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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nolita "Project" EMC2 New Line Emmett McCarthy

July 15, 2006--HE'S gone from "Project Runway" to Project Retail. Emmett McCarthy, a castoff from the second season of the popular Bravo reality show, debuted his togs for fall/winter during a rain-soaked Wednesday unveiling at EMc2, his 4-month-old NoLIta emporium. Though the weather did not hold up, the enthusiasm did.
"I never would have imagined a year ago that I'd be in my own store," says McCarthy, soaking up the residual post-storm humidity and post-show popularity in the quaint garden behind his shop.
He credits the boob-tube design incubator for taking him from behind the seams and forcing him onto the catwalk.
After toiling in nearly every capacity in the fashion industry, McCarthy stitched up his aspirations under the tutelage of host Heidi Klum and judge Tim Gunn, chair of the Department of Fashion at Parsons School of Design, McCarthy's alma mater. "I didn't win, so there wasn't as much pressure. I was able to catch up to myself," he says.
Known for his dexterity for menswear, the designer underwent a sartorial sex change by instead opting to design a bright array of women's wear, including bold, flowered three-quarter length coats, geometric printed dresses, and halter tops and dresses in nearly every color and fabric. EMc2's sophomore effort included textured double-breasted cropped blazers and a gray flannel swing coat.
"It's incredibly beautiful work," says Gunn, while signing T-shirts for adoring fans and industry folk at the intimate soiree.
"I am a son of Gunn," jokes McCarthy. "Tim has been a great supporter. I never knew how many friends I had until I went into business."
And he'll need those friends, because his own clothing line lands a few deviations from the high standards of Elizabeth Street, the power address for Manhattan style and cutting-edge independent commerce. A glaring discrepancy between the workmanship of the product and the prices might affect the overall take for the till.
However, redemption at EMc2 is found in the dressmakers form of McCarthy's reality show alums Chloe Dao, Nick Verreos and Kara Janx, whose duds he also carries.
Second-season winner Dao's party dress - a nifty cleavage-bearing black tulle empire-waisted number topped with a green sash - would win it for her all over again.
A romantic floor-sweeping muted orange and brown printed dress by Nick Verreos lends the fall/winter collection more cred, as does his striped oxford-cloth wrap dresses.
Also on sale are metallic kimono wrap dresses by Janx and various leather belts and beaded jewelry from an array of accessory designers.
Perhaps the item with the most pop is the Tim Gunn T-shirt designed by EMc2 brand director Dimitri Said Chamy. The printed cartoon-like semiautomatic bears the crossed-out names of Joan Rivers, Mr. Blackwell and Anna Wintour on the handle - a nod to Gunn's burgeoning reputation as the new arbiter of style and taste.
"I'm riding the wave. And it's all happened after age 50," adds the natty Gunn.

11 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Nolita "Project" EMC2 New Line Emmett McCarthy"

Matina Stergiopoulos said...

I definately think Nick is in the know about today's fashion. It is so amazing to see a Greek-American working his way through the fashion world. I would hope to see your line worn by many of our gorgeous Greek models. Good luck!


Carol said...

Hi uncle Nick

It's Carol

Loved the orange dress. Very gorgeous.

I still wanna be a Nikolette *-*

I love you,
Carol, Brazil

(I'm asking again that, if you have time, to visit my page and read the thank you commentary)

pleightx said...

Nick, that dress on Tara is beautiful. You, Emmett, Chloe and Kara (and Tim Gunn) are the best and nicest designers from PR2.

Like you said on the "Road to the Runway" episode, this is not about your 15 minutes of fame, this is for the long-term. And I know you will definitely do well. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Love the dress on Tarah!

What happened to designing for woman with curves (ok, overly curvy!)?

I love Tim Gunn...I still want that reality show with just you and him together.


caique beraldo said...

Olá Nick procurei já nos sites de vendas aqui no Brasil o dvd da segunda temporada do Project Runway , infelismente eles ainda não tem
Estou adorando esse espaço , aqui no Brasil o realit show está na reta final ...


Aguardo retorno ... sei que pode demorar muito uma respostinha mais fico ansioso pela chance de manter contato com você!!!

"Obrigado por existir"

Fico no aguardo mais uma vez até mais

beijos Caique do Brasil

I Nick I looked already in the sites of venda here in Brazil dvd of the second season of the Project Runway, infelismente they still does not
I am adoring this space, in Brazil realit show is here in the final straight line...


I wait return... I know that it can delay very one respostinha more I am anxious for the possibility to keep contact with you!

"Obliged for existing"

I am in I one more time wait it until more

Caique kisses of Brazil

Mina said...

hi Nick. I LOVED you on the show. You're incredibly talented. I can't wait to get back to the city from my summer break so i can go to emmet's store and see what you've got for fall. my friends and i always say that if we had millions of dollars to spend on clothes by our favorites designers of all time, you would be the first person we'd hire.

Debbie said...

Hey Nick,

I am a big fan and was at EMc2 for the Big Sale. My fiancee and I were there early in the day (before the torrential rains) and both you and Chloe were gracious enough to spend plenty of time talking to us about your PR experience. What an amazing insight to my favorite show. We also spoke to Emmett and Kara, but seemed to badger you the most.

Just wanted you to know that I bought one of your jersey tops with the draped sleeves and crossover draped front and I also bought one of the pleated jackets with the peplum bottom. I love them both, although I still feel that the jacket would fit better if I lost a few pounds. But, as you said that afternoon, "Lock and Load".

Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for being so gracious. You did not seem at all put off by my over-enthusiasm for being in your presence (I wouldn't have blamed you if you did).

By the way, I was also the 1st person to earn the autographed DVD of Season 2 and my daughter was thrilled (though jealous that she wasn't along for the trip). I promised her that, if you are once again visiting EMc2, I will take her with me.

Much love and best of luck,


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