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School, Britney, and a Fan of NIKOLAKI

WEEK IN REVIEW: Can't Find My School Bags....Oh Look at Britney!....Girls Love NIKOLAKI!!! This week has been a bit crazy for me, especially at school. There are two weeks left with the Fall Quarter and the students are turning in the final homework, presentations, assignments, finished draped garments, etc. This is also the time when those not-so-good students try for a last-ditch effort to "make-up" work, turn in late Homework, and generally kiss up to me, and plead that they are not irresponsible and just had "way too much to do" this Quarter (wait until you get to the "real world" huney!). These are always the ones that come back to me at the end of the Quarter and wonder why they received D's or F's. I wonder why? It never seizes to amaze me that they even have, as we say in Spanish, the COJONES, to ask. But , thanks to the Dior and Vionnet Gods of Fashion, they are in the minority. This Quarter I have seen lots of wonderful work as well. Soon, I will try and post photos of some of the best garments done by my students in my "Collection Development" classes. I am astounded by how creative they have been! They should be very proud of themselves and I, as their Instructor, am very proud of them. On another note, however, two of my school bags, with Homework and class binders were lost, and I fear, stolen from the school. When I mentioned this to the school administrators, someone joked "Look On EBAY!" I hope that they are found and/or returned. It has made this week a bit of a downer for me. The only thing I could do is just apologize to the students for not having their Homework back to them and to keep an eye out for it on the Internet! ( as well as give them A's for the stolen Homework). One item that did brighten my week (other than reading Perez Hilton's blog every night before I go to bed to see those nasty photos of Britney's panty-less self): A couple of days ago, a friend alerted me to a posting on another blog that a young woman did, where she gushed about a certain NIKOLAKI top she had bought and loved. The top in question is a deep sand-colored Grecian-draped top with cowl sleeves which I did for Fall 2006 . She even posted photos of herself modeling the top and a close up of my label "Nikolaki by Nick Verreos, David Paul". Gotta love her! She goes by the name of Parisjasmal and her blog is I emailed her , and asked permission to use the posting plus the photos to showcase here in my blog. I know this sounds cheesy but the hairs on my arms (and I have lots, remember kids, I am half Greek!), were standing up after reading her love-account with the top I designed. I am glad that I can bring joy to someone, and especially make the wearer feel DIVINE, sexy and special. These are the three things I consider whenever I am sketching at 2 AM at my pattern table, after drinking way too much coffee. At least with this customer: Mission Accomplished! Thanks for putting a smile on my face (in a not-so-fun week) and for becoming a member of my "Nikolaki Girls". If you excuse me for indulging in a bit of self-flattery, click HERE to read her account of "Nick Verreos and a girl who loves his shirt". If you've ever purchased a piece of Nikolaki, I'd love for you to send me a photo of you wearing the garment. If enough people send in pictures I will do a special posting highlighting "The Best of Nikolaki"!

7 Responses to "School, Britney, and a Fan of NIKOLAKI"

Anonymous said...

It really does suck that you lost your stuff. Good luck getting it back.

That top is lovely. :-)

Parisjasmal said...

Hugs Nick! Thanks for the kind words.

You are awesome!


kimmy said...

where can i get your clothes, because i am just dying to get one. pleeease.

melanie said...

Hi Nick! Thanks for posting Parisjasmal's pciture with your draped top. I can assure you it was the highlight of her trip to Emmet's store and she was the envy of all hr friends here in Chicago when she posted the picture of it. You are so talented, and I think adding pictures of women wearing your designs is a great idea. Keep sketching and making versatile clothing. I love that this top is 2 pieces!

Mar said...

While I'm sorry you lost your important papers, I found myself chuckling throughout while reading your blog.

Thanks for brightening up my day!

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DIx said...

Hiiiii...!!! congratulations..! you're a fantastic fashion designer..!! I'm an italian girl and you know..italians've got a famous style so i hope you'll get with pleasure these compliments...!!! byebye
PS: I hope to wear soon a beautiful dress by NIKOLAKI...!!!