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WELCOME!!! Welcome to my new BLOG!


Hi everyone. Welcome to my new blog page. Although I have a fantastic new website , which I hope everyone has had a chance to visit, I have been getting such an amazing amount of support that I wanted to be able to address everyone immediately.
First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and emails of support. I am humbled by everyones response to me and am so appreciative. I wish I could email everyone back, but as you must know, time is limited these days!
Hopefully these postings will fill everyone in on all the exciting things that have been happening to me on a day to day basis since Project Runway started airing.
Keep coming back often and hopefully I can keep you entertained with some exciting news and information!
All my best,

57 Responses to "WELCOME!!! Welcome to my new BLOG!"

Karen said...

Hello Nick!

I'm so glad to see you have your own blog! It will be really interesting to "hear from" you during this show!

I've loved your designs so far. I pre-ordered three Barbies! Your niece looks adorable and how cool is that, she has her own Barbie with her uncle Nick on the box!

Your whole story about that on the show (designing Barbie's dress with her in mind) was so sweet, too. I always sketched designs as a kid, and had Barbies so that reminded me of those days.

You seem like a really nice person and you've paid your dues... Best of luck in the competition.


amarawilson said...

you are one hot cookie! oh and your bed side manner with that needle and thread takes my breath away too. love the spice and energy you bring to this season's project runway. besides being a huge fan, i admire the way you fabulously provide & persevere.


Marley Gibson said...

Great to see you have a blog, Nick! You're my favorite on Project Runway and I hope you take away all the prizes. Your designs are by far the most creative and inspiring. Good luck and thanks for keeping me laughing as I watch the show.

Marley = )

Soph said...

I am your biggest fan, ever Nick. I just saw this week's show and totally thought you should have won. God bless, soph

Allen said...

Hey Nick.

I'm cheering for you to make it to the final three!! You always seem to do much better than most of the designers. (And I think you're pretty cute.)

Good luck!!


Marty said...


I think you are the best of the bunch and hope that you win this season of Project Runway.

Your biggest fan in SF! (and a queen)

hilaryloren said...

Hey Nick :) I love you & your designs, You are by far the most consistent designer on PR this season. You're a fabulous designer & such a sweetheart. My fingers are crossed that you win the whole thing, you have what it takes to make it big. Good luck!!
Cheers, Hilary

hilaryloren said...

Hey Nick :) I love you & your designs, You are by far the most consistent designer on PR this season. You're a fabulous designer & such a sweetheart. My fingers are crossed that you win the whole thing, you have what it takes to make it big. Good luck!!
Cheers, Hilary

Murai said...

Dear Nick,

So very happy you are still with Project Runway as your designs are beautiful and you seem a wonderful person. All the best and looking forward to more of your work!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,

You are the best! Zulema and Santino are totally WACK!

Anonymous said...

Nick--you are clearly the most talented designer between both Seasons 1 AND 2. Good luck and I hope you win!

yordi said...

sorry about Tarah! U 2 made a great team!
wish U both the best!

BookedEveryWednesdayAt10ThruFeb said...

hi nick --

I *so* hope that your time is limited because you have a BIG SHOW in a couple of weeks in NYC... :o)! If you're there, will you get Tarah back to help show your collection? oh, but I guess you can't say... I guess we'll have to wait and see...

No matter what, you & the PR crew have all already made my winter a whole lot more fun :o) All the best...

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick! First off, you are SOOOO SEXY!!!!!!! Secondly, you should have, like you said, cut that heffer that took your model!!!! Anyhow, i wish you the BEST of luck in all you do!

La Fifi said...

Nick -- my bear friend Steve and I totally have our money on you to win PR. As Rob Schnieder always says in Adam Sandler movies, "You can do eet!"

Granted, we'd blazed up, but we were so amused by your runway walk in the Nicky Hilton episode. We kept rewinding the TiVO to see you do that spin where you whip your jacket around. I live every episode to hear your colorful queeny comments, too, a la, "... then you know I have tamed 'The Beast'."

Here's wishing you luck! I hope to see you, Daniel and Chloe at Fashion Week!


crkmama said...

nick, you better win this! i remember you from mills. i was 4 years younger, but knew your sister and remember how beyond that high school you were. i loved recognizing you on PR and damn are you not the nicest, most talented designer on there. can't wait to get your barbie for my 5 year old.
GOOD LUCK, you rock.

