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People en Espanol

Proyecto "Cinta Verde" That means "project Green Ribbon" to those anglophiles with less than Spanish 101 knowledge. As you know, last month I was asked to design and create the "Heineken Green Ribbon" to promote music awareness within the Latin community and it was showcased at the recent "Latin Billboard Awards". In the July edition of People En Espanol, with Mexican heartthrob-crooner, Luis Miguel, on the cover, there is a wonderful photo of myself with Ozomatli member, Raul Pacheco, pinning his Swarovski-crystal encrusted "bling-bling" pin that I designed. You can also spot the more simple "green Ribbon" I designed for the mass audience , pinned to my white jacket.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Are we ever going to get a close up of those pins?

You're adorable as always!