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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2018: National Costumes PREVIEW: Photos!

Universal Costumes--(L to R) Miss Universe Cambodia Nat Rern, Miss Universe Japan Yuumi Kato, Miss Universe Thailand Sophida Kanchanarin, Miss Universe Vietnam H'Hen Nie

The 67th Miss Universe beauty pageant is taking place in Bangkok Thailand on December 17th. Ninety-five contestants from all over the world are competing for the coveted beauty crown. In advance of the finals, their National Costumes are always one of the favorite things fans look forward to seeing. Some of the contestants have been showing off what they will be wearing. Here is a "Sneak Peak"...Let's start with the contestants from...

Las Latinas--(L to R) Miss Universe Puerto Rico Kiara Ortiga, Miss Universe Venezuela Sthefany Gutierrez, Miss Universe Guatemala Mariana Garcia, Miss Universe Ecuador Virginia Limongi

Miss Universe Brazil Mayra Dias--Created by the artists of Parintins and designed by Helerson da Maia, the main designer for the festival costumes of the Boi de Paritins, it represents a tribute to the indigenous ethnic minorities of the South American nation. The costume is the representation of an Indigenous person who carries in them, the paintings, plumage of all the Brazilian ethnic groups.

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Kiara Liz Ortega--Kiara Liz Otiga showed off her National Costume for the island U.S. territory of Puerto Rico entitled "Puerto Rican Reborn". Designed by Joshuan Aponte, the inspiration of the dress takes as a starting point the strength and impetus of the Puerto Rican spirit to adversity and particularly, Hurricane Maria as an element to demonstrate the strength of its people. This "Fashion Hurricane" was made with multiple layers of different types of materials in transparent and metal finishes, including a layer of smart LED lights to represent the wind gusts movement. One can appreciate the Puerto Rican flag in gems and crystals emanating from the eye of the hurricane suggesting the lift of the island. A combination of hands, all in different colors to represent the diversity of people in Puerto Rico. The rain of rubies that emanates from red hands represents the blood of more than 3,000 lives that were lost. White hands shower a rainfall of silver crystals that represent the tears of the village and in the diaspora. In essence, this national costume wants to represent that Puerto Rico is rising again and a metaphor of light that illuminates the path of queens and all women who decide to lift the homeland.

Miss Universe Panama Rosa Montezuma--The name behind this grand design for Miss Universe Panama is "Zarati, The Rebirth of Two Legends ". The costume features a tan-colored mesh base, to simulate Princess Zara under the gold of the sun's rays, which is made of more than 3,500 golden beads with small crystals iridescent and sheets of silver acetates, matching a bib, cuff links and anklets. The design was done by Abdul Juliao. The headdress and gear are inspired by the symbol of the eagle in the pre-Columbian era. The silver crown that is part of the headdress is plated in 18K gold and made by the hands of the goldsmiths Mila Jewelry.

Miss Universe Ecuador Virginia Limongi--Entitled "Ecuadorian Amazon", this vibrant costume was designed by Wenceslao Munos, the winner of the Best National Costume by The Municipality of Guayaquil Tourism. The costume features a colorful sequined and feathered bird-like design with exaggerated wings, festive headdress and shoes.

Miss Universe Guatemala Mariana Garcia--This fabulous bird-like costume is entitled "Princess of Kaminal Juyu" and is the national costume Miss Universe Guatemala will wear for the upcoming Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant. The Archaeological site, Kaminal Juyu, was the most important pre-Hispanic regional capital of the central highlands of Guatemala. The ruins covered more than 200 mounds that spread in an area of 5 kilometers, including 13 ball games, scattered in this area around the lagoon of miraflores, today extinct in a warm, flat and fertile plateau, with abundant rivers surrounded by green mountains. The white and black colors of the costume represent the cyclic movements of the moon of the Mayan calendar; the red represents the purity of the Mayan princesses, and the green shows the splendor of the architecture and science of the great Mayan civilization. It was designed by Toni Berganza and Cesar Castro.

Miss Universe Venezuela Sthefany Gutierrez--Miss Universe Venezuela revealed her national costume entitled “Guaichia: Protector Queen of Nature". The costume, designed by Voyage, features more than 140,000 golden Swarovski crystals and was inspired by the Venezuelan Amazon. The ensemble is complemented by a crown created by Sinparjoyas and an anaconda created by Jason Galarraga.

Miss Universe Namibia Selma Kamaya--Diamonds are a girl’s best the saying goes...and for Miss Universe Namibia, they are her inspiration. Kamaya said her national costume for Miss Universe is inspired by Namibia’s Crown Jewel, its rare gem quality diamonds. The costume represents the essence of Namibia, which is renowned for its magnificent diamonds, embodying the proud spirit of Namibia and her beautiful people. Namibian designer, Cobus Moller designed the costume and said that the costume reflects the magnificently diverse Namibian landscape where the oldest desert in the world meets the Atlantic ocean and of course, its diamonds. “The bodysuit is ablaze with faux diamonds holding an intricately worked wing representing one extremely large diamond which will sparkle continually on stage and a diamond headset to complete the look,” he explained.

