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ICE STYLE.....2017 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals: COSTUME CHANGES!

New & Old...Costume Changes from (L to R) Tessa Virtue of Canada  (Ice Dance) and Russia's Maria Sotskova (Ladies)

This past weekend were the very important 2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals, held in Nagoya Japan. I have covered all the Grand Prix of the season here on my ICE STYLE BLOG so just search whichever one you want in the "Search" tab here on my blog and you can see (and read) my thoughts on the skaters costumes--no matter what principle (Ladies, Men, Pairs and Ice Dance). It would be redundant to go through all the skaters and what they wore for the Grand Prix Finals since I've already discussed ALL OF THEM, so I was very happy to find out that some did a COSTUME CHANGE--from what they had worn during the previous Grand Prix this season leading up to the Finals) and therefore gave me reason to write a new "Ice Style" blog for the Grand Prix Finals. So...let's begin discussing:

The first "Costume Change" actually involves a "Costume Throwback" and that is...
Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot of Germany: The "Costume Throwback" in question involves this German pair (well, she's actually Ukrainian-born and he's French but just got his German citizenship, in time for the Olympics!) and what they wore for their Short Program to That Man performed by Caro Emerald. First, I was like "Wait! THIS is their Short Program??" The entire 2017-2018 Grand Prix season, they skated their Short Program to Ameksa-Fuego by Taalbi Brothers and wore this:

This is what they wore to Skate Canada International 2017 and Skate America 2017 where their Short program was to Ameksa-Fuego by Taalbi Brothers

But, I guess they decided to change it up and go back to LAST SEASON'S Program (yes kids, these costumes and music were from last season's Short Program) and for this weekend's 2017-2017 Grand Prix Finals, they made the decision to go back to it. It was so "What the heck?" that even her Wikipedia page, has the other Short Program, listed as the one for this season. And yes, in case you're wondering I spend lots of hours looking up all this info, thank you very much! (I do try and do my research!). Anyhow, this is what they wore at the 2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals and their "old-is-new-again" Short Program:

These costumes were cute, simple and right for the music. Her powder pink sequined-and-chiffon dress was jazz-dancer pretty (going along with the music) and very "The Great Gatsby". In terms of Bruno, I was happy that he matched her costume (kind of) with his powder pink colored tie. 

If you are still wondering the "Costume Throwback"-ness of it all, this is what they wore at...
2017 European Figure Skating Championships in January 2017

Trophee de France 2016, November 2016

Apparently, her zipper broke during the skate. I guess it really was an OLD costume! LOL! Can you imagine Aliona's closet full of skating costumes throughout the years?! She could have a museum at this point...looks like they'll have to go through all the costumes first and check for broken zippers!

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford of Canada: For the 2017-2018 Grand Prix Finals of Figure Skating, Meagan Duhamel changed her costume for her Free Skate to Neutron Star Collision by Matthew Bellamy, I Belong To You (Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix) from "Samson and Dalilah" by Camille Saint-Saens, and Uprising by Matthew Bellamy performed by Muse. She wore this sequined gold design that was very much on-trend with the "Nude/Golden" gowns seen on the red carpet as well as beauty pageants. The costume featured beaded gold embroidery over a nude illusion base with a very mini "skirt"...

Golden Girl: Meagan's golden costume was exquisitely beaded and looked expensive. This was a change from what she had been wearing for the previous Grand Prix for her Pairs Free Skate at...

Skate Canada International 2017 (as well as Skate America 2017)--As you can also see, Eric's "costume" didn't change. He was still in a black shirt/black pants "Ross Dress For Less" Male Figure Skating 101 Look.

Next up, it's a LADIES Costume Change:
New (L) and Old (R): Maria Sotskova of Russia and her Free Skate Costumes during the 2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Season

Maria Sotskova of Russia: Maria debuted a new costume for her Free Skate to Claire de Lune by Claude Debussy at this past weekend's 2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals. This new costume was a gray sequined embroidered design featuring a high neck, long sleeves, appliqued bodice and clean chiffon bottom/skirt section... 

I LOVED the upper torso detail and scroll-like embroidery and rhinestones. It was a nice, clean and very elegant look. In case you were wondering, this...

Is what she wore for the same Free Skate at Skate Canada International 2017 (as well as to the  Internationaux de France Grand Prix France 2017). I liked this lilac twist-knot draped criss-cross design but I have to admit, the newer Grand Prix Final one, is better! What do you guys think?'s time to discuss Tessa Virtue and her Costume Change:
Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada: When Virtue and Moir first stepped on the ice at this weekend's 2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals for their Short Dance, I thought that something was different. And my Costume Eagle Eye knew it: She had changed her costume! For their Short Dance to Samba: Sympathy for the Devil by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards performed by The Rolling Stones; Rhumba: Hotel California by Don Felders, Don Henley, Glenn Frey performed by Eagles; and Cha Cha: Oye Como Va by Tito Puente performed by Santana, she changed her dress to this Zebra-printed purple-and-black hued costume featuring GORGEOUS black/silver/violet colored sequined jewels at her neck:

Animal Dance: Tessa Virtue (top) and Scott Moir (lower top) and close-up's of their animal-inspired sequined costumes--2017-2018 Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals

Tessa's costume was a change from this:
Black cheetah-printed costume with gold jeweled neck embellishment--worn at Skate Canada International 2017 (as well as to the NHK Trophy 2017)--Which costume do you guys like best? Personally, I love both but...the latest one (zebra printed, purple/violet sequins) is my favorite.
Which costume will she wear to the PyeongChang Winter 2018 Olympics? Stay tuned.

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