John Carlo said...

hey nick!
just wanted to show u some love and remind u of how fabulous u are
and by the way u are one hot cookie
def my biggest tv star crush :)
keep goin baby ur gonna be amazing at fashion week.

John Carlo said...


Leisa said...

Dear Nick,

I am so awestruck by your talent!
And so proud of all of your accomplishments. You done good, son. ;)
(can't help it - I'm a suthner.)

I would love to see you win the Project Runway challenge. It will only put another feather in you cap & get you the universal regognition that you deserve!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

mz_leisa said...

Dear Nick,

I am so awestruck by your talent!
And so proud of all of your accomplishments. You done good, son. ;)
(can't help it - I'm a suthner.)

I would love to see you win the Project Runway challenge. It will only put another feather in you cap & get you the universal regognition that you deserve!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

mz_leisa said...

Dear Nick,

I am so awestruck by your talent!
And so proud of all of your accomplishments. You done good, son. ;)
(can't help it - I'm a suthner.)

I would love to see you win the Project Runway challenge. It will only put another feather in you cap & get you the universal regognition that you deserve!

Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

mz_leisa said...


<font face=embarrassed>

Dee said...

In my book you have won almost every challenge. Stay in there, Nick, you have a great talent. Don't let the politics get you down. That's life.

Anonymous said...

My roommate and I LOVE you! Your commentaries throughout the show are so funny! Thanks for making PR so great! You are absolutely one of the best designers and we have enjoyed your designs as well as your personality!! You deserve to win.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick!

I am glad i found your blog. I really enjoy watching you on Runway. And in the last few episdoes i have really began to think your a really hot looking man!...Hope things continue to go well for you!

nickaddict said...

hi nick,

first of all i am ur female counterpart. i watch u and don't know if i want 2 be ur best friend or have ur baby!!! i cant believe u
have made me such a stalker! seriously if the occasion ever
arises and i need a fly ensemble-
ur my dream designer. u made me want 2 be the my scene barbie!!
i hope u make it big whether u win or not. i am a true nicaholic!!

Roberto Luis said...

Oh Nick!

I'm so sad! I just saw the latest episode and was devastated that they let you go instead of Santino!!! Seriously I thought you would be one of the final 3. Either way I wish you the best, you definitely deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,

I can not believe they kept El Diablo over you. This has got to be rigged. Your design was 110% better than that .... well, I just don't have the words to describe the Hazmat/CDC jumpsuit look that Santino went for. It's all good. How many dresses did he design for the SAG awards (gorgeous, by the way). Good luck with your collection. One day they will be begging you to be a guest judge.
Love you,

Anonymous said...


You are FABULOUS! I think you were robbed. They definately made the wrong choice. I wish I could afford to have you design something for me. I think you are the most talented. You clothes are gorgeous. Best of Luck. I think you will go far.

The dress at the SAG awards looked fabulous.

I'm a true blue fan

Anonymous said...

Nick, Although the pain of being eliminated has surely subsided by now because of the delay in taping/airing, we want you to know that we are outraged at the thought that an unfinished, incredibly ill-fitting garment would be accepted over your design. Yes, in your garment the seams puckered and perhaps the design was not as masculine as some thought it should be, but the fact remains that the design was beautiful and executed much better than Santino's. You got ripped off and the public knows it. For weeks you have been heads above Santino. We wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Nick, you were robbed!!!!! We were HORRIFIED to see you go last night... you have been our favorite from the beginning. Your design was beautiful, even with the construction issues; Santino's was hideous AND terribly made; and Kara's was just dull dull dull (Santino's everyday wear done in slightly different fabrics?). I hope that ultimately this experience has been worth it... If nothing else, you now have a huge following of loyal fans that have seen your talents in action! We have no doubt that the beautiful clothes of Nikolai will now be getting even more well-deserved attention from the fashionistas and design houses of the world, and we can't wait to see you repeating your runway walk (loved Chloe's look for you!) at the end of your very own showing, soon to come I feel sure. Nothin' but love for you!

Anonymous said...

Nick! My face turned beet red when they booted you. Santino should have left. I hated his designs and his funky attitude. Only severe intoxication and blindness would make me wear his stuff. What kind of judges are these??

All of your designs were amazing. I have a feeling that you will be bigger and better. And people will flock to you, if they haven't already.

