss World 2017 World Designer Fashion Show/Top Model Competition

I also think of this "Miss World "World Designer" Competition/Fashion Show as a way to not just showcase the hometown designers but show some creativity that might be "unique", but still chic and stylish with an Haute taste level. Several contestants wore gowns that, while pretty and OK--looked like they came from a "Pageant and Prom" Shop (like the ones above). And then, there were some that were TACKY-LICIOUS, like the ones below:

Oh Dear!--Miss World 2017 contestants wearing designs that would end up in the "Uh Oh" List (L to R) Miss World Egypt Farah Shaaban, Miss World Scotland Romy McCahill, and Miss World Equatorial Guinea Catalina Mange Ondo--Miss World 2017 World Designer Fashion Show/Top Model Competition

So...yeah, I wasn't interested in those but more with ones that had a unique creativity and at the same time, looked RUNWAY FAB.

I will start with the actual winner--Miss World Indonesia:
1. Miss World Indonesia Achintya Holte Nilsen: Achintya wore this beautiful creme colored gown from Indonesian brand and designer, Provocate by Melta Tan. And yes, she--or her dress--was judged to be the BEST design from the Miss World 2017 World Designer Fashion Show. The gown was gorgeous and very Haute Couture in its style, design and perfect fit. The dress featured that very popular "nude dress" look with a see-through ivory colored crinoline base with gold sequin applique/embroidery, topped off with a stiffened overskirt that had a sweeping train and the same gold applique that was featured in the main dress. It was pretty much THE PERFECT Miss World gown.
Score: 9.95

2. Miss World Cote D'Ivoire Mandjalia Gbane: Mandjalia wore this SUPER FAB gown above. Her runway presentation was EVERYTHING! She was not only beautiful but supermodel fab. The brick-red colored gown itself also was fab, featuring lots of drama with that outstanding cape and gold details. The fit was IMPECCABLE. Take a look at the length and where all the seams hit: Just right! Mandjalia served them Cote D'Ivoire Couture HUNEY!!
Score: 9.85

3. Miss World Mexico Andrea Meza: OK, I have to say that for Andrea it was A LOT about her FIERCE runway presentation as I watched the video. She blew me away with how she worked this gown overtime and I was excited by the bold neon hue of her highlighter yellow gown. When I finally simmered down my excitement and took a closer look at the entire look including the gown and those UBER KRAY-KRAY strappy platform shoes, it was all a little TOO MUCHEEY's the thing: I LOVED IT! I expect this Miss World "World Designer Fashion Show" to be almost like a Runway/Fashionable version of the "National Costumes Competition" so...for me, Andrea's gown and entire look/presentation was one the BEST!
Score: 9.75

4. Miss World Thailand Patlada Kulphakthanapak: I LOVED this elegant and classic gown design worn by Miss World Thailand. The golden silk design featured a simple sheath/column gown style with a dramatic "Queen of Siam"-like cape and gold sequined embellishment on the neck and back of the cape at the hem. This was one of those perfect examples of a unique gown that had "hints" of its Thai origins but still did not look like a costume and remained Runway Fab!
Score: 9.60 

5. Miss World Liberia Wokie Dolo: I LOVED this gown worn by Miss World Liberia. This was unique, colorful and entrance-making impacting! The neon yellow/green color looked AMAZING against the contestant's luxurious skin color and I also enjoyed the Haute Couture-like oversized leaf embellishments. This reminded of an old-school Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture gown-meets-Jean Paul Gaultier. If I had any critique, it would be the nude platform heels. Those looked like an afterthought and were the wrong styling choice. But I will just pretend those shoes are not there...for now.
Score: 9.50

6. Miss World India Manushi Chhillar: First off--Miss world India is GORGEOUS! OK, now, onto her gown: Also GORGEOUS! The heavily beaded dress was from Indian designers Falgune and Shane Peacock and featured that popular 'nude gown" look of nude illusion with geometrically placed rhinestones, all ending with a small flourish of pink colored ostrich feathers at the hem. She looked like a Hollywood A-List star on the red carpet of Cannes.
Score: 9.40

