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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards Red Carpet: Muy Bien and Oh Dear!

Las Muy Bien!--(L to R) Becky G, Carmen Villalobos, Cynthia Olavarria and Fernanda Castillo--2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Mandalay Bay Center Las Vegas Nevada

Thursday night were the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards or Premios Billboard at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas Nevada. The show was televised on Telemundo, showcasing singers and music ranging from Reggaeton, Tropical, Regional Mexican, etc. In terms of the red carpet, The Latin Billboards are known to be quite a mix of looks. For the ladies we saw lots of Pageant Dresses, Cleavage and Leg, a sprinkling of elegance and oh yes, many "Ayyy Dios Mio!".

Los Mejor Hombres--(L to R) Maluma, Ricky Martin, Rodner Figueroa and Chayanne--2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards, Mandalay Bay Center Las Vegas Nevada

And while many of the boys couldn't stop themselves from looking like Tacky-licious Pimps, I was glad to see sharp and dapper-suited men on the red carpet...many of them looking better than the women, in fact! I'll talk about my Best & "Oh No!" of the men at the end of this blog but first...let's start with the Best Dressed LADIES:

Colombian actress Carmen Villalobos: Carmen Villalobos looked like a STAR in an entrance-making gown from Steven Khalil. The dress featured a fitted torso with plunging neckline that then flared into a very full and dramatic box-pleated skirt section. While it could be argued that maybe it was "a bit too much" for an event such as the Latin Music Billboard awards, I loved it because it had the right amount of "Wow" and wasn't too Pageant Loca! She looked beautiful, sexy and ready for the Premios Billboard ball!

Singer and actress Becky G--Becky G was one of my BEST DRESSED at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in this simple and elegant black bias cut gown. The dress featured a cowl draped front neckline, tiny spaghetti straps and extra long length. She gave a 1930's vibe but of course, brought it to 2018 with her great braids!

Actress and former 1st Runner-up to Miss Universe 2005 Cynthia Olavarria--Gorgeous Cynthia looked...MUY BELLA in this violet-colored sequined gown from Sherri Hill. The criss-cross halter neckline dress fit her perfectly and had the right amount of drama and impact that only a former Miss Puerto Rico Universe could pull off perfectly! This is how you do a sequined gown without looking too "Pageant Queen"; this is Red Carpet Fab.

Mexican actress Deborah Comba--Simple and chic. This was one of my favorites for its classic lines and elegant prettiness. I loved the blouson waist and curved sequined fabrication. The clean hair, red lipstick and lack of accessories also were just right for this look; she was modern and fresh.

Mexican actress Fernanda Castillo--I loved this fiery red gown on actress Fernanda Castillo. The sequined dress featured a draped side, high side slit, long sleeves and shoulder padded shoulders. It was on trend, 90's hot, and looked great on her. I also LOVED the fact that she didn't wear some tacky-licious platform "Stripper" pumps like so many ladies are wont to do; instead she did right by wearing these black strappy heels. Excelente querida Fernanda!

Telemundo TV Host Rashel Diaz--The beautiful Rashel wore this silver-gray one shoulder gown from Nathalie Kriado which was worthy of my BEST DRESSED List! Rashel gave you amazing shape, interesting asymmetrical detail and fabulous leg! From head to toe, this was a MUY BIEN Red Carpet moment! And not that I need to add to all that but...the shoes were PERFECT as well as the top knot hairstyle.

Venezuelan actress Gaby Espino--Several ladies tried to give that popular "nude dress: look but I think Gaby's was the best. She wore this golden/silver applique gown over nude tulle emphasizing her fabulous body but not in a vulgar way. I was especially happy that the length was on-point and right to the floor, covering her shoes and last but not least,  I also loved her slicked back hair and perfectly tanned skin

And last in my BEST DRESSED:
E! Entertainment On-Air Correspondent Sibley Scoles--At first, I was like "This could be an "Oh Dear!" moment but the more I looked at it, the more I was like "At-A-Gurl!". Sibley wore this striped golden gown featuring a high center front slit, open sides and SUPER plungling front neckline. All of those things would normally go into the "HOOCHIE NOT CUTE" category but darlings, she WORKED IT! I also loved the clutch and silver strappy heels.

