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Along with the rest of the nation, I was absolutely enthralled by all the recent drama involving the rumored de-throning of the beautiful Tara Conner, "Miss USA 2006". All those fabulous articles and the headlines "MESS USA" and "Tara: The new Paris Hilton" had me and my pageant-loving friends hanging by the last rhinestone-studded thread! Remembering how pretty she looked in Kayne Gillespie's "Project Runway"-winning gown in the "Miss Universe" contest earlier this year, made me think if somehow if she was stripped of her title, would they take Kayne's gown too? Or would Kayne get to keep it and have it in a glass-encased window in his boutique.
News is that Donald Trump has given her a second chance and she will undergo "rehab". I wish only the best to Tara in these trying times. Maybe Kayne will design her "comeback" gown when she gives up her crown in a few months. I will be tuning in to see the drama conclude.

It was also nail-biting for another reason. It just happens to be that my sister, Rita Verreos, (on the left, in a red top) herself a former "Miss Venezuela" contestant, is a pageant coach, who actually trained Tamiko Nash, "Miss California " to prepare for the "Miss USA" contest. Tamiko went on to become First Runner Up, and two days ago was awaiting word of whether or not she would have to get on a plane to New York City.
I met Tamiko through my sister, when we were all invited to attend the "Miss Universe" contest , held at the Shrine Auditorium here in Los Angeles. Here is a photo of myself and Tamiko, wearing one of my original designs, a canary yellow silk asymmetrical dress. Tamiko was an absolute dream when she came to my studio and tried on all these gowns and dresses, finally choosing this one. She already has starred in some programs and was one of the models in "Deal or No Deal" . It looks like Tamiko is doing great things despite the fact that she is not on a plane to New York to finish out the year as "Miss USA".

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Parisjasmal said...

Oh my goodness Nick. Is your whole family gorgeous?! I mean come on. Your sister is beautiful!!!

Bless Kayne's heart. I am from Oklahoma (though now live in Chicago) and went to college in the town where Kayne has his boutique (he did my cousin's bridesmaids dresses for her wedding) and I am sure he was FREAKING out about Tara. I did not follow her whole story like I should have BUT --I am all over the Donald/Rosie fiasco.

Let the games begin!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!


misty said...

I couldn't believe it when I first saw the deal with Miss USA! I hope they don't blame Project Runway or New York for her skankalicious behavior!

Which reminds me (not because of the skankalicious)--my cousin has a GORGEOUS daughter who WILL be representing the USA in the swimming competition in the next Olympics; do you design swimwear?

Leona said...

X'mas is coming soon. Wishing you and your family a very Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year. May 2007 be a blissful year for you. All the Best!!!

Happy Holidays

Leona =)

Parisjasmal said...

If Nick can design an ice skating outfit for on Olympian (Holla PR Season 2)then I KNOW he could turn out some swimwear befitting an Olympian.

KUDOS and CONGRATS to your cousin!

Tomi Rae Jones said...

So many times Trump is seen out there saying and doing what he has to do (he thinks) to keep his products in front of us. Miss USA Swimwear or Miss Teen USA Swimwear is just not his to promote so you hear nothing about it. The question is now, why can he not find a legit swimwear company or brand to sponsor the contests. is here to help with all this.