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SASHES AND TIARAS....Miss Grand International 2018 Finals: My TOP 10 EVENING GOWNS!

Most Grand Gowns (L to R) Miss Grand Japan Haruka Oda, Miss Grand Venezuela Biliannis Alvarez, Miss Grand India Meenakshi Chaudhary, Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa, Miss Grand Puerto Rico Nicole Colon--Miss Grand International 2018 Finals

The Grand Winner: Miss Grand International 2018, Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa (center) flanked by her Runners-up ((L to R) 3rd Runner-up Miss Grand Puerto Rico Nicole Colon, 2nd Runner-up Miss Grand Indonesia Nadia Purwoko, 1st runner-up Miss Grand India Meenakshi Chaudhary, 4th Runner-up Miss Grand Japan Haruka Oda--Miss Grand International 2018 Finals, Yangon Myanmar
Photos courtesy of Miss Grand International Facebook

In my last "Sashes and Tiaras" BLOG post HERE, I discussed my TOP 15 Favorites of the 2018 Miss Grand International National Costumes from last month's international beauty pageant. Now, it's time to talk about my favorite EVENING GOWNS from the Final Crowning Night which occurred on October 25th in Yangon Myanmar.

 Most Grand--Clara Sosa, Miss Grand Paraguay being crowned as Miss Grand International 2018--Yangon Myanmar

The winner was the gorgeous Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa. Sosa is 1.74 M (5' 8 1/2") tall, 25 years-old model and a pro at beauty pageants having won Miss Model of the World Paraguay 2015 as well as others. She stirred up the world--and internet--when she actually fainted--yes, FAINTED!

And The Winner Is--The moment before...she fainted...Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa (L) and Miss Grand India Meenakshi Chaudhary (R)--Miss Grand International 2018 Finals, Yangon Myanmar

When the announcer said her country as the new Miss Grand International 2018...she slightly shifted to her side and then, FELL to the floor, fainting. It was a moment captured (unfortunately) for the world to see:

 Oh Dear!--Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa as she fainted when announced as Miss Grand International 2018, Yangon Myanmar

It was seriously a scene out of a satirical beauty pageant movie. But yep, Clara did it. In the end, seconds later (it seemed like a LIFETIME!) she recovered and she got her crown and all was history.
But enough of's time to talk about my FAVORITE Evening Gowns from the Top 10 Semi-Finalists plus some Honorable Gown mentions AND...some "Uh Oh Gowns"...Let's begin with my Top Choice:

Gown Show--Miss Grand International 2018 Finals--Yangon Myanmar

Best in Gown--(L to R) Miss Grand Japan Haruka Oda, Miss Grand Venezuela Biliannis Alvarez, Miss Grand India Meenakshi Chaudhary, Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa, Miss Grand Puerto Rico Nicole Colon--Miss Grand International 2018 Finals

1. Miss Grand India Meenakshi Chaudary--In a golden shimmering gown from Falguni Shane Peacock, Meenakshi took my NUMBER ONE pick for BEST EVENING GOWN of the 2018 Miss Grand International Finals. She looked STUNNING in this sequined gown featuring a high side slit, long sleeves and sweetheart neckline. The golden color and the fit were perfection. Normally I am not a fan of seeing the bust cups on these kinds of "nude/sheer" gowns and really feel there has to be a more tasteful way of doing them (as opposed to actually SEEING THEM!) but here I almost forgot they were there.
Score: 9.75

2. Miss Grand Paraguay Clara Sosa--Maria Clara Sosa, who eventually won the top crown, wore my second favorite gown of the night in this ivory dress from designed by Paraguayan designer Avelina de Maier. The iridescent organza design featured drop shoulder cap "sleeves", applique embroidery and a dramatic side drape fall on a fitted column gown. The white color was right for Clara and made a strong statement onstage; she looked like a Winner...and indeed she soon was!
Score: 9.30

3. Miss Grand Japan Haruka Oda--Designed by Filipino designer Louis Pangilinan, this was my third favorite gown of the night. Miss Grand Japan looked every bit the perfect beauty queen in this gorgeous baby blue gown that was truly "Pageant Perfection". While some could argue that it was a bit too "Pageant Betty", for me, the design was GREAT Pageant Betty: I loved the fit, the fantastic side pleated draped overskirt and beautiful sequined applique fabrication. If there was any complaint, it would be those silver clunky heels; they should have been simple silver strappy/non-platform ones. But other than that, the overall effect was very pretty!
Score: 9.25