Miss Universe South Africa Tamaryn Green--Miss Universe South Africa Tamaryn Green revealed her Miss Universe National Costume at her farewell event. It was designed by Malikah Hajee and Lloyd Kandlin and their team at The Costume Department. Hajee explains that The Costume Department took inspiration for the show-stopping national costume from South Africa’s national bird, the blue crane: “More than 1000 bluish grey and black feathers have been hand placed on the costume and resemble under wing feathers. The headpiece is encrusted with crystals depicting the beak. The custom feather print fabric is designed locally. The structured, tailored jacket is reflective of the esteem that blue crane feathers are held in within some African cultures such as Xhosa, Zulu and Ndebele. Chiefs were bestowed with the honor of wearing blue crane feathers for their acts of bravery and hunting prowess.”

Miss Universe Korea Ji Hyun Baek--Miss Universe Korea gave a hint of her national costume, which looks like a pink-and-gold silk Hanbok ensemble with a fabulous braided headdress.

Miss Universe Australia Francesca Hung--Miss Universe Australia Francesca Hung will showcase the country on the world stage in a national gown inspired by golden wattle, the national flower of Australia. The Chinese-Australian model's national costume was designed by Nicola Yeung. It features 20 meters of silk, descends into a giant wattle-shaped skirt, with each petal individually hand dyed to bring the floral to life. Francesca said that "This wattle gown signifies the unity and resilience of the Australian people. I am beyond proud to be wearing such an incredible national costume". 

Miss Universe Cambodia Nat Rern--Miss Universe Cambodia's national costume, entitled "The Kingdom of Wonder",  is a collection of images and symbols representing Cambodia’s rich history, unique culture and other features that makes the country a truly great nation. Designed by Cambodian fashion brand, Madam Boutiques Amythe National Costume represents the many fascinating features of Cambodian culture and history. The design of the dress is said to have been based on the style prevalent during the 15th-18th century. The dress is complemented with a skirt made of Khmer silk and was popularly worn by the first women of Khmer civilization. As for its unique features, the most apparent is the attachable backdrop designed in the form of Cambodia’s official flag. The back portion is adorned with designs based on the mysterious smiling faces of the Bayon temple and Romduol, which is Cambodia’s national flower.

Miss Universe Singapore Zahra Khanum--The historic North Korea-United States summit meeting, the first-ever between the two countries, was the inspiration for this year's Miss Universe Singapore national costume. The costume consists of 3 meters-long white dove wings, a peace symbol incorporated into the bodice and an electric blue skirt emblazoned with a digital print of a handshake--one arm features the North Korean flag and the other, the American flag--over the Singapore skyline. Moe Kasim, Creative Director of Moephosis Concepts, designed the costume, wanting to showcase world peace. The look took three months to make.

Miss Universe Vietnam H'Hen Nie--Miss Universe Vietnam will be wearing a Bahn Mi Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich- as her Miss Universe National Costume. The costume features a basket of the iconic Vietnamese Baguette Sandwich, as if a street vendor was selling it. The look also features a straw cone-shaped hat and necklace.

Miss Universe Japan Yuumi Kato--Miss Universe Japan's National Costume for Miss Universe will involve a Samurai Fashion Diva-turns-into-Sailor Moon. Naturally. The look first starts as a sexy Samurai with a mini Kimono and thigh-high stiletto boots, and then flips into the iconic "Sailor Moon" Japanese anime costume. 

Miss Universe Malaysia Jane Teoh--Jane Teoh's national costume for Miss Universe is inspired by the Bangau Perahu, designed by Salleh Hamid. The outfit, which took six months to complete, features prime elements of the Malaysian culture. The design is inspired by the boat’s crane, most commonly seen on fishing boats of the East Coast and is adorned with a bangau on the right shoulder and okok on the left. The warrior-like attire also spotlights a corset made to look like an armor, as well as 3D shield-like structure resembling the front of the boat. The final look is then complemented with royal blue, custom-made boots designed by Rhea Tan.

Miss Universe Thailand Sophida Kanchanarin--Entitled “Chang the Icon of Siam”, this elegant costume was designed by Tee Phasux who won the national costume contest this year.
The designer unveiled the 20-kilogram costume decorated with Swarovski crystals. The costume is a combination of Thai dress and technology using hydraulics to transform the dress into an elephant, hence the name “Chang the Icon of Siam”. The gorgeous ensemble also features ivory colored silk-wool double-layered torso/neckline details, intricate gold and pearl sequin embroidery, crown and back cape/flaps.

Check out more photos of Miss Universe Thailand's fabulous National Costume:

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