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PROJECT Where Are They Now? Project Runway Article

OK, so a Where Are They Now? article on a cast of people that have only been off a show for 4 months might be a bit of a stretch (What are we, the cast of Who's The Boss?!?), but it is always fun to be involved with People Magazine!! It is a flattering article for everyone and all the pictures look great. Below is my profile. Only on Project Runway: Where Are They Now? As a new season starts, catch up with Austin, Chloe, Jay and six other favorites from the Emmy-nominated show. By Serena Kappes and Julia Wang with Jenny Sundel NICK VERREOS Season 2 As a professor at L.A.'s Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Verreos, 39, is passing on the pearls of wisdom he learned on Runway. And he's going full-steam ahead with a fashion line with his partner of 14 years, David Paul – Nikolaki (Greek for "little Nick"). Another coup: Verreos has gotten calls from such celebrity fashionistas as Sarah Jessica Parker. "My presence on the show has taken things to another level," he says. To see the complete article click HERE

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
I think you are doing an excellent job post-show! Unlike some of the other designers you are working, working, working!!! I applaud you for continuing to teach with what must be a demanding schedule. I have one more thing to ask you to pencil in.....could you, would you, pleasssssssssse give us some commentary on the episodes of PR3 as they unfold? I'm not looking for spoilers...just what you think of the designs sent down the runway. Something similar to what you do in the classroom...a critique! Hopefully you will find the time.

Ashley said...

Aww Nick, you're a superstar! You're doing an great job and I hope you keep it up. You're an amazing talent :) Much love to you and David

BluLimon said...

Hi Nick!

Loved you from Day 1 on Project Runway! Loved you even more when you mentioned Telemundo during the Barbie challenge. That's because I work for Telemundo in New York and I would love to have you come to our studios whenever you're in town or if you are presenting a fashion line/project and are going to be in town we would love to hear from you!

I'm on if you wish to contact me or if your publicist would like to get in touch with me.

Thanks again and good much on your present and future endevours!

BluLimon said...

opps..i meant to say good luck instead of 'good much'...sorry about that

rpmcdm said...

Nick -

It's Richard Merage from UCLA! We hung out senior year with Camille (my ex-girlfriend, your sister and others). Saw you on the program - congratulations. Hope all is well. Would love to catch up one of these days.


Anonymous said...

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