4. Miss Grand Venezuela Biliannis Alvarez--Venezuelan beauty Biliannis dazzled in this ivory and nude gown designed by Venezuelan designer Julio Mora featuring George Wittels accessories. The column dress featured nude iridescent organza panels on the side as well as throughout the top portion accentuating her perfect figure, creating a second skin look of gown perfection. The gown fit beautifully and her softly waving hair and "Latina Barbie: makeup worked as well. You really couldn't ask for more with this.
Score: 9.23

5. Miss Grand Vietnam Nga Phuong Bui--Miss Grand Vietnam wore this golden colored netting-and-sequined gown featuring an off-the-shoulder neckline style with a fit-and-flare skirt silhouette, The gown fit her perfectly and looked very nice on her. Overall, this looked like an expensive non-store bought gown with exquisite crystal embellishments and a top-tier example of those popular "nude"/golden gown choices so popular with beauty queens as of late.
Score: 9.15

6. Miss Grand Indonesia Nadia Purwoko--Designed by Indonesia designer Sebastian Gunawan, Nadia dazzled in this gold sequined column gown at the Miss Grand International 2018 beauty pageant. I thought the design fit her well and exalted her tall, lean figure. The heavily beaded fabrication was rich and basically made her look like a thin block of gold bullion! Normally, I am not a fan of so much nude illusion (seen here on the sides and front) since it can go "Figure Skating Costume" in a hot minute, but it was fine here.
Score: 9.10

7. Miss Grand Puerto Rico Nicole Colon--Nicole wore this white column gown for the Miss Grand International 2018 beauty pageant and she was my 7th favorite among the Top Ten. The simple, clean design featured a sequined and crystal applique and the lean shape looked great on her. The modern hairstyle and earrings finished the look just right.
Score: 9.00 

8. Miss Grand Dominican Republic Mayte Brito--Mayte wore this lace-and-sequined gown which featured a super high "slit" opening showcasing her very toned and fabulous legs. While this design is not for my taste (that's A LOT of leg showing!), it did look sexy-elegant on her and the ivory color worked great against her skin coloring.
Score: 8.99

9. Miss Grand Spain Patricia Lopez--In my No. 9 spot is Miss Grand Spain and this golden/nude shimmering gown. The column shaped dress featured vertically placed crystals over a nude tulle/chiffon base. The dress was nice--albeit not extraordinary by any high fashion standards--and did the job.
Score: 8.50

10. Miss Grand Mexico Lezly Diaz--Last on my of Top Ten Gowns of the Miss Grand International 2018 Semi-Finalists is Miss Grand Mexico in this sequined-and-feathered gown. Designed by Mexican designer Edgar Lozzano, the dress was quite impacting onstage but lacked some taste level with its over use of feathers and sequins on nude illusion. While it looked expensive and fit her very well, it was very "Beauty Pageant Christmas Ornament".
Score: 8.10 

Honorable Gown Mentions:
These five contestants---three of which made the Top 21 Semifinalists' round--got my "Honorable Gown Mentions" for their stage-impact and beauty--(L to R) Miss Grand Cambodia Molika Dy, Miss Grand U.S. Virgin Islands Morgan Evans, Miss Grand Thailand Moss Namoey Chanaphan, Miss Grand Sri Lanka Pawani Yuwanthica Vithanage, Miss Grand Brazil Gabrielle Vilela de Souza

And then, there were the Uh Oh's: There is always bound to be some Gown Ooopsies in terms of evening dresses worn by the contestants and this was the case at Miss Grand International 2018. These were some of the Gown Messes:
Oh Dear Gowns Part 1 (L to R): Miss Grand Czech Republic Kristyna Langova, Miss Grand China Wan xi Xing, Miss Grand Albania Klaudia Kalia, Miss Grand Haiti Valieri Alcide

Oh Dear Gown Part 2 ( L to R): Miss Grand Hong Kong Eleanor Lam, Miss Grand Mongolia Burte Ujim, Miss Grand Zambia Isabel Chikoti, Miss Grand Taiwan Tania Tan Yi Rong

Congratulations and Felicitaciones to Maria Clara Sosa, the newly-crowned Miss Grand International 2018!

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