7. Miss World China PR Guan Siyu: The "Host Candidate" from the People's Republic of China had the pressure of making her nation's fashion designers proud with her gown choice for the Miss World/World Designer Fashion Show & Top Model Competition...and I think she did quite well! There were elements of Parisian Haute Couture--the fit, silhouette, expensive fabrication, Marie Antoinette mini panier--as well as hints of Chinese Traditional Dress with the neckline/collar, cap sleeves, embroidery. This was a strong World Designer Statement for the beautiful contestant from China. If there was any wish, it would have been stronger more "Runway Diva" hair.
Score: 9.30

8. Miss World Honduras Celia Monterrosa: Three words came to mind when I saw Miss World Honduras SAUNTER down the runway and they were YOU GO GIRL! I mean, seriously, look at her in this photo! Bravo Mija! I thought this royal blue/purple jersey gown was SEXY as all heck, and dramatic (that fabulous cape!) and fit perfectly. It definitely was impacting and she could stop traffic ANYWHERE (and for good reasons!) wearing this.
Score: 9.25

9. Miss World France Aurore Kichenin: Miss World France's gown made my Top 15 List here at No. 9. I thought this was an elegant design that looked refined and very Haute Couture in its intricate and exuberant gold sequined/metallic embroidery. The design featured a column gown with an attached overskirt. It was dramatic but without going over-the-top and reminded me of something from the Lebanese Couturiers who show in Paris, like Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad. I also have the same wish for her as I had for Miss World China: More Diva-like hair; her hairstyle looked way too sporty for such a red carpet-like gown.
Score: 9.10

10. Miss World Vietnam Do My Linh: This gown worn by Miss World Vietnam was stunning, elegant and very entrance-making. While it didn't really have any hints of traditional Vietnamese dress elements (I would have LOVED a Chic Couture Ao Dai perhaps!), it still made a strong classic impact, especially with the beautiful star-studded sequins and flowing overskirt silk chiffon drape.
Score: 9.05

11. Miss World Guyana Vena Mookram: I was impressed with this strapless sequined overskirt-style gown worn by Miss World Guyana. The dress fit very well, was the PERFECT length and the color and fabrication looked rich! I also loved her slicked-back hair and minimal accessories of earrings and a statement ring.
Score: 9.00 

12. Miss World Hungary Virag Koroknyai: OK, I'll be honest, at first I thought "Ummm, that's A LOT of flowers!" but I actually loved this entire look! The fit-and-flare shaped gown itself featured a sheer white iridescent organza-like fabrication with hand-sewn raw-edged flowers and a satin waistband. I loved the raw-edged organza/tulle flourish at the shoulders and yes, I even liked how it was all topped off with a matching hair accessory. It was unique (and in a good way) and made a strong runway impact.
Score: 8.99

13. Miss World Nepal Nikita Chandak: LOVE LOVE LOVE this mermaid-shaped gown worn by Miss World Nepal. It meshed elements of a tradition "pageant gown"(with the silhouette, sweetheart neckline and pouf bottom) as well as East Asian/Nepalese influences with the very rich and striking gold sequin work. She looked like the Queen of Nepal!
Score: 8.95

14. Miss World Canada Cynthia Menard: Cynthia wore this white fit-and-flare gown with a dramatic chiffon cape at the Miss World/World Designer Fashion Show and I thought it was a strong enough gown statement that I wanted to include it in my Top 15. She looked like a Runway Snow Angel in this look which was appropriate being that she was from Canada! The silver sequined lace scalloped hem trim reminded me of snowflakes and icicles and I also loved how she presented the design on the runway.
Score: 8.92

15. Miss World Russia Polina Popova: Last but certainly, not least, I also liked this red ballgown worn by the beautiful Polina Popova Miss World Russia. The red was so rich and vibrant, it definitely made everyone stop and gasp a "Wow!" and the gown itself looked expensive and fabulous with the dramatic tiered overskirt covered with hundreds upon hundreds of shimmering paillettes. There was a hint of a Supermodel Russian Doll in the overall look.
Score: 8.90

Miss World Cook Islands Alanna Smith: I wanted to add Alanna's gown here because it was "different', made a DEFINITE IMPACT as she came down the runway and for its quite glorious way of celebrating her South Pacific islands' flora and fauna. This could have been a perfect costume for her also made for a very glorious gown choice. I absolutely loved the feathered and flowered details at the shoulders/neck/bust and her crown...and the pretty ombre dyed chiffon. This to me, was like the Cook Island version of a very elegant and Haute Indian sari. And for that, I wanted to give Alanna (and whoever designed this) props!

Click below to watch Miss World 2017 "World Designer Fashion Show":

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