I'm sorry your first model left too. I'm sure she's doing well by now. She is sweet just like you.

Do well and be good, babyface.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh you sweet and wonderful thing. The jumpsuit over the suit. I agree with one of the bloggers, this show had to be fixed.

I too loved the gown from the SAG Award. And many of the other garments in your collection. Santino's garb would be worn to the dumpster awards.

I'm sure you're long over this by now. And doing many other things. If being well known for your talents is part of yur dream. Don't wonder, it's coming true right now. I'm sure we'll see you again. friend or baby? I'll take both (smile).

Best of luck, Nick.


Melissa & Sara said...

NICK!!!!!!!! Santino should have gotten kicked off last night instead of you!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! you're the best!

Anonymous said...

Nick your designs are awesome! Daniel looked GREAT in spite of the puckering in the seams. You were robbed. You were suppose to be in the final three. PR has lost a fan. I cannot continue to watch The Santino Hour. He should have be OUT looooong ago. All of his garments LOOK THE SAME!! I'm really sad that you're not on the show any longer. The judging is so unfair and I refuse to watch anymore. I know you'll be successful. I look forward to seeing your line soon. Best of Luck!! Nick.

Aud said...


Santino's a one-trick pony. He should have been kicked off instead of you. You were my favorite designer on the show. I just love your aesthetic and sense of style. Any chance you would consider designing a wedding gown? I would love to have a Nick Verreos original for my wedding day.

You are a phenomenal designer.

Anonymous said...

A jumpsuit coming apart at the (glued) seams over a beautiful suit? Give me a break. Your suit for Daniel was so incredibly gorgeous and Daniel looked wonderful wearing it. I am so sorry you had to be sacrificed for ratings. Funny thing is, lots of people no longer want to watch PR. So much for keeping the ratings god. Love you. All the best to you. Your designs are fabulous!

Heather said...

I have to say that I can't understand the judges criticism of the suit you made for Daniel. True, it wasn't perfect (even you mentioned on the show that you caould see every flaw) but I thought the style and concept were perfect for Daniel. What the hell are they talking about it looking feminine. I personally didn't see that, but then again I'm a bit prejudiced!!! My prediction is Santino will make it to the final 2 but there is no way in HECK he should win. That would be truly Whickity Wack (or however it's spelled!). Since you are now gone, I will root for Dan.

Anonymous said...

My 8 yr old daughter and I love all of the fashions you created on Project Runway. She is quite bummed out that you are no longer on the show, as am I. We wish you the best of luck in your future. You've inspired my fashionista, she wants a sewing machine, I think thats awesome. Take care!

Jeanne and Hannah from IL

Lane Fragomeli said...

NICK YOU WERE ROBBED! I've never written to a blog before but after looking at the PR website, the PEOPLE voted Santino's " Gilda Radner cracked out of her mind at Studio 54" Camel-Toe Jumpsuit the WORST...and rightly so! As a creative director who manages a design team in NYC, we watch the show religiously and Thursday's morning meeting was a room full of DEVASTATED designers who were pulling for you. YOU NEED YOUR OWN SHOW!, Can PROJECT NICK: I'll CUT HER! be far behind?

Dwight said...

Nick after watching this weeks episode and seeing them let you go, i really see that the producers are only keeping Santino on for Drama and not really looking for true talent, but please keep us posted when you are going to be heading towards Florida, i ordered my Barbie the day PR put them on the website and would love the have the "Best Designer" i've seen on the show sign it for me.

Anonymous said...

Letting you go is PR's loss! You're my fav of all the designers. It's very clear Santino is this season's Wendy. Loved loved loved your gorgeous dress for Nicky Hilton, and I thought your suit for Daniel made him look hot. My heart stopped when Heidi said "you're out" because I wanted you to show at Fashion Week. But so many of us love your work and will follow you no matter what the producers think. They've sacrificed showcasing great design talent for fleeting entertainment.
I hope you open your own shop in LA!!
Carry on...Cheers, your biggest fan in the SF Bay Area.

wendy said...

You were my favorite on the show and I still can't believe you were cut! I happen to own two Nikolaki dresses (and I receive SOOO many compliments when I wear them out), so when you appeared on PR I was rooting for you to win. Keep up the great work, you're an amazing designer.

eduardo said...

Hi Nick.

