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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nick Verreos and Andrae Gozalo Vlogging for

We Should Have Our Own Show...On The Set: Andrae Gonzalo and Nick Verreos prepare for their video blog close-up Oh wait, we do! Well, we have our own mini Vlog on where Andrae Gonzalo and I discuss our thoughts on some of the last Project Runway episodes. OK, I'm lying, we don't just discuss: We gossip like two DISHY QUEENS at a bar! But we're not at a bar, but instead at the Lifetime Networks Digital headquarters, high above in one of those LUXURIOUS Century City office buildings! Click BELOW for our latest series in which we talk about the Newspaper Challenge and dear ol' Johnny Sakalis and his purported lie as well as the latest Divorcee Challenge and why it was soooo Oktoberfest! And you can view all the rest of the videos HERE!!!

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Milla said...

Hello Nick!
Fabulous blog...
I am adding you to my blog's blogroll.
You know I love everything you do.
Andrae too :-)
BTW.. My blog is at
Love ya!