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NICK APPEARANCES.....GLAAD Awards San Francisco

.....I was invited by GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to present the Latin Newspaper Article of The Year to Lupita Figuereiro for her stunning article in El Mensajero SF newspaper. I was nervous about my speech so I ad libbed a little bit by addressing the attendees in Spanish in the beginning of my speech and by "outing" myself as somewhat of a "Bay Area" native(I attended High School in Millbrae , a city 15 miles south of San Francisco). I was honored to have been asked to present this special award and more importanly to use my participation in Project Runway to promote GLAAD's cause to educate , destroy ignorance and misinformation in the media. Others attending included hostess Meghan Mullally from "Will & Grace" in a slinky navy silk charmeuse gown, Carson Kressly from "Queer Eye", who fixed my pocket square(I admitted to him that I must have missed that "Queer Eye " episode where he showed how to wear a pocket square kerchief ), "Cat Woman" diva Julie Newmar, actress Sharon Gless from "Queer As Folk", and actress Jennifer Tilly, who was honored with a "Lifetime Achievement" award and gave one of the funniest speeches of the night in her fierce Dolce & Gabbana leopard-print dress. After the awards, my friends and I went out and Carson met up with us causing a slight surreal scene in a certain SF bar, where people were doing double takes seeing Carson and myself. Quite funny! I had a great time during my short San Francisco visit, highlights included dinner at Lime, where the chef personally came out and greeted us and gave us a "Tasting" dinner from the menu, which was incredible! I have to give a special THANK YOU to Woody Woodbeck and his team of San Francisco Merrymen for making my 2 days incredible ! I met him while he was a producer for a segment on "PR" and we have been "pinky swear" friends since. He said he would show me a "good time" in SF, and he did not let me down! I also, made a fashion pitstop at H & M where I did A LOT of damage and found out that almost all the SF H & M sales associates were HUGE Project Runway fans! I also met several FIDM SF students who were so kind and supportive of my designs and teaching. I love the City by the Bay and cannot wait to return next month, where I will be doing a "Learning Annex " seminar. To learn more about the class I am teaching in SF, LA and San Diego, click HERE

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Anonymous said...

I'm first!!!!!LOL
just checked out ur blog as usual~
u still to be having a brilliant life! feeling hapi for u!

actually, i'd like to study fashion design as well. I'm planning to study overseas, yet dunno where to do and wht routes i should choose..reli puzzled at the moment and i reli hope i can pursue my dream ( like U )!!

plz..send me an e-mail and gimme some advise if u are free, which u dont seem to be..= =

(the HONG KONG fan again whose English sucks.)

Anonymous said...

where to go**

coolshane said...

OMG!!!The first pic is thud-worthy!(I just picked up this expression somewhere in the fan blog dedicated to one of AI5 finalists)

Love you clad in a pin stripe suit and a violet shirt.! So adorable!!!

Love from a die-hard fan in S.Korea-

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Your adorableness is astounding!

The queens must of been too excited seeing you and Carson together. They must all be in neck braces from the whiplash!


Alberto V. said...
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Alberto V. said...

Pardon the previous spelling excited to post!

So THAT's what you were doing in our fair city! My friends and I passed you on Castro Street one evening (of course you were already surrounded by fans), and we yelled "We love you Nick!" We thought it so gracious of you to pause a moment and acknowledge our outburst. And that's why we love you...talented and down to earth!

Woody Woodbeck said...

Thanks for the amazing time this weekend and to all of the blog readers out there...Nick is the real deal, professionally and personally! He's like a brotha from another motha!
Much love BOO!!

Woody Woodbeck said...

Love it! (See above comment!)

Anonymous said...

Glaad that you had a good time in San Francisco. We had fun spending time with you as well. Happy to be one of the SF Merrymen. Hope to see you soon. Take care.

aka Gretal 1

Anonymous said...


deb said...

Nick, Would you like me to email you the pictures that Bridget Gless wanted me to take of you 2 & Sharon? Deb

Chrissy said...

I was a volunteer at the GLAAD awards and saw your speech; you did a great job!

My girlfriend and I are lesbians and thus, not fashion buffs (I kid, she's a lil fashion hottie) but we still enjoyed watching you on Project Runway ;)

I didn't notice any pics of you with Jennifer Tilly.. She was hottt!