And now...Time for the AYYYY MIJA'S! or Oh Dear!
Venezuelan born TV Host Alexandra Olavarria--There is not much I can say about this other than "What was she thinking?". She's wearing a poncho-like top section...with fringe (Que??) and hot shorts...and a chiffon split-front overskirt. And nude peep-toe platforms. It's a mess. But on a good note: She's got AMAZING legs!

Colombian Reggaeton Singer/Songwriter Karol G--I am not really sure what is happening here. I know that the late 80's and 90's are "BACK!" in terms of fashion, but seriously this "Demi Moore in bicycle shorts at the 1989 Oscars" moment is one style trend I DO NOT want to see. And if in fact this is what she was going for, it was a very cheap version. The fit is not cute, the boobs are sagging, the seams are rippling...GLOVES!!!...Ayyy Dios Mio! On a good note: The strappy heels were kinda cute!

Radio Host Jessica Flores--A silver crop top and silver mini. And "cage" shoes. Jessica has a FAB body but in terms of a red carpet look, this was as if she went to the mall and spent $30, at the most. At least she was thrifty! I just think this is better suited if you're going to an off-the-Vegas Strip Birthday Party for a best friend who used to be a Stripper. For sure.

Singer Paty Cantu--Silver sequined jumpsuit...with a nude colored tulle overskirt. If this was done by, say...Lebanese couturiers Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad: FABULOUS but here, it was definitely an "Oh Dear!" moment (I know this was NOT by those designers, thank goodness!). And to top off this Tacky-licious red carpet moment, somehow someone told her wearing pink peep-toe platform pumps was the PERFECT thing to do: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

TV Host/Actress Raquel Lisboa--Please tell me that I really do not need to explain why this look above is in my WORST DRESSED at the Premios Billboard Alfombra Roja List. If I do, let me start with the awful fit (too short and too tight); the "Hola Boob-a-Licious" neckline; and yes, THOSE nude platforms! Listen, I'm sure the straight guys were like going crazy over this but, this fashionista was like "Ayyy Mija!!!".

Latin Music Expert/TV Host Leila Cobo--While I like the dress, I think the velvet fabrication might have been too heavy and the cascade ruffle front didn't add any good style drama; it all looked forced. And then, I just wonder who told her to wear those ABBA-esque silver shoes???  Whoever that was, they should be removed from her iPhone's address list. Pronto.

Actress, Model and former Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera--Listen, I will be the first to say that Zuleyka is one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN in the World--heck, that's why she won Miss Universe! She won it TWELVE YEARS AGO and she could easily win it TODAY! But...this dress/look was a tacky mess. The side straps, too-much exposed skin, the gold applique trim, the gold shoes...the top-knot's just TOO MUCHEY, and too much craving attention. Zuleyka doesn't need to scream "Look at me" this way, because EVERYONE will even if she's wearing a t-shirt and jeans: SHE"S STUNNING! This dress cheapened her and made her look like a concubine in a low-rent film about Morocco.

Dominican Singer Natti Natasha--At first, I thought this was an "interesting" look. First off, Natti Natasha's face and hair are BEAUTIFUL! But then, I had to bring it back to the outfit: An asymmetrically cut long tunic/top with silver crystal studs and one sleeve...over a skirt. So far, it wasn't that bad but...

OH NO! UNDER BOOB SHOWING!!! This was THE "Ayyy Mija!" moment for me that ended up putting her in my "Oh Dear!" List. Full stop.

Ricky Martin--Puerto Rican singer/actor/Latin Music Icon Ricky Martin looked sharp and perfectly suited for the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards. And that's why he was one of my BEST DRESSED Men. I loved this three piece gray plaid suit on him and how "Hipster Dapper" he looked in it--the no shoes...cropped tie dress shirt...he was giving Tailored but Casual Elegance. Muy on-trend Ricky.

TV Host Rodner Figueroa--Rodger looked ultra chic and ultra elegant in this double breasted tuxedo. All he needed was a Very DIRTY Martini! I LOVED every inch of it! EXCELENTE Rodner!