Dude! You're still #1 in my book! I'll look for your designs on red carpets everywhere because you do put the F in "Fabulous" my friend (and the C in "Cute" by the way).

Do you know how good you are? You have 40-year old guys like me cheering you on, posting comments like these (and I don't even usually watch tv)! You're the best of the lot, and you're obviously a wonderful person; a person with heart, and a person of integrity.


PS And just to be bitchy, I've seen a few of those Miss Venezuela pageants and honey, Heidi, Nina and Miss Kors have a few things to learn from el mundo latino and California's Nick Verreos. Go get 'em!

Ciao babe!

Anonymous said...

WOW! i was so shocked when they said you were out i SCREAMED in my boyfriends ear and after it took a week to get him to watch w/ me and he only did cuz i kept talking about how fab you are. your outfits are wearable and beautiful. you have more talent then anyone there and i had you winning more episodes. i am hopein to see an afordable line in NYC??? you gave a lot of hope to young latino/a's who get stuck frontin about their sexuality becuz of tradition or fear and i gotta thank you for that.

Maria said...

BRAVO Nick!!
You are the true winner and have incredible talent. I was so shocked when you were out on PR. Hollywood is calling and this is just the beginning for you.
As a Greek-American woman, I love the fact that you named your design Nikolaki.
Well as they say in Greek "Me to kalo" All the Best!

Brendan D'Souza said...

Dear Nick, you are a fabulous designer. I just watched the episode where you and Santino, had to design a banana republic dress for evening. You had a nice black strap watch with a silver dial. It was a thick black band and there are two silver studs on either side of the watch securing it. I was wondering what brand the watch is, and where I could obtain it. I am a great fan of your designs and feel you are truly talented

Victor said...

Hey Nick ... This is so cool ... you are one of my favorite designers. I love you and i love your work you are geat i was so happy when i found this blog... hope to talk to you soon

victor said...

p.s do you have a boyfriend

Anonymous said...


I'd just like to say that you are my absolute #1 hero. You are so inspiring, energetic and exciting. You brought so much to Project Runway and you were by far my favorite! You deserve to have the money for the line, but I'm sure that you'll have the most amazing line. Your collection is already AMAZING!About the blog, I'm so happy you made it. I've been loooking all over the place for stuff about you and all I ever got was your biography on This is great. Good luck in the future and may you continue to be brilliant in everything you do!

Anonymous said...

I want to buy your clothes!!!! Please im begging you come to seattle! hahaha jk. No but really you should try to sell your stuff on the internet besides the project runway site. I dont know if you have a contract not allowing your or anything. But i know that your stuff would be snatched up in a second!

XOXO Halaretta

Anonymous said...

¡hey nick!
i think its so awesome how im kinda sorta able to talk to you through this. i loved your designs so so much and you also seem so nice in person. youve inspired me to become a fashion designer when i grow up im taking an intro to fashion class in my high school next year.
i was also wondering if you can help me by posting something so i am able to order one of your special edition barbie dolls. thank you so much.
good luck in everything you do!
<3, katherine

Jacob said...

Hey Nick,

I just wanted to say you were the most talented designer on Project Runway. Since your elimination, I've had a tough time watching the show, but it was good to see that you're back and helping Daniel V.

I think that if you made it to the final three your collection would blow everyone out of the water.

I just wanted to say thank you for giving the gift of fashion to this 20 year old formerly shabby straight man, and keep doing your thing cause you're absolutley amazing.

Take care and drop me a line if you want at


Kacey said...

Not only are you a fabulous designer, but you also seem to be such a kind soul. You are my favorite designer on the show. You seem to be the only one who knows how to design with sass!! I would love to rock one of your creations down the runway.....too bad I'm only 5'4". Ah dream!!!! God Bless!

Nafoola said...

im so sad that u left the show....i thought u would be one of the 3 to make it to the fashion week, but don't give up....ur designs r really great.....

imnsho said...

Hi Nick! Greetings all the way here from the philippines.. just passing thru... I was hoping you won or at least get in the top 3 in Project runway season 2, the airing of it here just ended in discovery travel and living... loved the whole show and you made it more interesting to watch

James said...

Hi Nick, i really wanted to say something funny and interesting about the show but to be honest, i just like you ;-) i have liked all the designs you have shown on Project Runway. but at the end of the day, i think yr bloody gorgeous & have a killer smile. ;-)