"Al Rojo Vivo" Newscaster Quique Usales--One of my BEST DRESSED MEN at the 2018 Premios Billboard was Telemundo personality Quique Usales. I loved his dressed-up off-white "Smoking Jacket" shawl collar tuxedo ensemble. He looked polished, elegant and very well dressed.

Colombian Singer Maluma--Maluma was another red carpet boy giving three-piece/cropped pant/no sock look (a la Ricky Martin) and I loved it! He looked elegant and dapper yet still hispter cool. I really liked the tiny bow tie, black glasses and black velvet slippers.

Chayanne--Puerto Rican Latin Music icon Chayanne gave all those young boys a run for their style money: He looked BETTER than many of those kids darlings! I loved this blue suit on him--it looked expensive, well-tailored and super sharp on him. I also liked the no tie/open shirt look with it; he was giving "I'm Casual yet still MUY Chic!"

Telemundo Digital Presenter Christian Acosta--The shiny tuxedo jacket was a BIG trend on the red carpet at the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards and Christian was one of the BEST looks following this Menswear trend. I liked the cut of the jacket, the color as well as how he paired it with skinny trousers. The big puffy bow tie was quite nice as well.

Singer/TV Host Poyato--Another great shiny jacket boy was Poyato. I love a fab blue tuxedo jacket and his was GREAT! The tailoring was nice and his lean pants were a perfect pairing.

Puerto Rican Reggaeton Rapper/Singer/Songwriter Wisin--Lastly, in my BEST DRESSED MEN list was Wisin in this black suit. I absolute loved the jacket with the sequined lapels, as well as the skinny tie. He looked elegant, well-dressed and not tacky "Pimp Reggaeton"-y. Gracias Wisin.

And finally, here are the "Ayyyy No!" Men of the 2018 Billboard Latin Music Awards Red Carpet:
Venezuelan-born Music Producer Motiff--While I do like this colorful bomber jacket, I think the entire look including the supper skinny leather (or pleather) pants, red suede boots, plunging neckline gray knit t-shirt, jewelry, sunglasses...was just 2 seconds from being too douchey. Seriously. I bow to him as a producer and all the fab music he has done but...this look will not, I guarantee you, age well.

Music artist Thomas Augusto--OK, first off, Thomas is a total cutey! I know I sound like a 16 year-old girl but, he is!!! However, this look of his was a MESS: A plaid jacket, capri-style worn/ripped jeans, suspenders, red 80's style combat boots...Once again, I know the 90's are all the rage but this is a bit too contrived and over-styled and not a red carpet look. This is more appropriate for a 2AM club/party...and even then, if I was a VIP "Guest List" check-in person, I might not let him in.

Raggaeton Singer/Composer Chucho Flash--This look above makes me want to give all my GG Gucci belts away to one of my local Thrift/Vintage/Re-Sale Stores! ASAP! I don't even know where to begin with this. It's just too flashy and too tacky. Maybe that's the point but I still don't think it's right. Next time, don't put your iPhone in your pocket, don't wear so much LOGO-A-Gogo and don't make your tie so short. It all looks as if he is trying to look like a "baller" or as if he has money to buy Gucci but we all know all those Gucci sales people are laughing at him.

Puerto Rican Raggaeton and Latin Trap Singer Bad Bunny--Listen, I get the whole Alessandro Michele/Dolce& Gabbana  70's Retro Brocade/Jacquard Look that's happening but somehow, I just think it didn't work for Bad Bunny. It's a beautiful suit but he is the wrong person to be wearing it. Once again, this is one of those photos that he's going to look back at in like...TWO YEARS..and think "What was I thinking?" (I hope!).

Colombian Singer/Songwriter Sebastian Yatra--I get what Sebastian was going for with this wine-red velvet "Lounge Suit" look with a leaf-printed shirt. He's on-trend with the 70's vibe but it just looked sloppy and almost as if he was advised (by a stylist) to wear this...even though he probably would have worn something else. Here's some advice: You don't want to look as if you have already gone to the AFTER PARTY...when it's only 3pm at the pre-show Red Carpet.

And LASTLY...Please Stop The Tongue Photos!
Motiff and Thomas Augusto: STOP! Please. STOP. This is NOT a good red carpet look. 

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